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Warrior's Guild

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For the Warrior's Guild RP archive, please see the Chronicles of War.

About the Warrior's Guild

The Warrior's Guild, in its latest incarnation, is based in Frostmaw at the Royal Academy of Aramoth and the adjacent Snowless Training Yard.

Welcoming all those who have or wish to develop their skills with melee weaponry, the Warrior's Guild is a natural home for knights, warriors, death knights, spell blades, paladins and all those wishing to learn the art of war.

Recent events have begun to pivot this organization away from complete disregard for political events and into a kind of impartial neutrality. The Sauriangate incident proved that the Warrior's Guild will not stand for acts of total tyranny if ever there is an option to interfere. More recently, the bloody war against a subterranean threat as seen in Township Troopers has cemented them as a fighting force worthy of realm-wide recognition.

The Warrior's Guild stands against Kahran and his various political minions as one of the foremost and most steadfast sects of the alliance.

Admission Requirements

All those who wish to enter the guild are required to pay the admission fee of 500 gold. This allows the guild member access to all the benefits of guild membership, including training. Along similar lines, a spar with Hildegarde, Lionel, or Emrith is required. The purpose of the spar is to properly assess skills and determine which issues deserve focused guidance.

Warrior Ranks

NPC Members

  • Brodan Spineclever of the Warrior's Training Ground - offers training to warriors, knights, and spell blades.
  • Lorkain of the Death Cult Temple - offers training to death knights.
  • Ulah of the Temple of Light - offers training to paladins.


Initiates maintain close contact with one of the guild's two co-champions in preparation for their mandatory spar and other matters of candidacy. Once approved, they will graduate to the rank of Neophyte.


New to the guild, these members may be complete novices to melee weaponry or they may possess limited skills with any one of a number of weapons. To advance, the member should begin training with a melee weapon of choice, develop their technique with a current weapon or train with a senior member of the guild.


No longer new to the guild, these members will be expanding their skills across a variety of weapons or choosing to specialize in one particular weapon. Their skills in hand-to-hand combat will have progressed significantly since Neophyte but they will continue to benefit from training with senior members of the guild.


These members are admirable fighters, and can be recognized on the field of battle. They may be able to handle a large variety weaponry or be particularly proficient in one. and be skilled in moderate hand-to-hand combat. At this stage, the member should begin working on more complex techniques or expanding their repertoire of weaponry.


These members have reached the senior levels of the guild and as thus, possess a wide range of skills and have mastered some complex techniques. Continuing to develop their technique will lead to progression.They may also serve the guild by training the junior members and assisting them in advancing their skills.


To rise to the rank of Guardian of the Warrior's Guild is no mean feat. These senior members of the guild will have proficient skills in a wide range of melee weaponry and will be able to lead a troupe of fellow warriors with some success. They may also serve the guild by training the junior members and assisting them in advancing their skills.


More than simply proficient in the use of all melee weaponry, these members of the guild are likely to be world-renowned for their skill. They are fierce adversaries on the battlefield and may even be well-versed in battle-planning tactics in a prominent military position. A Champion of the Warrior's Guild will also be able to efficiently lead a group through war's hellish landscape. They may serve the guild by training the junior members and assisting them in advancing their skills.

Acolyte of War

Similarly to the Mage's Guild, the title Acolyte of War exists for the sole purpose of remaining intentionally empty. This ranking represents the duality of the nature of war, in that it will both make and break the soldier. To be a true Acolyte of War, one must accept that they are unlikely to come out alive or intact. It serves as a reminder to those within the guild of their own mortality.

  • Eternally Vacant


There are two primary elements that will be considered as progress towards advancement in the guild.

  1. Duelling and Sparring: Duels and spars both within and outside of the guild can be used as evidence for progression.
  2. Recorded RP: RPs in which you use or develop your skills as a warrior may be submitted to the guild master as evidence for progression. All recorded RPs in regards to advancement and duels can be found on the Guild's archive page.

Members of the Warrior's Guild are also encouraged to participate in any active tournaments that occur throughout Hollow in order to both better their skills and represent the guild on a global scale.

Rules of the Guild

Warrior's Guild Members will NOT:

  • Claim Guild ranks they have not been promoted to by the leadership.
  • Claim other titles beyond their skill or willingness to back up.
  • Claim or use abilities outside of their race or class.
  • Antagonize those they are unwilling to fight.
  • Publicly complain about, or challenge, a Judge's duel decision.
  • Use OOC information to influence IC actions.
  • Take IC words and actions as representing the thoughts or feelings of the OOC player.
  • Cause or attempt to cause any OOC Drama involving other Guild Members.

Warrior's Guild members WILL:

  • Follow all game rules posted in the Rules of Behaviour and General Policies.
  • Be active players. If you aren't around within 30 days, you will be removed from the Guild.
  • Abide not only by the wording, but the spirit of agreed upon stakes if/when they lose a duel.
  • Remaining active in RP.
  • Attempt to maintain a cordial OOC relationship with other Guild members.
  • Remember that this is a GAME, intended to be fun. Work to make/keep it fun for yourself and other players.