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Race: Half Elf
Class: Druid
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Age: By appearance, mid-twenties
Birthday: Old enough that she barely recalls
Marital Status: Irrelevant
Homeland: Rynvale
Residence: Venturil / Chartsend
Occupation: Side jobs, no steady employment
Deities: Selene, Zaytor, Hind
Alignment: Neutral
Clan Status: None
Guild Status: Devout's Guild -- Healer's Guild

Born in Rynvale, that is usually the information that Kailani offers up to those who attempt to delve into her past. The half-elf knows nothing about her father and what she knows about her mother are the gossip provided to her by those she lived around. High elf. She knows that much. Growing up, Kailani devoted all of her energy into trying to fit into an society that would never see past her mixed lineage. Kailani eventually came to accept that that she would always be viewed as inferior, so she left. She traveled.

Kailani did not move from city to city, but from the forests, to mountain, to lake. She found peace and contentment living in the wild and following a far more unconventional lifestyle. It was during this time that she developed her connection with nature and began to explore her druidic abilities. The study consumed her and her trips to civilization became fewer and further between, until she only saw fit to visit when she was in need of a material item that she could not craft herself. The druid has become quite selective with her trade connections.

Her years of solitude have resulted in her being guarded in quiet, making first impressions a bit of a struggle for Kailani. The druid recognizes these flaws, enough that she has challenged herself to step out of her comfort zone and forcing herself to interact more with society. She has done this by first joining the Devout's Guild, then the Healer's Guild, and soon the Warrior's Guild. While the druid may be slow to warm up to most individuals, there are a handful of people that Kailani has come to trust enough to count them a friend.