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Arkhen is a God of Hollow

In the pantheon of gods, Arkhen is revered as the god of light and sun. He is one of the Elder Gods, and he is known for his wisdom, righteousness, and compassion. He is often depicted as an old man with a long beard, dressed in shining armor, and carrying a spear or a sword. He radiates a powerful aura of light and warmth, which gives his followers a sense of security and protection.

Arkhen is a deity who values order, justice, and the greater good above all else. He believes in the importance of selflessness, sacrifice, and honor, and he encourages his followers to live by these virtues. Arkhen is a very forgiving and tolerant god, and he is known for his mercy and compassion towards those who seek redemption and forgiveness. Of all the Gods of Hollow, it is said he is the most compassionate toward the mortal races. As the patron of Paladins and Olric, Arkhen often chooses champions to carry out his will and answer the prayers of his followers. He has a particular grandfatherly interest in the mortal world and strives to guide his followers towards righteousness and justice. Despite his great power and influence, he is an approachable deity, and his followers see him as wise and merciful.

However, there is a darker side to Arkhen's nature. When his wrath is invoked, his response is brutal and destructive, like the unrelenting fury of the sun. In the legends, Arkhen's anger is often provoked by those who defy the path of light and order. Those who commit heinous acts in his name and oppose the greater good are the targets of his fury. The tales tell of Arkhen unleashing devastating storms of scorching fire and blinding light upon those who provoke his wrath. Despite his righteous anger, Arkhen remains a god of forgiveness and understanding. Those who seek his guidance and follow the path of light are met with compassion and wisdom. However, those who cross the line and incur his wrath will face the full force of the god of Kafzhash.


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Symbols & Associations

The torch A lit torch with Hollow’s sun, Kafzhash, taking the place of the torch’s flame.

The sun

Note: These are the primitive representations of Arkhen. The wearer or wielder of such is free to stylize it to suit their needs, ie: runes could be added around it, the type of metal used, where the symbol is put, etc.

Color(s): golds, oranges, yellows, whites

Animal(s): the lion, the eagle

Stone(s): citrine, ruby, sunstone

Month: Kazarkh


The followers of Arkhen are often clad in bright and radiant colors to reflect the glory of their god. They wear clothing made of fine materials, such as linen or silk, adorned with golden embroidery or gemstones.

In addition to their clothing, Arkhen's followers may also wear symbols of their faith, such as amulets or pendants depicting the torch and the sun or other variations. Some may also wear items that symbolize their devotion to honor and justice, such as swords or spears.

Followers of Arkhen often find themselves drawn to the life of a Paladin and their armor is fashioned in a manner that reflects their dedication to their god and his teachings, and serves as a reminder of the radiance and power of the sun that he embodies. The followers of Arkhen are known for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the path of righteousness. They embody the values of selflessness, generosity, honor, and valor that their god represents. They are a diverse group of individuals, including paladins, clerics, and other righteous warriors who have pledged their allegiance to the god of light.

Arkhen's followers strive to live their lives in a way that honors their god. They are often seen performing acts of kindness and charity, and they are known for their bravery in the face of danger.


The ways in which followers of Arkhen worship him can vary depending on their individual beliefs and traditions, but all are marked by a deep respect for the light and a commitment to serving others. His followers seek to embody his values in all aspects of their lives, striving to make the world a better place through their actions and deeds.

In honor of Arkhen, his followers are known to perform various rituals and practices. Many of these involve lighting a sacred fire in his name, which is often accompanied by offerings of food, drink, or other valuable items.

His followers may also offer up their prayers and devotions to him through meditation or other spiritual practices that involve the sun. Those who seek to live their lives in accordance with Arkhen's teachings may strive to embody his values of honor, courage, and justice, seeking to help others and promote the greater good.

They may also participate in acts of selfless service, such as volunteering at shelters or other charitable organizations. Some may even take up arms and become paladins, dedicating themselves to the protection of others and the defense of righteousness.

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Divine favoritism

In the eyes of Arkhen, the god of light and patron of paladins, he favors those who live their lives with honor, valor, and selfless sacrifice. Though most mythology agrees that his fondness for the all mortal races is equal, it’s also been said he favors humans and elves most of all.

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