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Combat Style: Melee
Combat Rating: Very Strong
Magic Style: None
Magic Rating: Inept
Preferred Races: Orc, Ogre, Minotaur, Naga
Preferred Alignment: Any
Preferred Weapon(s):Axe
Skills: Beserk, Stunning Blow, Cleave, Deathblow
Skill Weapon: Melee
Skill Centers: Warrior's Training Grounds


Warriors exist in every race and have since the beginning of time itself. Whether they were natural fighters protecting their families or disciplined warrior tribes, their sole purpose is to live and die through battle. They often have an inclination to violence and an inner rage that they use to empower them in battle. Although less honorable than nights, some warriors in many races may bind themselves to their own code of honor or justice for personal or spiritual reasons. Some warriors even embrace their angry nature to become truly monstrous combatants.

Because warriors come from all walks of life, their personalities and motivations vary widely. Some are employed as mercenaries, others travel in bands or tribes, others pledge their allegiance to cities or monarchs, and so on.

Although perceived as a people who normally rush headlong into battle, warriors can also show creativity in their strategies or battle tactics. Unlike knights, most warriors aren’t trained through any sort of rigorous military. Most warriors are raised as fighters on homesteads or settlements, or were forced into combat by other rough circumstances of their lives, or because their culture is centered around war. For example, some races, such as orcs and goblins, adhere to a warrior culture that champions the strong. Some cities, such as Frostmaw, or tribes, such as the Kuronii in Venturil, also value combat strength in their own culturally nuanced ways.

Fighting Style

In Terms of Roleplaying/Dueling

A competent warrior is skilled in many weapons. His or her entire life has revolved around becoming an efficient war machine, and as such they can often wield a variety of weapons with great skill, including but not limited to swords, axes, hammers, spears, etc. They do not normally wear heavy armor, such as plate, as lighter armor, such as leather, is more flexible and allows them to move and strike easier. Some particularly strong warriors do use medium weight armor, such as chain or half plate. Warriors may also choose to use simpler missile weapons, including the sling or crossbow, though they often lack the patience to learn more devoted weapons such as the longbow.

However, a warrior's true place in battle is up close and personal. Often wearing armor to absorb slicing, hammering and stabbing attacks, a warrior shows no mercy in cutting down his foe with damaging, devastating blows augmented with bone crushing force and lethality. Some warriors also employ the use of a shield; many of them can not only use them as a defense weapon, but an offensive one was well, bashing and punching with their brute force behind it.

If a warrior's weapons are broken in battle, they are by no means defeated. Several are known for their skill in hand to hand arts, and while perhaps not as fluid or agile as a trained martial artist monk, for example, they make up for it with blunt force and power. An unarmed warrior might deliver a crushing blow to the foe's chin or temple with his fist, or drive his or her elbow into the cheek or nose.

Though there are rare exceptions, most warriors do not cast magic of any kind, and may even turn up their noses at the wimpy mages who won't leave their front door without casting shield. Pathetic weaklings. However, in rare instances, a few warriors can do little more than force a minor enchantment onto their weapon, but more than likely cannot do so during battle and must do this beforehand. Some of the lesser intelligent warriors(Often of lesser intelligent races) simply cannot wrap their head around something so complex as a spell, and even those with the intellect may spit at the thought of doing so in the first place.

In Terms of Game Mechanics
Their combat skills require a melee or miscellaneous-type weapons to use.

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