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Khatja 'Khitti' Elysse Herzegler (née von Schreier)

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Hairstyles: High ponytail, braid, free-flowing
  • Makeup: Always black eyeliner and eyeshadow
  • Attire: Sleeve-less, knee-length dresses, leggings, and cardigans
    • Dress of Plates: Two separate outfits made by Iintahquohae, to be used as armor. Both are made of black silk, with tiny plates of true steel sandwiched in between the cloth. The plates overlap one another (like scalemail) and are still flexible to an extent, and their lightweight make-up allows the wearer to move around unhindered in battle or during espionage. Each outfit are a two-piece set. The first has a corset with a Queen Anne's neckline and knife-pleated, knee-length skirt. The second's corset has a high neckline that reaches just to the middle of one's throat, while its accompanying skirt is also knee-length and circle-styled, with its bottom hem flaring out somewhat.
    • Silver Lapis-Lazuli Choker: An enchanted necklace with lapis lazuli pendant that’s fracture down the middle. The fracture causes the protection spell to malfunction. Found in a dragon’s cave. Caused -a lot- of drama between Khitti, Brand, and Dominic. Can only be activated with a jolt of electricity.
  • Vocal type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano
  • Alignment: Chaotic. Just chaotic.
  • Spouse: Brand
    • Tungsten Fire Ruby Ring: Sleek black tungsten make up the majority of this wedding ring. Cut from a much larger stone, the fire ruby has been broken down into parts: 1 small heart-shaped stone for this ring, while the rest as been crushed into dust for the other half of the wedding set. Set directly into the 6mm tungsten band, the fire ruby is flanked on either side by two tiny round cuts of orange sunstone, to accentuate the ruby's fiery color. It's clear that this ring isn't made to be flashy, unlike other rings of this type. Tungsten was specifically chosen as it is able to withstand high temperatures of flame, ie: that of an fire-wielding mage.
  • Dhavislaavian Family:
    • Lydia von Schreier - Twin Sister (deceased)
    • Magda von Schreier - Mother (deceased)
    • Max von Schreier - Father (deceased)
  • Likes: Stabbing people and/or setting them on fire
  • Dislikes: People who threaten her family and not being able to get revenge
  • Mood: Lithrydel's resident mama bear
  • Stress relief: Baking
  • Popular character equivalent: Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch - Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Theme song: Pet - A Perfect Circle
  • Has severe PTSD from several major events in her life

Realized I can never win

Sometimes I feel like I have failed
Inside where do I begin
My mind is laughing at me
Tell me why am I to blame
Aren't we suppose to be the same
That's why I will never tame
This thing that's burning in me

I am the one who chose my path
I am the one who couldn't last
I feel the life pulled from me

I feel the anger changing me

Khristoff 'Khitt' Erich Herzegler (né von Schreier)

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Hairstyles: Braid, low ponytail/bun
  • Attire: Slim-fit, notched lapel black suits and various colored long-sleeve shirts
    • Suit of Plates:
  • Makeup: Only black eyeliner
  • Vocal type: Baritone
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral.
  • Spouse: Annette
  • Dhavislaavian Family:
    • Lucius von Schreier - Twin brother
    • Magda von Schreier - Mother
    • Max von Schreier - Father
  • Likes: Choke-slamming people into walls
  • Dislikes:Losing boxing matches and people who disrespect his wife
  • Mood: Violent, with a dragon-sized temper
  • Stress relief: Bare-knuckle boxing
    • Competes weekly in Craughmoyle
  • Popular character equivalent: Reno - Final Fantasy 7
  • Theme song: A Warrior's Call - Volbeat

Sometimes I can never tell

If I've got something after me
That's why I just beg and plead
For this curse to leave me
Tell me why am I to blame
Aren't we suppose to be the same
That's why I will never tame
This thing that's burning in me>

I am the one who chose my path
I am the one who couldn't last
I feel the life pulled from me

