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Death Knight

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This page is an OFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

Official Classes Unofficial Classes

Combat Style: Melee, Some Dark Magic
Combat Rating: Strong - Moderate (Depends on Magic Rating.)
(Higher magic = Lower combat)
Magic Style:  Curse, Dark Magic (minor spells)
Magic Rating: Low - Moderate (Depends on Combat Rating.)
(Higher combat = Lower magic)
Preferred Races: Undead, Vampire
Preferred Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allowed Races: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapon(s): Two-handed Swords, Spears/Lances, Great Axes
Skills: Berserk (Melee), Stunning Blow (Melee), Unholy Strike (Melee)
Skill Weapon Type: Melee
Skill Centres: Warrior's Training Grounds (Berserk, Stunning Blow), 
Death Cult Temple (Unholy Strike)


Death Knights epitomize evil. Some call these knights anti-paladins because they are the exact opposite of their goodly brethren. These are knights of evil and darkness, cruelty and death. Death Knights are evil and usually lawful, and some Death Knights become crusaders and enforcers in armies and nations of eviler doers, relishing in hanging out painful and cruel punishments to any who slight the law in any way. Death Knights are often master of arms, especially with long swords, used to combat any who would stand in their way. As they are knights, they are proficient in riding mounted animals. Death Knights have been known to ride undead mounts into battle, using their skill with the blade and speed of the mount to launch lightening raids upon their enemies. Death Knights are usually skilled in a few forms of magic; like their paladin opposites, they use this to great effect; however, the effect is reverse, the touch of a death knights will bring harm and suffering. Death Knights have also been known to use minor necromancy spells to launch bolts of death magic at their foes or to raise undead minions. Death Knights are usually to be found in the service of an evil overlord, unless they are the leader of their own band of evil doers. Many death knights have been known to head up Assassin Guilds and other criminal syndicates to increase their power and influence so they can better commit acts of evil.


Infernal - Infernals generally take the prejudice that Death Knights are weak against fire, and learn the ways of fire. Instead of relying purely on Divine magic from whatever divine being they follow, Infernals also have a small arsenal of fire magic they may use.

Chilled One - Similar to Infernals, except these Death Knights have managed to use the power of ice to combat their weakness of fire.

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