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Vampire Blood Effects

After seeing a brief discussion on the ooc channel today, I got to thinking. When it comes to vampires feeding from other vampires, there are two very different effects that seem to crop up in RP:

  1. Another vampire's blood functions like a drug (e.g. ecstasy), giving the drinking vampire a potent high.
  2. Another vampire's blood serves to poison the vampire, as they're required to drink fresh blood to keep themselves alive and dead blood would do the opposite.

Personally, I've always played it as the latter, because I think if vampires could survive by feeding off each other, they would do that rather than put in the effort and risk of hunting down live prey--live prey that usually has families that will then hunt down the -vampire-. Too much risk, for something that can be accomplished with your sire/fledgelings/coven/etc in perfect safety. I've also carried the belief that dead blood is poison to a vampire since it wastes in their body and can't be used for energy or regeneration. But at the same time, the former option offers a neat sort of RP, which is what got me thinking in the first place. Rather than have two clashing options, would it be much of a stretch to -combine- them? Say, a vampire's blood does work much like a drug, in the sense that it triggers those feelings of bloodlust, the thrill of the hunt, and other such things a vampire feels when growing hungry, because it's overpowering the fortifying effects of fresh blood. And thus, the more vampire blood they drink, the stronger the feeling--and stronger the 'high'--while in turn uping the risk of the vampire going into a feral state, or becoming poisoned. It'd make sense for such a powerful drug to have a dangerous effect, no?

So basically, what I'm asking by putting this on the discussion page is: is this a reasonable approach for blending two differing opinions on vampire lore, that prevents one group from being told they're 'wrong' and effectively retconning one belief over the other? What do you think~? :3 Other options/opinions for organizing vampire lore in Hollow? Thanks for listening to my ramble! - Satoshi (talk) 21:00, 14 June 2012 (UTC)

I entirely approve of this :3. It keeps different Canons intact, and provides some interesting potential plot arcs =D --Kasyr (talk) 05:39, 18 June 2012 (UTC)

Pure Bloods

To be born a vampire, AKA, to be a vampire of "full blood" *cough; ridiculous notion* admin should strictly control these characters who are allowed to RP this. Take Tetsumi, (no offense to the player, but obviously very strong to my main point) she can't be anywhere without putting down any other vampire in the room by calling them a fledgling. For some unknown reason, being a full blooded vampire makes her think she is a God among mortals and automatically better than anyone else. (Mostly among vampires but who wouldn't be surprised if it stretched so far as to other races as well?) This is really no better than any other form of god modding. If people can't understand it's a title change only (they are not incredibly powerful, ultimate beings by being born into vampirism) then they should not be allowed to RP it. Really, what is the difference to anyone if they are born or sired? It is a little detail that some people think to be everything. In my opinion, no one should EVER be allowed to claim being born vampire unless they are people from Kaizer and Solaris' time or important characters to some important RP. (which no one is, my point) Tetsumi or any other "pure blooded vampires" will not die if they are told they can't RP that garbage anymore. I mean what does it REALLY add? You have people saying, "I'm better than everyone else." basically. I just think left in these people's hand it is something that is easily abused, therefore should be eliminated altogether.

The whole concept of a 'pure blooded vampire' came out of the nonsensical creation of the race rules. Vampires in hollow's past had no problem breeding quite normally, and the creation of that new rule has created a gaping hole in Hollow's canon. Also, NO ONE should be claiming to be descended from the first vampires. No one here has Eilan's permission to do that I believe, nor should it be granted. If you want a stronger vamp than normal, do some work for it. ~Rheven

Ah yeah, I missed that part as well. Really people are getting away with all sorts of ridiculous RP's. I sort of forgot that none of the admins are ever around though (Maybe they should have more if the one's we have now -aren't- enough?) Sorry, just venting at this point because Hollow is quickly degenerating for like the 7th millionth time and I'm getting tired of seeing the nonsense jumping around.

