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The Basics

Full name: Talyara Iirima Isilme is her full name but most just call her Taly.
Age: Appears to be twenty five.
Hair: Thick, chestnut curls.
Eyes: Enchanting emerald.
Height: Stands just a hair under five feet three inches (160cm).
Weight: Curvy, one hundred and twenty pounds (54.5kg).
Race: Kelvarian Elf, which is akin to a wood elf, though their ears are only slightly tapered, and they tend to have dark hair and curvaceous figures. Only a handful of this exotic race remain, since the destruction of Kelvar, their homeland.
Class: Witch.
Sub class: Healer.
Birthday: 24th of April.
Family: Lanara is her older sister and best friend. Scandal is their adopted brother.
Martial Status: Happy.
Residence: Back home in Lharast Cottage, just north of the Winterberry Garden in Frostmaw.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Deity: Believes in a God and Goddess as well at the energies who represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.
Occupation: Works in the nursery at Lana's animal sanctuary and volunteers at the clinic in the Fort.
Guild Affiliations: Adventurer's (member), Healer's (neophyte), Paladin's (Nature's Advisor), and Mage's (member).
Personality: Sweet and sassy. Has a big heart and always looks for the good in others; however, that doesn't mean she doesn't give some lip from time to time.

The Facts

This is privileged information which means unless Talyara has told you this icly, you wouldn't know it.

-Talyara grew up in Kelvar, a small village that is perpetually autumnal. The youngest daughter of Kuruni, the high priestess of a powerful coven, she was considered a bit of a wild child as she would spend all of her time running around in the woods. When she could be tamed, she was often in charge of entertaining the children of coven members.
-When Kelvar was overtaken by a group of drow, Taly witnessed her mother's murder and was then held as a prisoner under the patron. Most days she was hung in the village square where she was whipped continuously. The witch's back is marred with hundreds of scars thanks to the ordeal. One day she was able to escape and arrived in Lithrydel where she was eventually reunited with her sister.
-Can speak both common and sylvan fluently.
-She is passionate about natural healing methods and often concocts tinctures and salves to aid with injuries and illnesses.
-Is the owner of a labradorite crystal skull.