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Land Masses: Lithrydel and Rynvale Island

Most of Hollow is on a large continent named Lithrydel. The Island of Rynvale is accessed via the port in Cenril. Each of the two major land masses are home to several themed cities and areas that are home to the various races. Below follows a list of each area.

Regional Maps and Rulers

Continental Lithrydel

Government Type
Deputy Leader
Cenril Maps of Cenril Mayor Valrae Baines Democratic Republic Lord Jaxson Ravencroft
Kelay-Sage Maps of Kelay-Sage Area Magikrios Lyastri D'Chath Tribal Monarchy Meri Lyastri D'Chath
Taylebeck Maps of Taylebeck NPC Town Elder - Vacant Merchant Republic None
Enchantment Maps of Enchantment and Darkiln NPC King/Queen - Kanna Absolute Monarchy None
Larket Maps of Larket King Macon Absolute Monarchy None
Ferminville Maps of Ferminville NPC Grand Pack Master - Vacant Vassal of Vhys None
Gualon Maps of Gualon NPC Governor - Vacant Tribal Monarchy None
Alithrya Maps of Alithrya None Absolute Monarchy None
Kregus Maps of Kregus NPC King/Queen - Vacant General Anarchy (Civil War) None
Xalious Mountain Range
Xalious Village Maps of Xalious Mountains Archmage Lanlan Magocracy None
Upper & Lower Craughmoyle Maps of Craughmoyle NPC Regent - Vacant Absolute Monarchy None
Frostmaw Maps of Frostmaw NPC King/Queen - Vacant Tribal Monarchy None
Schezerade Maps of Schezerade Vacant Republic None
Realms of Chaos Maps of Realms of Chaos N/A N/A N/A
Dark Lands
Vailkrin Maps of Vailkrin NPC King/Queen - Vacant Tribal Duarchy None
Trist'oth Maps of Trist'oth NPC House - Vacant Tribal Monarchy None
Western Lands
Venturil Maps of Venturil NPC Regent - Vacant Absolute Monarchy None
Chartsend Maps of Chartsend NPC Regent - Vacant Patronage None

Lithrydel's Island -- Rynvale Island

Government Type
Deputy Leader
Port Rynvale Maps of Rynvale Island Captain Leoxander Monarchy Commander Lita
Gamorg Maps of Rynvale Island NPC Chieftain - Vacant Tribal Monarchy None
Vhys Maps of Rynvale Island Chancellor Lhyrin Amarth Duchy None

Recognized Rulers

The above table outlines the current rulers of each region within Hollow, as recognised by the Administration of Hollow. Anyone listed here is viewed as the IC ruler/leader of the region and is subject to the Rules of Leadership. It is considered public knowledge that these characters are in control of their respective region, although due to conflicts which may erupt through the course of RPs or arcs, not all leaders will recognise the sovereignty of another leader. Only those who are listed on this page are recognised and official leaders of said region.

To see which of these rulers are allied to who visit Political Alliances. If you would like to learn more about the types of government within Hollow, please check out the Governments page.

If you are interested in occupying one of these vacancies, you can apply via Applications. For more information, and the correct form, check out the Rules of Leadership.

Art/Maps of Lithrydel

Sketch of Hollow by Rhocielle

Map of Lithrydel by Odhranos