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Kelovath's Statistics

Name: Kelovath Uberheal Khasmin
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Part man, part incredibly shiny golden golem.
Height: 6’ and not a hair taller
Weight: Over 200 lbs with all that damn shiny armor on.
Hair Color: Brown as the murky bottom of a shallow pool.
Eye Color: Penetrating, yet the color of a long dead forest.
Class: Paladin of Future and Present Awesome!! 
Occupation: Lord Shiny of Glimmergard
Alignment: Neutral Awesome
Status: Too cool to be tied down
Character Created: 2-23-2011

Physical Description

Every inch of this ruggedly shiny human is laced in muscles and armor. Even his piercing gaze flexes as it glances, shinyly. Though not obvious, Kelovath’s ears, lips, and buttocks, are prehensile, making it easy for him to wield his six ravaging swords of spineal shiny death. Large, flaring nostrils gleam with physical exertion, making them shine and causing all the ladies to quiver, especially the younger elves with posters of their favorite paladin on their bedroom wall, shining even in the darkest of nights. Don’t look at his kneecaps if you want to retain your sight.


Lovable, protective, and very, very sexy (and shiny), his personality is what truly makes those elven teens swoon. Some of his most popular posters are of him in poses which really show his shining personality. Kelovath would take a crossbow bolt in the chest for a dear friend, or even for a noble person he does not know well; his armor is made of awesomeantium and cannot be penetrated by such a measly trinket, for it is simply not shiny enough.

Never one to start fights, if this brave, shiny soldier is ever to see one, he shall certainly put an end to it, find you if you started it, and bop you on the nose.

Kelovath also has one of the most intense sex appeals any paladin has ever shown. He always hits on women through suggestive means, even though he tries to seem like the modest silent type. Just a few well hidden key words and women are literally throwing their undergarments at him and begging him to place his healing hands all over their body. One of his signature luring tactics is to lift one brow and give a heroic smile, the kind that gives a sparkly effect as light glitters off of his perfect teeth, instantly making any woman melt and profess their love to him. Yet, it is rumored that the paladin's sex appeal does not end there; that he is so super smart and cool like the Fonz, that his sex appeal even traverses genders, and sometimes other species as well. There are many men and animals that dream of this spanktastic paladin being their one true love muffin.

Companions & Pets

Shiny: A Golden Cockatrice who was flying away from Hollow when it became distracted by a glimmer. Loving shiny things, this bird swooped down and began pecking at Kelovath and other such bird things. Kelovath is, of course, completely immune to the cockatrice's look of petrification. The reason being that the luster of his armor reflects and repels all harmful gazes. However, should he choose, Kelovath can tone down his armor's shine long enough for Shiny's gaze to make his rock-hard abs even rockier. Sculpted, baby.