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This page is an OFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

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Combat Style: Missile and Melee
Combat Rating: Strong
Magic Style: Shadows, Curses and Poisons
Magic Rating: Low
Preferred Races: Drow, Human, Fermin
Preferred Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Allowed Races: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapon(s): Shortbows, Light/Hand Crossbows, Daggers, and other light weapons
Skills: Ravage, Shadow Blast, Arrow Rain
Skill Weapon: Bow
Skill Centers: Shadow Den


Assassins are stealthy fighters who work in the shadows. Assassins can also be unassuming individuals who prefer to slip a poison into an unsuspecting drink or stab a 'friend' in the back, appearing to be generally normal to the casual passerby. Assassin's prefer to wear either regular clothing or dark cloth outfits that hide their face and allow them to act in silence. Most assassin's prefer to keep their intentions secretive, but some have been known to openly flout their occupation, especially if they were particularly good and seeking mercenary work. In addition, an Assassin does not have to be one who kills for money. To be an assassin one must simply kill by surprise, for gain or not.

In Hollow, however, Assassins tend to serve a role more along the lines of a Mercenary or Conscript. Their paid services tend to range from not only being hired hitmen, but also to be bodyguards or soldiers.

Fighting Style

Honor and 'fairness' in battle mean nothing to the ruthless assassin. A variety of dastardly weapons and cruel devices of death are used by assassins of many races.

Usually preferring to strike from the shadows, a skilled assassin might loom in a shadowed tree while his unknowing mark lies below. A single, stealthy crossbow bolt to the throat would then leave his target dead and the assassin to collect a wealthy sum from his employer, all while never exposing his identity.

If they are forced to fight in close range, an assassin is still a lethal opponent. Foregoing armor for blurring speed and agility, a successful assassin searches for weak points in the opponent's defense, lashing out with surgical precision from a dagger or similar short blade. The keen, killing edge is often soiled with a nefarious poison, collected from the most lethal arachnids, serpents and other venomous creatures. A few minor lacerations could easily lead to infection with the chosen poison, crippling, paralyzing or otherwise incapacitating his or her foe and severely hampering their ability to continue fighting.

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