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Days of Hope

*Please note that this character no longer resides in Lithrydel as her narrator left the game due to issues with their health. Feel free to use all of this as common knowledge, if one needs to refer to Lanara, for rp purposes!*

Name: Lanara Banks, though she rarely offers her last name, as she doesn't wish to be reminded of her father.

Race: Kelvarian Elf, which is akin to a wood elf, though their ears are only slightly tapered, and they tend to have dark hair and curvaceous figures. Only a handful of this exotic race remain, since the destruction of Kelvar, their homeland.

Class: Woodland Witch

Sub Class: Animal Empath

Age: In human years, she is estimated to be about twenty-seven. Her birthday is October 18th, though being an elf she doesn't show any signs of aging.

Family: Talyara is her biological sister, and Natianara is her biological daughter.

Residence: She has returned to her homeland of Kelvar to rule alongside her daughter and help rebuild the forest.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: She believes in the Goddess, and though she isn't religious, she is spiritual.

Appearance: Standing at just a hair under 5’5”, and weighing about a hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is of rather slight frame, and has appropriate curves, in the appropriate female places. Lustrous, deep chestnut hair, cascades over her slender shoulders, falling in slight waves, and ends somewhere around the middle of her back. She wears just a hint of crushed coal around her eyes, to accentuate her long lashes, and dark chocolate eyes. A hint of a pale pink blush is evident on her high cheekbones, which stands out, against her silken, lightly tanned skin. Full lips are often stained in a sangria hue, and when she smiles, she has perfectly white, straight, teeth. Her slightly tapered ears are are often hidden beneath her long locks, and she proudly wears a pentacle about her neck.

Personality: She can be quite aloof, and is mistrusting of most, due to her past. She only trusts a select few, and prefers to keep her circle of friends rather small. But when one is considered a close friend, she loves with all her heart, and is fiercely protective of their well being. She is extremely intelligent, deeply intuitive, and has quite a sense of humor. She is a firm believer of karma, but she has no qualms about defending herself or those she cares about, if danger arises. She is an animal lover, respectful of nature, enjoys being outdoors, and has a zest for finding adventure wherever she goes. She is notorious for pulling pranks, so beware! She believes that everything serves a purpose in life, and she’s deeply disheartened at those that kill animals for sport. Sadly, she has never been very lucky in love, though she's content with her menagerie of pets and magic.

Companion: Cinder - A dark purple Tikifhlee, with gray eyes, that was a gift from Khitti, and hails from the Shadow Plane. She is deeply intuitive and uses telepathy to speak to Lanara, as the two have formed an unbreakable bond.

Skill Levels/Abilities:

Master - Elemental Magic

Master - Spellcasting

Master - Animal Empathy

Master - Dagger/Axe Throwing

Above Average - Magical Healing

Above Average - Potion/Poison Making

Intermediate - Palmistry

Intermediate - Tarot/Tea Leaf Reading

Intermediate - Mirror/Crystal Ball/Flame Scrying

Intermediate - Hexing/Curse Removal

Intermediate - Non-Magical Healing

Intermediate - Archery

Novice - Lockpicking

Novice - Hand-To-Hand Combat

Novice - Swordplay

Novice - Astral Projection

Random Tidbits Of Information:

  • She hails from Kelvar, which is elven kingdom, far away. She left home, and lived at an academy for most of her life, to study her empathic abilities, and learn to control them. She was only allowed to visit her village on high holidays and during the summer. When she graduated and returned, her home was destroyed, her mother was slaughtered, and her sister was missing. The 'drow' were to blame, and all that remained was her step father. He informed her that Talyara fled the lands, during the attack, and that he had no idea about her whereabouts. She journeyed for a long while, before settling in Hollow, and reuniting with her beloved sister. That is the gist of her background, and she keeps rather silent about her past. If one were to ask her, she will change the subject, unless she feels comfortable enough to get into details.
  • Upon birth, Lana and Talyara were branded with matching rune tattoo's on their opposite wrists. It works as a tracking device, of sorts, when the sisters are in proximity of each other. Lana also has a tattoo of a wolf's pawprint on her lower back, and an autumn rose on her left ankle, both were designed by Meri.
  • She has died on two separate occasions, though the Goddess clearly has other plans for the witch, as she is still very much alive.
  • Most men and women agree that she has the sexiest derriere in all of Lithrydel.
  • She can speak Sylvan, as well as Common. Though, sarcasm drips from her lips with ease, as well. She is prone to babbling when nervous or overly excited about something.
  • Paid an unexpected visit to the shadow plane with Encara, Meri, and Talyara, and will sometimes have unexplained nightmares, likely due to the time spent there.
  • Keeper of the rose quartz skull that grants her the ability to see the undeniable truth of a situation or read ones mind, however, wielding that power causes a reaction of being unable to speak for one hour. This particular skull was also a key part in resurrecting Valrae, and proving Lanara's innocence in the trial of The Woodland Witch versus The Realm.
  • Terrified of snakes, and she's wary of naga's, due to their likeness of serpents.
  • Somewhat racist towards vampires, dwarves, and drow, though a select few have managed to gain her friendship.
  • Performed a handfasting for Khitti and Brand, hosts epic holiday parties, and enjoys attending social events.
  • Defeated the apparition of Khasad and aided others in the fight to save Lionel's life against Kahran.
  • Sangria is her beverage of choice, she adores the color purple, and it's been stated that she delivers a menacing throat punch if she feels threatened.

Picture Permissions:

'Flirt' - Saidge42

'No More Colours' - Antarctic Spring

'Days Of Hope' - Zindy

'LoveDreamBelieve' - Atouchoflacie

'Girl Portrait Color Version' - Coffee And Markers