I feel the anger changing me

Both Khitti and Khitt

  • Nicknames:
    • Red
    • Peach
    • Kiwi
    • Mistress/Master of Shadows
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Genderfluid
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Red Mage
  • Eyes: Dark olive-green
  • Hair: Wine red
  • Complexion: Pale, with a few freckles here and there
  • Weight: 155lbs (though the weight is distributed differently for both of them)
  • Attire:
    • Silver Seashell Charm Bracelet: A gift from Brand/Annette. A magical aura envelopes the bracelet, the source of which is Brand/Annette's shapeshifting magic, which allows Khitt to shift to Khitti or vice versa.
    • Tinted Pince-Nez Glasses: A magical pair of pince-nez glasses, enchanted to change the color of the tint on the whim of the wearer. The frames are made of adamantite, while the lenses were created with sand from Selen Island and various other ingredients.
  • Bard: Artist, Writer, Singer, Violinist, Culinarian (certain aspects of culinary are a sort of art form)
    • Enchanted Violin: Once belong to her sister Lydia. It’s several hundred years old, an antique from Dhavislaav. The body is white, while the neck and accents are black.
    • Ginger Snapped Bakery and Sweetshop: Owner and lead baker
    • The Sound of Sirens: Lead singer and violinist/Stage name: Red
  • Zodiac: Libra (the Hollow equivalent, rather)
  • Tattoos:
    • Mermaid-Star Tattoo Sleeve:On the underside of Khitti's left forearm is a scene depicting a mermaid with purple hair and an orange tail preening herself on a rock, surrounded by coral and ocean flowers. It's framed by large waves of varying blue hues and flows into the water of the nautical star just below it on her wrist. The points of the star itself are split in color, alternating between dark blue and black. Water surrounds and encompasses this star, colored in lovely blues and light shades of green, almost as if were caught up in an ocean wave.
    • Animal-Star Tattoo Sleeve: This tattoo mirrors the one on the left arm, albeit with warmer colors and the opposite element (instead of cool colors/water). In much the same way as the other sleeve, this one too has a scene engulfed in the tattoo's chosen element. The scene depicts a fox, a cat, and a chick, all fire-type creatures, running around in a circle, playing with one another. The characters were chosen from one of Dominic's picture books. Something called Pocket Dimension Monsters... or something like that. Opposite of the other star, this one is in red and black. This star is also engulfed in flames, colored in vibrant reds and oranges, which stretch up the wrist a few inches, forming a tail. It almost looks like a fireball shooting down Khitti's wrist as it inches up her arm and surrounds the landscape picture of the animals.
    • Homeland: Dhavislaav, the Hollow equivalent of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
    • Current Residence: Cenril
  • Lithrydelian Family and Friends:
    • Dominic - Son (born via Khitti and Brand)
      • A Mother's Strength: A traditional gold Catalian claddagh ring that's serving as a mother's ring, gifted to Khitti from Lionel. The band/arms and hands of the design are made of white gold, while the heart is rose, and the crown is yellow. Set within the heart is an aquamarine, the birthstone of Khitti and Brand's firstborn son, Dominic.
    • Lucien - Son (born via Khitt and Annette)
    • Meri (adopted sister)
    • Quintessa (adopted daughter)
    • Lionel (adopted brother)
    • Valrae (best friend/teacher of witchcraft)
  • Deities: Cyris, Delisha, and Vakmatharas.
  • Clan: Syndicate of Shadows -- Owl
  • Guild Status:
  • Keeper of:
    • Embershard: A darksteel gladius forged in the fires of Ashfall Peak in the Shadow Plane. Its hilt is made of obsidian created by the volcano and is encrusted with various cuts of alexandrite. It has been given to Khitti by the Prophet Cirice, to call upon for aid when her magicks fail her.
    • Slice of Life: Typically shortened to Sol and meant to serve as Embershard's counterpart, albeit one in opposite magicks (ie: light). The strange-looking harpe's blade--which looks like a gladius whose blade-tip has been split somewhat and curved into a sickle--is made of an alloy of true steel and adamantite with a core of ghroundium, to give the sword some weight; the hilt, on the other hand, is made of pure, clear chrysoberyl, and much like Embershard and its alexandrite, the hilt is embedded with golden pearls, both of these used to strengthen Khitti's holy magic in battle. The hilt was crafted by Iintahquohae and the blade--as well as combining both pieces--was forged by Nikola.
    • Diamond Dust: A black ice recurve bow crafted by Alvina. Still strung with vampire-grade string; runed by Onyx to attune itself to the user’s strength. Only works for Khitti/Khitt and Brand/Annette, now that Onyx has died.
    • Silverlight Planisphere:
    • Herbarium Auspicia Tarot Deck:
    • Book of Fairy Tales: One book of many, that were written in Dhavislaav. The pages are lined with silver; the cover is made of black leather and embossed with a red rose.
  • Keeper of knowledge regarding the Shadow Plane/Protector of the Shadow Plane
    • The Plane of Shadows: A book originally written by the Prophet Emeritus of the Shadow Plane and eventually translated by Khitti. There are three copies of the book: the original, the first edition of the translation, and a second edition of the translation. The second edition has been given to Bradyn Mahara to be kept under lock and key in the Black Libary. The tome holds information regarding the realm's geography and its people, as well as its fauna and flora. Any other copies that may have been produced since Khitti received the original has been burned, in an attempt to keep the knowledge limited.
  • Pets:
    • Francis: A dire-sized huntsman spider from the Shadow Plane, with the ability to weave webs, unlike the normal huntsman type. Father of many.
    • Tikifhlee: A nameless, 8ft tall, charcoal grey sabertooth cat with violet eyes, from the Shadow Plane. The species is based on Brand's IRL cat named Tiki, who's a bit skittish. And as you can probably guess, Tiki must flee.
    • Francine: A rather large black widow spider Khitti found at the Something Wicked shop in Vailkrin. She is Francis' wife and mother of many. Too many. Currently living in the Shadow Plane, so that Lithrydel isn't overrun by millions of spiders.
    • Alyster: A white and grey Flemish giant with floppy ears that was adopted from Lanara's animal sanctuary. His name is somewhat taken from the protaganist one of Khitti's favorite fairy tale about the girl that found herself stuck in a wonderful land after chasing a rabbit, that's unusually obsessed with time, down a hole.
    • Henrietta, Kevin, and Locutus: These are Dominic's well-loved chickens. Henrietta, Dominic's favorite, is a brown hen that bonded with him immediately upon sight the day the chickens were adopted. She's the leader of the bunch and will do anything to protect her siblings and Dominic. Dominic affectionately calls her 'Etta' (but that's mainly because he can't pronounce her full name). Kevin is a yellow hybrid chicken (half male/half female! it's a real thing; look it up!) that's rather prone to 'running around like a chicken with its head cut off', for the lack of a better description. There is no taming Kevin. And finally, Locutus is the black, aloof rooster of the bunch. Called 'Cutie' by Dominic, he has no interest in being alpha male of the group, instead intent on allowing Etta to take the reins as queen. He is Locutus of Bawk and resistance against his adorableness is futile.


I feel so enslaved
I really tried
I did my time
I did my time
I did my time
I did my time
I did my time

I am the one who chose my path
I am the one who couldn't last
I feel the life pulled from me
I feel the anger changing me

Oh God, the anger's changing me

Oh God, the anger's changing me