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Craving Adventure?

The best way to satisfy one's wanderlust is to give in completely, to feed your addiction, to go on a grand adventure! The Adventurer's Guild will answer the call of that which you crave, be it danger, truth, wealth, or simply a cure for boredom! Come to the wild side, fulfill that urge to explore, and make some friends along the way! By joining the Adventurer’s Guild, you will have the chance to embark on:

  • Area Adventures: Grab a map and choose a location that you've always wanted to explore. You never know what you will find, who you will meet, or what sort of mischief you'll get into!
  • Ocean Expeditions: Charter a boat, find a captain, and set out to sea! Explore the expanse of the ocean, dive deep beneath the waters, and travel to islands near and far. Let no seashell go unturned, as you never know what riches and adventures await you!
  • Relic Hunts: Researching old archives can turn up a new lead on something that was believed to be lost in time... And locating such an item would bring in lots of fame and fortune!
  • Storm Chasing: Follow after a deadly tornado or traipsing through a hellish hurricane, one never knows what dangers they may encounter!
  • Tomb Raids: There's nothing quite like sneaking into a graveyard or a forgotten tomb and digging for treasure. Never know what danger lurks behind a statue or what secrets you will uncover!

For those particularly inclined to the wilderness and the wildlife that resides within, there is also a subdivision of the guild, lead by Magikrios, and known as The Rangers.

Guidelines for Joining

  • This is a place for all that wish to join, regardless of your race, class, alignment, or gender.
  • There is no membership fee! All that wish to join must RP with the leader and/or deputy before acceptance. RP requirements for entrance will consist of a conversation and/or a mini-adventure or some form of test as proof of potential.
  • Your character must be at least two months old before asking to join the guild. This is to help make sure that characters have established themselves with RP prior to joining.

Guild Rules

  • If for any reason you have voluntarily have chosen to leave the guild, the guild items you’ve received must be returned.
  • By joining, you also agree to the rules, codes and guidelines, set forth by Hollow's administrative staff.
  • We also send out newsletters and discord messages. Its encouraged to log often to check these and join the official Hollow server.
  • The guild's mascot and tracking dog, Circinus, is presently NPC’d by Meri. Please do not utilize this NPC without first consulting with Meri.
  • The guild holds a strong alliance with the Devout's Guild, and the Healer's Guild.

Locations & Items


  • Directions to Adventurer's Guild Museum: recall Kelay, 1s, 8w, 1n, 2e
    • A public museum under the patronage of the Adventurer's Guild. It houses many treasures that the guild has found while galavanting around the lands.
  • Directions to Adventurer's Guild Meeting Room: recall Kelay, 1s, 8w, 1n, 2e, 1d
    • A private meeting room for guild members.
  • Directions to Adventurer's Guild Public Board: recall Vailkrin, 3w, 3n, 1w, 1d, 3w
    • Looking to put the Adventurer's Guild to work? This is the perfect place to leave word! (Probably hmail the guild leader too though).


  • Uncharted Exploration Mastery:
    • An enchanted map given to the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • TBA
    • TBA - for True Steel ranked members.
  • Waterproof Map Canister:
    • An aide for the safekeeping of maps that is given to members who have reached the Gold rank within the guild.
  • Ever-True Compass:
    • Every member of the Adventurer's Guild is given a compass upon entrance to the guild.

Guild Rank Advancement

  • All members who first join the Adventurer’s Guild will start at the rank of Copper.
  • Promotions are given out based on RPs that are submitted and the number needed to move up in rank is made clear. RPs that could count for promotion include: guild meetings, adventures, training, spars, etc. How long a character has been in the guild is not a consideration for promotion.
  • Characters may be moved from the active members list to the former members list if no activity is seen from them after two months. This is more of a guideline than a steadfast rule.
    • If a character is ever removed from an active status within the guild, they are always welcome to return when they find more time to RP.

Thrill-Seeking Members


Guild Leader: Meri ((The Adventurer)
Deputy Guild Leader: Magik (The Ranger)


One of the highest ranks within the guild, with only the guild and the deputy leaders out ranking them. Individuals who hold this rank have the complete trust of both the Guild Leader and the Deputy Guild leader, who often seek their counsel when it comes to planning upcoming adventures. As such, only three people may hold this rank at any given time.

The number of RPs is only one factor in determining who is promoted to this rank. More important, is the confidence of the Guild and Deputy Leader in these members.

Grand Master: Khitti (Spiritualist)

Tempered Steel

High ranking members who have proven both their loyalty to the guild and their competency during adventures. As such, they are able and encouraged to lead complicated group adventures.

The total number is RPs that need to be submitted to reach each rank is as follows: 40 RPs for Master, 35 for Guardian, and 30 for Journeyman.



Those who have reached the Gold rank may begin to support the guild by partnering with those in the Copper rank in undertaking simplistic missions. The more complex the adventure, the more members should be involved.

The total number is RPs that need to be submitted to reach each rank is as follows: 27 RPs for Master, 24 for Guardian, and 21 for Journeyman.

Journeyman: Emilia (Healer)


These members may not be new to the guild, but they are still working demonstrating their competency on adventures. For complex missions, it is still recommended that they partner with those of Gold rank or higher.

The total number is RPs that need to be submitted to reach each rank is as follows: 18 RPs for Aspirant, 15 for Apprentice, and 12 for Rookie.

Rookie: Aira (Navigator)


Still new to the guild and working on demonstrating their skills. They must have a buddy for any adventures they undertake.

The total number is RPs that need to be submitted to reach each rank is as follows: 9 RPs for Aspirant, 6 for Apprentice, and 3 for Rookie.

Rookie: Zahrani (Combat Trainer)


These are new recruits within the guild. In order to move up in rank, they must go on 3 adventures with a Gold or higher member then enters the Bronze level as a Rookie.

Rookie: Karasu (Melee Weapons Expert), Nortengaal (TBD)

Former Members

Adamantite Mithril Tempered Steel Gold Silver Bronze Copper






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