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Combat Style: Ranged/Bow or Two Weapon fighting / Some magic
Combat Rating: Strong
Magic Style: Restorative, Nature
Magic Rating: Low
Preferred Races:Elf, Centaur, Feline, Lycanthrope
Preferred Alignment: Any
Preferred Weapon(s):Bow or Paired Blades
Skills: Magic Arrow, Cure, Arrow Rain, Deathblow, Obliterate
Skill Weapon: Bow/Missile
Skill Centers: Ranger's Camp


Rangers are similar to assassins in that they keep to themselves or to small enclaves and that they are rather deadly when equipped with a ranged weapon. Rangers respect the forest, spending most of their time there, and have a greater respect for life in general than assassins do. Because they are more in tune with nature, rangers are sometimes gifted with a small amount of magical ability. This power is usually limited to the enchantment of their arrows and the healing of others, though rangers have the least potent healing abilities of all the healing classes. Generally kindhearted and respectful of life's fragile nature, rangers are usually of good alignment though the odd evil ranger has been known to exist. The more evil rangers will most generally be classified as assassins or rogues instead.

Fighting Style

Rangers, of course, prefer to rely on their bow and arrow. Though not terribly proficient with magic, most rangers can cast enchantments upon their arrows both inside and outside of battle; these can range from something as simple as fire and ice to an explosive charge. Most rangers have spent decades practicing archery and can nock and fire arrows with stunning speed and pinpoint accuracy. While rangers prefer to fight from a distance, many are adept with swords and similar bladed weapons as well. They are often fleet of foot, relying on finesse and agility to make swift evasions and precise counterstrikes rather than brute force. As well, most rangers are quite familiar with the forests they roam, committing advantageous positions and -- if necessary -- escape routes to memory.

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