Whatever. Hopefully an admin who cares will come by and try to clean this mess up?



- Changes made on 11/4/08:

Sub-race of Pure Blood and Sired/Common and Elder added.

This is about people who RP playing a very old character, ie wise, strong, experienced, all that, yet their appearances are always described as youthful and in most cases never passing the twenties. Can there be a rule that forces people who want to play a character who's lived a long time that they absolutely must RP it with an appropriate age appearance? We can't allow people to keep having this multi-faceted uber character who is both wise and experienced, and perfectly youthful. It's a major contradiction and cliche'. ~Vincent (didn't know where else to put this.)

Proposed Changes/Weaknesses

One solution that might not be too difficult to do, other than a bit of programming, and I think the basics are already in the system. Just like you can have rooms that automatically take gold or an item from characters, have rooms that automatically take HP from vampires - IE "Daylight". Just do it as a set amount, maybe 100hp per move, or 1000, or whatever the admins deem appropriate. That also allows older vampires the ability to survive daylight briefly, as they can take the punishment. Oh, and if possible, make it non-healable except by time. (Not sure if that's possible.)

It would be limited to outdoor locations, during Hollow-time's daylight hours. As a consideration for new vampire characters, shunt them to the HCT after creation rather than the Kelay Tavern.

This would actually force vampire players to acknowledge the single largest drawback to being a vampire. Right now, of course, except for the dedicated RPers, they go wherever they want, whenever they want.

One drawback to this is that it's enforcing a drawback on one race, without also enforcing drawbacks on the others. Lycans and silver, maybe? Giants, Ogres, Centaurs, Trolls, etc and small spaces? And so on, and so forth. Orcs and good hygiene? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

I won't deny that this is pandering to my personal preferences a bit. I would like to see the game enforce RP restrictions within the game structure. But this is just my personal preference, and not necessarily the preference of the designers or the players. - Cyllarus

Sunlight isn't supposed to effect hollow vampires and 100hp (or 1000) per move is going to be ridiculous. And some people never stat so that would definitely create alot of frustration. I'm against anything that takes time because I know I myself don't spend my life on a single character. You should be able to jump into Hollow like any other race and have fun the way you see fit.

Also, I didn't mean for my above post to pertain only to vampires but I left it here maybe because vampires are the most prominent offenders.... either way, I think a simple enforcement would fix this problem. If you want a young character they should be reflected as that in all aspects. If you want father time, an experienced mage character, he shouldn't be the epitome of youth and vigor. He's going to have a long white beard, and scruffy eyebrows, and wrinkles. Yes. Many wrinkles. Anyway my point is age should be reflected appropriately....I don't think it'd be too hard for admins to enfore. (And if it is they should enlist for help. duh)

Sunlight does not, and has never, harmed vampires in Hollow. There is no reason for it to, other than adopting some cliche vampire story traits, which isn't a benefit to anyone. They have enough weaknesses as is, and if they add another crutch on vampires, who are unfairly demonized to begin with, well, that's just ridiculous. The Hollow canon regarding vampires already resembles a sieve; lets not tear more holes in it, eh? ~Rheven

I had missed that Hollow's vampires were not affected by sunlight. I had thought that the single most common trait in vampiric lore aside from blood sucking might still be there. Apparently not. Consider my suggestions null and void then. I can't find the formatting code for striking out text, or I would do so.

Vampire Religion

Does it seem odd to anyone else that under Vampire Religion vampires are forsaken by the vampire deity Vakarash? Did I miss something or is this entry just ignorant and wrong and needs changing because last time I checked I thought the two went hand in hand together. ~Xzarren

Yo, Xzarren- that's actually exceptionally accurate. Effectively, Vakarash tried to wipe out/subjugate the vampires (By means of direct action on his part, and empowering a vampire hunter to help him do the task). The resulting backlash was him losing every single one of his followers except for devoted cultists (NPCS). And, frankly, those npcs didn't exactively live long- and without any sort of follower, Vakarash promptly became the weakest of all the Ascendi. His temple ended up desecrated, defiled, and sunk into the ground- and the area cursed to prevent his return.

