Geography of Hollow

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This page describes the lay of the land. To view tile by tile maps to move around Hollow, visit the Maps of Hollow page.

Land Masses: Lithrydel and Rynvale Island

Most of Hollow is on a large continent named Lithrydel. The Island of Rynvale is accessed via the port in Cenril. Each of the two major land masses are home to several themed cities and areas that are home to the various races. Below follows a list of each area.

On Lithrydel

Kelay-Sage Area

This is one of the larger areas of Hollow and is dominated by a vast and ancient forest occupied be the elves and rangers. The largest town in the Kelay-Sage area is the town of Kelay itself. A fairly small rustic village, roughly in the centre of Hollow it plays host to Kelay Tavern which is arguably the most important location in Hollow. Kelay Tavern houses the In Character and Out of Character notice boards as well as a list of Custom items the players can purchase from the Hollow administrators. Also in the Kelay-Sage area are a number of low level creatures for fighting, the skill centre where players can learn combat skills, Shinnan's Glade where wedding ceremonies are performed, a number of small shops around Kelay town and the Druid Eternal Tree. The area is mainly populated by Humans and Elves but in the south is the small enchanted kingdom where the Gnomes and Pixies live. Another important feature of this area is the Magical Herb shop where restorative items can be purchased. The Ranger Encampment is also in this area. Kelay-Sage has the large Sage Forest to be explored and has easy access to other areas of Hollow mainly, Larket, the eastern Xalious mountains, and Cenril.


Across the plains and to the east of Kelay is the largest settlement in Hollow--the port town of Cenril. The city is well defended by the Cenril guard and is very prosperous due to the large number of shops and merchants and obviously the port which allows access to Rynvale and is also excellent for fishing. (Fishing is one of the three main ways of gaining finance in Hollow). Cenril has a large selection of shops including, Mrs. Mallard’s Bakery and Tea Room, The Whaler's Bar and The Magical Weapon Emporium plus many more! Of special interest is the Cenril Bank, the only such institution in Hollow. Here, players can store money, gain interest and change money. In the south east is the fishing areas and port. Many races in Hollow see Cenril as home and its prosperity and influence make it a den of intrigue with various factions claiming control over it. Notable residents include the DeLaffe family whose home is the south of the city as well as the Phantasmal Knights who have their headquarters in Cenril too.

Xalious Mountains

The large mountainous region west of Kelay takes its name from the God of Magic, indeed the gigantic mage tower is a prominent feature of this rocky land. This area of Hollow contains many settlements including the secluded town of Xalious where the mage tower stands, the dwarven town of Craughmoyle and underneath that the Dwarven Underkingdom. The mountain area of Hollow is very wealthy which attracts many adventurers to it; this wealth derives from the precious minerals which can be dug for in the numerous mines. (Mining being one of the three main ways in Hollow to earn finances). Many mages also call this land their home due to the presence of mage tower where they can learn their arcane skills. The large dwarven city of Craughmoyle contains many shops useful to adventurers. The extreme north of this area is entirely frozen and a large mansion known as the Frozen Refuge provides shelter to the weary traveler, in recent times this building has been chosen as the location for the Yule Ball. The area is fraught with danger with vicious mountain creatures as well as bandits stalking the lonely roads. If any traveler wishes to reach the far western land Venturil they must travel through these mountains which in the past were the home of the noble Wolf Pack Clan.

Xalious Village

Home to the Mage's Guild and its famous Tower, and the Hobbit burrows. This tiny village connects the cities east and west of the Xalious Mountain range, and thus sits on an important trade route.


Home to the dwarves, this underground city beneath the Xalious mountains is vital to the land's stone, metal, and gem smithing.


Home to the Frost Giants and some other hardy races, these passes and valleys are perpetually shrouded in snow and ice. Very few of the natives are known for their hospitality to strangers, so venture here at your own peril.


Just north of the Sage Forest and the town of Kelay is the small kingdom of Larket. The once rich and powerful town has in recent years suffered. An invasion by the Evil King Vyrick and his cohorts launched a swift invasion of this land, turning it into a battlefield and stealing control of the castle. Since Vyrick was defeated the castle has been rebuilt into Fort Freedom which was used by the resistance to the Dread Lords as a base of operations. Larket is still recovering from this war and the ill luck that follows and has many criminals. The folk of Larket are hardy though and work to restore their town to glory. Underneath the town is a large sewer network occupied by smugglers and ratmen; it is very dangerous to explore. The town also boasts a fine Zoo and Pet Shop as well as the excellent Red Ogre Inn. Surrounding Larket is the eternal forest which is a den of monsters most notable for its dragons. Many adventurers pass through here on their way to fight these creatures. As well as Fort Freedom the kingdom of Larket also plays hosts to the Clans Order and Valiant Circle which have their headquarters here.


