The Holy Trees

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There are three trees in the lands of Hollow which rise above the others in majesty and power. One lies in Sage, another in Xalious, and the last In the Kingdom of Enchantment. Druids, Dryads, and natural creatures of all kinds revere these trees with the utmost respect.

The Druid's Eternal Tree

Located in the sacred Druid's Temple, in the heart of Sage, this grandiose oak tree radiates the very essence of Nature itself. Floating in a crystal clear pool filled with fragrant flora, it appears to be fed by a scintillating waterfall which shines with all the colors of the rainbow. This tree possesses power so potent, even the uninitiated can hear it's words whispered on the wind.

The Xalious Tree

This tree, located near the Xalious Mountains, is said to have appeared at the time of Xalious' death, when he ascended into immortality and became the God of Magic. It radiates a soft blue hue, with foliage of brilliant silver and gold. The very essence of Xalious himself is contained within this tree, making the simple act of standing in it's presence a surreal experience. Perhaps the most holy and powerful tree in all of Hollow. A portion of this tree's meta-magical energy now resides in the mighty oak at the Gateway to Enchantment, due to a graft performed under the guidance of Arclandon, with a divinely blessed ritual boline.

The Tree cannot be cut by conventional or magical means. However, The Mage's Guild, caretakers of the tree, know a top secret ritual (known only to the Guild's top ranks) that allows them to sparingly take branches and leaves from the tree to fashion into enchanted items in Xalious's honor.

The Trembling Tree

A wondrous tree, located in the Kingdom of Enchantment. This tree embodies life and empathy, it stands, Trembling intermittently, as if it can feel all the fear, pain, and loneliness in the world. Love and compassion flowed forth from this tree, which houses a wondrous flower shop in it's upper branches. This tree has stood since even the great God Sven was deified.

This place stood as the location for the Grand Council, where Governess Nymur of Nayrul, High Druid Alrion of Sage, Xulven - Monarch of the Dragons, and Queen Ceryl of the Pixies all gave their life opposing Arrecation's evil; the very place of Arrecation's sealing by Norodruin, and the last stand against Elazul and Khasad by the armies of Lionel and Donovan. The ancient monument was all but destroyed in the final battle below it's bows, but the restorative efforts of the land's most skillful healers and the Druidic Ascendi Lauria herself restored this majestic tree to it's former glory towering above the Enchanted Kingdom.