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Combat Style: Magic
Combat Rating: Decent
Magic Style: Elemental magic, Flora & Fauna
Magic Rating: High
Preferred Races: Elf, Half Elf Human, Pixie, Lycan, Dryad
Preferred Weapon Types: Staffs, wands, or branches.
Skills: Firebolt, Cure, Entangle, Full Cure, Obliterate
Skill Weapon Type: Magical
Skill Centers: Druid's Eternal Tree


Druids could best be described as "priests of nature." Along with the four archetypical elements used by Arcane mages, they generally also believe in a divine "5th element" known as Aether or Spirit. Through a lifetime of dedication to self-discovery and understanding the balance of nature, Druids becomes attuned to this energy that flows through all things natural. The very presence of this divine energy is what allows Druids to control flora and fauna, imparting the Druid's will into naturally instinctual creatures. This control enables Druids to manipulate many forms of plant life, from moss to trees, and animals from the smallest insect to enormous beasts. Generally, the larger the creature and the greater its will, the harder it will be to control. This is also the same energy source that gives experienced Druids the understanding needed to assume animal forms with great familiarity. Generally, druids can control only animals that are instinctual in nature; the Aether energy does not typically sway those with sentience and self-awareness to any meaningful degree.

Most druids live a life of balance and appear to be relatively peaceful due to their neutral manner; others may take a path seen by outsiders as 'good' or 'evil,' although most druids don't describe the world using those terms. Those who place more importance on nature's life energies are typically viewed by others as "good," while druids that find interest in the way nature kills and destroys indiscriminately are viewed as "evil." Druids are typically talented healers, though they can also prove a dangerous adversary for one who stands in opposition to them.

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