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Delisha, The Dark Mother, is a Goddess of Hollow

The goddess Delisha is a mysterious figure who appears in mythology in many different forms, always female and often cloaked in a vibrant red color that is said to be so captivating that those who gaze upon it become obsessed with her beauty. She is the goddess of hedonism and passion and is revered by her followers for her insatiable thirst for all that life has to offer. She is said to have the power to make even the most stoic and reserved of mortals become obsessed with her upon a single glance of her visage.

Delisha is known as the goddess of pleasure, pain, desire, freedom, and inspiration; she represents the pursuit of pleasure in all its forms. The world is meant to be enjoyed; why should anyone deny themselves the happiness that comes from fulfilled desires? One should only ever strive to do what they want to do, and avoid doing things they have disdain for. Earthly pleasures and carnal delights are famously hers, but beautiful art, mesmerizing sunsets, lyrical poetry; these things bring joy to a person, and they should be sought out. Her greatest enemy of all might be shame; inhibition. These things stifle one’s ability to fulfill the needs of the heart, the birthplace of love and happiness. Wealth is a close ally, as it is needed for much of the pursuits.

Despite her reputation as a dark and malevolent deity, Delisha is also known as one of the most forgiving of all the gods. She allows her followers to pursue their own desires and agendas, as long as they ultimately serve her in some way.



Delisha is one of the elder gods and claims to be the eldest of them all, that she is a remnant of “The One Who Came Before”. Supposedly, she is the one who created desire within all sentient beings. Her naysayers say this was her curse to all people, forcing everyone to have a yearning that will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction and heartbreak. Her followers say that if mortals wanted for nothing, they would never have an excuse to feel joy.

The Rose

One story of her arrival in Hollow states that she fell or was even tossed from her home in Praemia to the mortal realm. Though distraught and dismayed, she was met by Hind, who first introduced her to earthly pleasures and pain when she showed Delisha roses. Once white, only when touched by Delisha’s divine blood did they take up their red hue. In fact, almost all pleasures of the world come from Hind in one way or another.

The Ox of the Fabled Oasis

A creature of legend, said to reincarnate once in a millenia. The ox was chained and forced against its will to work, or be slaughtered. Delisha, out of spite, freed the beast and gave it the strength to resist bondage.

Symbols & Associations

A Goblet

One of the most popular symbols of Delisha is a golden goblet, often with a dagger in its bowl. It is often overflowing with wine, in more detailed depictions.

The Heart

Either the anatomically correct or the more simplified version, the heart is a symbol for the goddess of pleasure and inspiration for both things are said to come from Delisha’s divine influence of the heart.

Note: These are a general representation of these symbols. The wearer or wielder of such is free to stylize it to suit their needs, ie: runes could be added around it, the type of metal used, where the symbol is put, etc.

Color(s): reds, golds, pinks

Animal(s): the cat, the ox, the gazelle

Stone(s): ruby, red tiger eye, pink tourmaline

Month: Rosales


Her most arduous followers, known as the "Cult of Pleasure," are dedicated to experiencing every sensation, every desire, every impulse to the fullest extent possible, all in the name of their Dark Mother. Her power is said to be strongest among those who practice wild magic, and she has given her most treasured followers the ability to channel their power through the plane of shadow, hiding their spells from prying eyes and allowing them to wield great power. And while her cult is not above violence or treachery to achieve their goals, they are also capable of great acts of kindness and generosity, especially to those who share their love of pleasure and hedonism.

A list of those followers can be found here.

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Delisha's followers believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence is the highest form of worship. They make offerings of blood and food, the more expensive and decadent the better, in order to please their goddess and gain her favor.

According to legend, those who are blessed by Delisha's artistic inspiration are able to create works of unparalleled beauty and power, capable of moving and inspiring all who encounter them. Some stories even tell of mortals who were able to achieve immortality through their art, thanks to the divine inspiration bestowed upon them by Delisha herself.

Any celebration which includes the practices of hedonism and excess could potentially be a ritual to The Dark Mother, especially those which include sacrifices of the flesh or significant monetary value.

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Divine favoritism

While Delisha is often cited as the most generous and accepting of all the gods, there are a few races that claim her most ardent favor. Humans, as they are said to be the most greedy and prone to accepting the fleeting joy that is allowed in short lifespans. There are also the Minotaurs, who believe themselves to be descended from the ox of the fabled oasis. She is said to be particularly drawn to those who create works that celebrate pleasure, sensuality, and the joys of life.

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