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April 2018

  • April 19
    • The war in Alithrya ends with the death of Jaize, along with several other causalities. The Priestess Gevurah, Senator Brennia and Pilar helped secure the victory. Still war ravaged and recovering from outside influence, the city is taking this time to turn it's attentions inward as Reginae ascends to take her sister's place as Queen of Alithrya. Guests are still encouraged to travel only along safe trade routes. Pilar, Vestra, and Iphigenia are noted among the deceased.

Maps of Alithrya

Settlements in Alithrya

Settlement Name Main Race
Alithrya Naga

Shops in Alithrya

Shop Name Goods Sold
Sollah Tavern Food & Drink
Empty Supply Shop Weapons
Bounty Shop License
Armory Armour
Naga Alchemist's Abandoned Lab Clothing, Items, Pets
Item Shop Miscellaneous Items
Weapon Shop Weapons
Healer's Hideout Restorative Items
The Oracle of Alithrya Miscellaneous Items
Hidden Shop Miscellaneous Items
Mine Shaft Mining Supplies
Morg's Pub Food & Drink

Player Owned Shops


Clans with HQ's in Alithrya


Training Areas in Alithrya

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Underground Beach All Classes

Economic Areas in Alithrya

Economic Area Economic Activity
Abandoned Mine Mining
Makeshift Bank Store Money, Interest, Currency Exchange

Political Information About Alithrya

Alithrya abides by the governing laws of an Absolute Monarchy, which is always a Naga Queen. No outside races are allowed political power or rule here due to the societal xenophobic mindset. Similar to Frostmaw in Hierarchy Ideology; the citizens of Alithrya only recognize skill in battle and magics. The deviation from most other cultures in found in their inability to accept another race as superior in skill set, as they have had limited interactions with outsiders since rejoining the time Flow. Females have a naturally higher stance in the view of the common folk, but gender alone does not grant She-Naga's the right to rule. Currently, the last Recorded Queen to hold power has abandoned her duty, through death or banishment, and has subsequently doomed the city to further isolation in the event another ruler is not named. There is moderate civil unrest in the wake of the Archmosian War. The city itself was stripped of it's resources under the Reign of Jaize, who came to power under the Armosian Emperor, Vuryal.

Political involvement with other regions is limited at this time. The Naga-ess Reginae is working as a self - titled liaison between the Alithryan citizens and neighboring Areas. The outlines for some alliances with Frostmaw and Vailkrin are in the works, with plans of reaching out towards others. In the past, Rynvale has been in alliance with Alithrya.

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