The only people that would effectively follow Vakarash, are the insane/suicidal. ~Kas

Was there a reason he tried to do this to a race he (at one time) has preferred? ~Xzarren

A desire to control that race? He sort of...started to bleed out followers after he was literally beaten in combat by a mortal. Could have just been a desperate power grab.

Either way, the vampires still have Vakmatharas. The high god of Death. ~Kasyr

What Races can be Vampires?

What Races can "officially" become vampires?
It appears as though Lycan, Dragon, Draconian, Avian, Naga, Dryad, Fermin, Pixie, Undead, and Troll have already been specifically disallowed by admin action in the past.

It would seem likely that Drow, Dwarf, Elf, Feline, Gnome, Half Elf, High Elf, Hobbit, Orc, Human and Shadow Gnome can all be turned.

It seems Giants and possibly Ogres are "resistant" to becoming vampires due to size.

What about Centaur, Minotaur, and Preklek?
Tiphareth 18:01, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

I wonder about giants... Vampire's are turned by having their blood drained, and essentially (at least in part) having that blood replaced by a vampire's. But it'd take a whole pack of vampires to drain that much blood from a giant, and then to replace all the blood they drunk (or enough of it to shift) would probably be quite difficult. They'd have to all do it... but can something have multiple sires? Otherwise, that'd be awesome if they could! The Coterie could mass turn a giant into a killer vampire giant who is bound to serve them all. << - But yes, I'd say giants were immune do to their size and the impracticability of turning them. -Svil.

Pure Blood Proposals/Debates

Uh, I would like to rebuke Vladimire into the pureblood category. There is no RP that supports this beyond it's claim. I have been told this character has already had such a title in the past, and that it's been on this wiki but there is no proof of it. He says it was deleted but that just doesn't happen, like anyone who uses this platform will tell you. I hold no ill will against the player, however, I am against this term pureblood to begin with. To me it is a short cut through the vampire hierarchy and contradictory to vampire rules put in place to ensure a logical progression of character.

Now, in this instance, I have no idea how long Vlad has really been around. He says he has the oldest vampire character in the history of Hollow, but I have been here for the past ten years and longer in one character or another and remember him only fleetingly, and especially not as the oldest vampire in Hollow history. I for one, given my interest in the race as I play it, would take notice of such things of notable vampires like someone like Rheven. How much of this time he says is in his character is of active play, and how much of it is just rebounding between bouts of inactivity is something to be speculated as well.

In addition I would like to forward a petition for this categories removal. It has scarcely been used to good effect in Hollow and in the past was something keen to abuse by other players. I would like to nip this matter in the bud and ensure that it won't be a future problem.~Xzarren

Pureblood status is conferred by admin approval only at this time. As of right now, he doesn't have it, so I have rolled back some of his edits. That may change, especially if he can provide some proof of previous admin approval. Vladimire is not a new character/player, if that helps any. I traced back his account a few years, almost all of it under that name. Wiki page history is difficult to search, but if we know what page it was on, the historical edits can be found and seen. Without knowing the page to look in though, it would be very hard to find. --Cyllth 05:54, 24 February 2012 (UTC)

Considering that I can confirm that this Vladimire is the same player from when -I- started playing as Kas, I wouldn't say him being -very- old would be that odd, especially since I'm pretty sure he was still in the Forsaken Knights back when I started. He'd likely fit the actual description of the purebloods dead on. (I'm pretty sure he was directly made into a vampire by one of the Dark lord types). That being said -beyond him- I'd think that removing/severely locking down that class of vampire is pretty reasonable, since there's not really anyone that can/should be able to lay a claim to that kind of thing.