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Cyris is a God of Hollow


Cyris is one of the Elder Gods, and is worshipped primarily by those of good aligned. Where Arkhen grants his favours to righteous paladins, Cyris does so primarily to his clerics – often granting them knowledge and power if their pursuits are altruistic and noble. There are also paladins who worship him, but they must be entirely honourable. For if ever they falter, even for a moment, from the paths of righteousness, Cyris will abandon them. He is completely unforgiving and detests evil in all its forms. He dislikes riches and even in Celestria, where he resides upon the Council of the Gods in the highest plane, he only ever wears his armour and a simple looking sword, believing that jewels and fine clothes lead to pride, which is the first step on the path to evil. He refuses all gifts left at his temples, and instead finds favour with those who give to the poor and needy – finding that far more desirable than wasting gold and meat at an altar. As such, his temples are always very plain – if it were not for the priests there, few would even recognize them as a place of worship, so simple are they in design.

Places of Worship

  • Small Chapel of Cyris
    • Larket


Cyris appears as a simple seeming warrior bathed in armour of light, bearing a sword which, though it appears plain, was created by Loda especially for him. It is said no evil can bare laying eyes upon the weapon, even for a moment. He is always seen wearing a full-face helmet, the only thing visible being his eyes, which seem to see through to your very soul, reading each sin you have committed and eternally judging you for it. As such, very few mortals could ever bare looking upon him.


Common Follower types: Paladins, priests, and anarchists.

Known Followers

Symbol of Faith

A broken shackle and chain.

Note: This is the primitive representation of this symbol. The wearer or wielder of such is free to stylize it to suit their needs, ie: runes could be added around it, the type of metal used, where the symbol is put, etc.

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