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About the Warrior's Guild

The Warrior's Guild (aka Worriers Guild) is headquartered at Vigilanti Semper, a fortress in the far western frontier from which the heroes and antiheroes of the organization can maintain careful watch over the realm.

Welcoming all who have prowess with or wish to develop their skills with melee weaponry, the Warrior's Guild is a natural home for knights, warriors, death knights, spell blades, paladins and all those wishing to learn the art of war- and has recently placed an even heavier emphasis on learning how to fight alongside others.

From Sauriangate to Township Troopers; from What You Leave Behind to Dissonance Theory -- the Warrior's Guild has changed dramatically over the years. It has become an organization dedicated to the eradication of realm-wide threats, at any cost.

They also have a mascot! A couatl named Bonaventure. And an excellent funeral plan.


Running a guild is expensive work, whether it be the acquisition and maintenance of equipment, lodging and supplies for recruits, and even stipends for those who commit their lives to the cause. To that end, the current Iteration of the Warriors Guild has taken a slightly more pragmatic outlook on raising money for the curse. Namely, Contracts. Given they represent one of the largest unaligned military forces on the continent, they've recently started to field contracts from outside sources in need of able-bodied individuals. These tasks can range from support during skirmishes & large scale battles, Training and establishing supply lines for (rebel) forces, Sabotaging enemy supply lines, and other acts best left to the details of the contract.

Still, while emphasis is currently on Contracts, due in large part to the Guilds need to maintain and hone a well-organized fighting force capable of dealing with future threats, it still intends on honoring pre-existing requests to hunt down Dangerous Creatures [Colloquially known as marks], and to look over future requests in that vein.

As ever, Participants (Or at least, survivors) will be compensated for their services.

Member Ranks

((OOC Note: If you're not on here, and feel you should be, Contact me OOCLY, or ICLY to fix that. >.> Though, the people on this list should be IC only))

To say that ranking within the Warriors guild is contentious is likely an understatement. There's a vast disparity between the innate strengths, talents, and refined skills of it's members. And yet, given the disorder that overtook the guild during the absence of it's former leader, Ex-Imperator Lionel O'Connor, one thing became abundantly clear. The most valuable resource during this time, and for what lay ahead is going to be leadership.

((2nd OOC Note: The ranks here are -not- meant to be indicative of a characters power, per say. It's entirely plausible that an extremely powerful character might only be a soldier. Perhaps one highly recommended for solo operations, but a Soldier all the same. Some characters simply aren't suited or -trusted- enough to be put into a position of leadership.

Likewise, an ability to co-ordinate people oocly (even just to corral feral players into sitting down and writing) is definitely appreciated.))


Those who compose the soldier rank represent both the backbone of the warriors guild, and the frontline against the Lithrydel's constant conga-line of calamities. Once a prospective member of the guild has passed their orientation and training, they'll find themselves introduced to their peers- and gradually drilled at how best to function alongside them. Primarily, this is done through the establishment of squads- so that they can better understand how to function as a cohesive units, though, it's not unheard of for members to swap between squads for specific missions.


Individual who demonstrate themselves capable of working under pressure (such as those invoked by combat or long term stealth missions), whom demonstrate an ability to function cohesively within a unit and grasp the capacities of their colleagues, and who shows an admirable proclivity towards leadership- may find themselves appointed as Sergeants, tasked with leading Squads of 5-10 soldiers.

A Sergeants duties will often entail the training and organization of their squad- such as developing specializations and refining them, as well as maintaining drills.

(ooc Note: So much of this needs to get rolled out ICly- so feel free to arpee being confused as to whose doing what, since Icly- organisational issues is definitely a hallmark of the past while)

  • Penelope - Triage Squad {Someone has to heal everyone}
  • Beldur - Noblesse Oblige Squad Leader {Pesky Morality}
  • Mathollak - Gopher Squad Leader (Lucre & Loose Cannons)


No doubt, there will be more Large scale conflicts in the warriors guilds future. In order to ensure that strategies and tactics are smoothly coordinated between multiple squads, a Lieutenant may be deployed. These Individuals are specifically chosen for their ability to enact an overarching strategy, and adeptly react to the tactics which may occur over the course of an engagement.


Where a Lieutenant may find their concerns limited to a specific battle, a captain requires an awareness of the various threats the Warriors Guild is facing on every front, with the ability to properly organize what threats need to be engaged with at a given time. In essence, their concern rests on the overarching function of the guild, as well as taking into account the various conflicts the guild may find itself immersed in- in order to ensure it does not find itself fighting wars it cannot win, especially on several fronts.


Likely at the insistence of Captain Khitti, Kasyr incorporated the Rank of Commander in order to avoid confusion as to who actually led the Warriors Guild. Apparently, there was no small amount of issues caused with the soft launch of the rank re-ordering, with the phrase 'Ask the Captain' being the primary culprit.

Consulting Operatives

While some people aren't officially within the warriors guild, their history of helping it achieve it's goals more than make up for their inability to take orders.

Honorably Retired/Inactive

Those that have been deemed inactive can be reinstated after speaking to a high-ranking officer of the guild, and schedule an RP to bring their character back into the guild.


Advancement -shouldn't- necessarily be a focus within the Warriors Guild at this juncture, but rather, an organic development of the story.

That said, if you decide advancing your career within the warriors to a higher rank is something you want to devote yourself to, and you've established yourself within a squad over a lengthy period of time, and felt you've adequately demonstrated leadership abilities- you can apply to Khitti or Kasyr. From there, if you're eligible, a formal wargame can be administered between yourself and another ranking member of the guild, in order to see how far your character has come, or what they need to work on.

That said, - I -wholeheartedly- recommend that players take their time to roleplay training with their squad mates and fellow warriors, learning from them, and refining what they know. Practicing your craft, and figuring out/mastering clever things is peak warrior stuff- and the stuff stories are built on.

Rules of the Guild

Warrior's Guild Members will NOT:

  • Claim Guild ranks they have not been promoted to by the leadership.
  • Claim other titles beyond their skill or willingness to back up.
  • Claim or use abilities outside of their race or class.
  • Antagonize those they are unwilling to fight.
  • Publicly complain about, or challenge, a Judge's duel decision.
  • Use OOC information to influence IC actions.
  • Take IC words and actions as representing the thoughts or feelings of the OOC player.
  • Cause or attempt to cause any OOC Drama involving other Guild Members.

Warrior's Guild members WILL:

  • Follow all game rules posted in the Rules of Behaviour and General Policies.
  • Be active players. If you aren't around within 30 days, you will be removed from the Guild.
  • Abide not only by the wording, but the spirit of agreed upon stakes if/when they lose a duel.
  • Remaining active in RP.
  • Attempt to maintain a cordial OOC relationship with other Guild members.
  • Remember that this is a GAME, intended to be fun. Work to make/keep it fun for yourself and other players.