Gods of Hollow

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Hollow, just like any other fantasy-based realm, has its own deities which are geared toward worshiping and following. Generally, these beings leave the mortal realm to govern itself, only interfering in the most dire of circumstances. Examples of these types of happenings would be the actions of the gods (Sven, Hind and Lore initially, then ultimately Xalious) against Khasad and Elazul.

The Gods of Hollow are as follows:

Divine Three

These three men were given godhood when they fought the forces of the dark immortals and gave their lives to protect Hollow. They now sit at the table of the Greater Gods in their Sacred Realm.

  • Sven - Supreme God of Hollow, God of Wisdom, Archmage of the Xalious Frontier
  • Hind - God of Nature (Patron of Druids & Lauria)
  • Lore - Archknight of Cenril


  • Loda - Dwarf Goddess of Weapons & Magic
  • Arkhen God of Light & Honor (Patron of Paladin's & Olric)
  • Cyris - God of Freedom & Independence(Patron of Kanos)


  • Cire - God of Chaos (Patron of Cyela)
  • Xalious - God of Magic (Patron of Mages & Arclandon)
  • Selene - Goddess of the Sea (Matron of Rynvale and Daedria)
  • Zaytor - God of Water (Patron of Rynvale)
  • Aramoth - God of War
  • Q'na - God of Time and Space


Racial Gods

These gods tend to be worshiped by one particular race or racial group; it is unknown whether they are truly gods in the divine sense, though it is known that their shaman do seem to possess the same kind of divine blessings afforded other priests.

  • "He Who Hungers" (Gerthaog) - Neutral Evil Ogre God
    • Aka "Gerthaog of the eternal hunger." However ogres avoid saying his name outside of prayers because they consider it bad luck.
  • Rothik - Chaotic Evil Orc God

The Ascendi

These deities are the only "Gods" whose power holds any sway in Hollow. The Nine Ascendi and Three Dark Immortals (Elazul, Khasad, and Arrecation) no longer have access to the physical plane and thus cannot influence the affairs of mortals. Other gods from popular games or mythology also hold no power here! Characters are free to pray to, or worship, whatever other "god" they wish, so long as the Player fully realizes that their character is merely being superstitious, and praying to something that doesn't exist within this realm and can grant no favor.

The Holy Trees

There are three holy trees in the lands of Hollow which rise above the others in majesty and power. One lies in Sage, another in Xalious, and the last In the Kingdom of Enchantment. Druids, Dryads, and natural creatures of all kinds revere these trees with the utmost respect.