South of the Milious planes which link Cenril to Kelay is the Gualon area. Gualon can be split into two sections the first and largest is the town of Gualon sometimes called The Sinking City. This is because the town is built on a foul smelling swamp and certain areas are certainly sinking under the foul bog. The main occupants of this area are the Orcs who in ages past raided the more civilized settlements to the north. The area is also occupied by poor uncivilized barbarian humans who for the most part get along with the Orcs. Notable buildings in Gualon are the arena is the city shop which sells well crafted Jewelry. During a recent war, in which the Drow city of Trist'oth was captured, a number of Drow agents set up a hidden base under Gualon which is still in use. The other area of Gualon is smaller and is known as the Dry Lands of the Nameless desert. Indeed the dry and hot desert is nameless and for the most part unoccupied the area has recently been opened up by the disappearance of a sandstorm which had raged bitterly for years. The end of this storm revealed ancient ruins of a long vanished culture and a perfectly preserved palace and garden which is as of yet unclaimed.


Also known as the city of the dead, Vailkrin is home to all of the undead races of Hollow as well as the dark mages and Necromancers. The city is dominated by the gigantic Necropolis and the surrounding graveyards; this alone makes this town very attractive to the parishioners of "The Dark Arts". The area being home to many of followers of the dark is often a battlefield as various individuals and factions compete for dominance here. Numerous shops sell items of dark clothes and magical items and the Hanging Corpse Tavern is second home to many of Hollow's villains. The area also attracts many adventurers due to the undead hordes which can be fought and the dark secrets it hides, one of the most interesting being the Black Library under the necropolis. To the east of Vailkrin are the forest of Abysmal darkness home to many monsters and the entrance to the subterranean land of the dark elves or drow. Vailkrin is only accessible via the Kelay-Sage area through either the dark portal or the short cut in the skill centre of Kelay.


Deep underneath the forest of Abysmal Darkness are the labyrinthine caverns and tunnels of the drow, also known as the dark elves. In the centre of the Maze of tunnels is the drow city of Trist'oth where the mother matriarch's reign supreme. A wealth of drow themed items and other vicious and cunning weapons can be bought in its small selection of stores. Even deeper into these tunnels are The Dead Caves where even many drow fear to tread and many powerful monsters dwell that can take over the mind of their victims turning them into slaves. This area is obviously home to the drow and their associates and was once the home of the clan known as The Damned other areas of interest are the drow temple and the hot springs.


Venturil is for the most part a wasteland of shattered buildings and long since rotted fields. It can only be reached via the Western Gate which is to the west of the Dwarven lands and the Xalious Mountains. A sparse and dead forest to the north west of this region is blight on the land and hides the Fengoth Falls. However to the south a hard working group is working away restoring the ruined town into a working city. Until recently a man named Aethan claimed to be King of this isolated land. There are no shops here but a few monsters attract the occasional hero looking for training. This area also houses The Throne of Dante who was a powerful vampire; also the chambers of Light, Balance and Darkness are buried deep within this land housing long since forgotten secrets.


Homeland of the Naga, recently reanimated and found beneath the waterway to Rynvale.


Home to the goblin hordes, found after some miners dug a little too deep near the city of Alithrya.


Home to the jersher, creation of naga scientists. Taylebeck is accessible from the Sage forest.


The frontier port town of Chartsend came from humble beginnings when the Half-Elf Mahteth moved to the largely unpopulated Western lands, fleeing the anger of some in Hollow who sought her death, and others followed. A small community developed, living peacefully and largely unknown to the wider world until recent years.

On Rynvale Island

The island to the far east accessible only via a ship in Cenril, only recently reachable this area has become very popular with tourists, land owners and adventurers alike. The warm climate and presentable white stone buildings make this area of Hollow feel like a breath of fresh sea air. To reach it players must board a ship in Cenril and board another in the port of Rynvale when the want to return.

Port Rynvale

The southern port city is home to the High Elves, though pirates have taken root in this prestigious port city. The city is a mix of High Elf archtecture and wealth and nautical, pub-loving pirates and smuggling. The west of the Port has a seaside cliff-area home to both private dwellings and pirates alike. North of these cliffs is the mysterious Fog Forest. Only the most brave of souls dare try to discover what lies within, and beyond, that perilous area.


Located on the island of Rynvale, north of the Fog Forest lies the ogre village of Gamorg. The mines run constantly here, with the captured from campaigns, mainly goblins, forced to do the labor.


Made up of Fermin, Undead and Forsaken Elves, this independent state was once the dominion of The Lich Queen.


Wealthy home of the Forsaken Elves, on the extreme east of Rynvale Island.