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Name: Zahrani (Rani, to her friends)
Age: 29
Birth Date: December 20
Race: Feline
Height / Weight: 5' 11" (140 cm) / 198 lbs (89.8 kg)
Hair Color/Texture: Black/Super Curly (usually braided or dreadlocked to keep it out of the way)
Skin Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Cyan
Class: Paladin
Specialty: Being a low-key anarchist
Occupation: Paladin of Cyris
Guild: Devout, Adventurer
Alignment (Moral): Neutral Good
Alignment (Romantic): Chaotic Bisexual
Origin: Cenril, though Biological Mother is from Jangal. Grew up in the Isran Collective, a feline colony.
Status: Active

"We don't need another ruler; All of my friends are kings."

She enjoys:

  • healing
  • sunlight
  • casting wards
  • snuggling
  • free-running and climbing with heavy armor
  • training/studying with warriors and scholars alike
  • Sunfire magic for use against hostile undead
  • smashing things with a well-crafted mace.
  • helping those in greatest need as a paladin of Cyris.

When relaxed, she possesses a warm aura of serenity, which sometimes visually manifests as a faint amber glow that refracts through the black, velvety fur on her body.

Out of her paladin armor, she clearly has the appearance of someone who knows how to scale a wall in platemail. She is a very athletic and androgynous #SwoleCat, which often results in both men and women staring at her. This doesn't seem to bother the feline. Despite her intimidating and interesting appearance, she's quite warm and encouraging to those who approach her in good faith.

Miscellaneous Info:

Height: 5'11."

Age: 29

Alignment (Moral): Neutral Good

Alignment (Romantic): Chaotic Bisexual

Status: This cat's gaze has been drawn by a colorful bird with ink and feathered wings.

Patron Deity: Cyris, God of Freedom and Independent Thought

Appearances: Can usually be seen in one of two forms. A more pantherlike form is used for stealth and spending time with her colony. For high endurance tasks, the other form is more elflike, except for the tail and the fur on her ears (cats don't have sweat glands under the fur).

Recent Events:

- She and her foster father (an aged human named Falion) are helping Khitti and several others as part of the Devout's Guild. Current Rank: Divine Defender

- She's acting as a Combat Trainer for the Adventurer's Guild.

- The feline colony where she spent the first part of her childhood, the Isran Collective, is forging a working relationship with the Healer's Guild. Roahin, the colony's matriarch, is eager to see an opportunity for their own healers to gain experience and income for their families.

- Always looking to sabotage abusive hierarchies, whether it's blowing up a Razurath mine or undermining the normalization of Vakmatharas worship in Larket.

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