Kingdom of Enchantment

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Flag of Enchantment

The Flag

The people of Enchantment take pride in their kingdom and so the flag is often seen throughout the area; be it at one's home, the castle, or even the gates that border the land. The Faery Star brightly shines against the pitch-black background, as though illuminated by the sun’s rays. Sprinkled with gold glitter to mimic pixie dust, this seven-pointed star holds significant meaning to those that dwell in the area. The septagram represents the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, the Moon, the Wind, the Spirit and Magic. Each point signifies a ray of manifestation such as: Power, Wisdom, Knowledge, Tranquility, Science, Devotion, and Magic. The points of the Faery Star blend with each other to bestow spiritual and personal transformation. The elegant combination of the black and gold colors represents wealth, luxury, wisdom, magic, and love.

Recent Events

Kazarkh 2023


Enchantment Castle

The Kingdom of Enchantment is one of magnificent splendor with the perfect blend of spectacular magic, breathtaking scenery, remarkable nature, and fantastical creatures. The Gateway to Enchantment is protected with defensive magics and there are two bronze dragons that keep watch from an aerial vantagepoint. Open court is held quarterly, and those with any grievances are welcome to speak publicly and try to sway the Queen's judgement in their favor. There are two solstice events held annually, and a talent tournament takes place every spring, which brings visitors from all over the realm. All races, classes, religions, and alignments are welcome to reside in the lush forests, so long as everyone strives to live in perfect harmony.

The Residents

Settlement Name Main Races
Kingdom of Enchantment Pixie, Gnome, Centaur, Faerie, Dryad
Darkiln Shadow Gnome

The first to make the magical land their home were the pixie’s, gnome’s, and centaur’s. These three races make up more than half of the population of Enchantment! The pixies mostly live in the lush fields and gardens, often flitting about the area and engaging in harmless mischief. The gnomes prefer to live beneath the earth in the woods or hills and can sometimes be seen pulling pranks with the pixies. The centaur’s live in the forest but enjoy spending their time in open fields so they can stretch their legs.

Not long after the first three races were settled, the dryad’s and faeries moved into the area. The dryad’s live in the trees and do everything in their power to protect the land as they have strong ties to nature. The faeries can be found living near the water or in flower beds and they enjoy spending time with the centaurs and gnomes.

The shadow gnomes are settled very deep underground, in Darkiln, and they spend most of their time mining and coming up with duplicitous schemes. Despite their obvious greed and evil nature, they do not plot against those that dwell within Enchantment or Darkiln.

In later years, a couple dozen elves and a pack of lycan's trickled into the area. The elves prefer to live in the tops of trees or in the hollow of the trunks and they enjoy sharing their wisdom with the youth. The lycan's live in houses in the thickest areas of the forest and tend to keep to themselves, especially on nights when Vaalane is full.

There are other races that dwell in the area, but they aren’t mentioned as their numbers are so few.

Retail Establishments

Shop Name Goods Sold
The Green Fairy Tavern and Recall Spot
Enchantment Market Fine Formal Gowns and Footwear
Enchantment Armory Armorer
Enchantment Apothecary Spell Components and Ritual Supplies
Herb Specialist Natural Herbs
Woodland Couturier Race Specialty Armorer
Flower Shop Flowers and Arrangements
The Enchanted Weapon Shop Weapons
Cavern of Storing Miscellaneous Items

Realm Affairs

The rulers of Enchantment prefer to remain neutral in matters that concern those outside of the magical gates, and do not wish to engage in any wars or extreme political movements. However, if someone seeks aide in the way of coin, healing, or sanctuary, they will not be turned away from this compassionate kingdom.

Enchantment enjoys being a 'friend' to all and those that wish to study the nature or races in the land are met with a smile and will find that the residents don't mind the curiosity. Adventurer's that find themselves lost are assisted, anyone that falls ill will find respite with one of the adept healers, and the population grows with each passing year due to those that make their home in the forests. Those that are in need of some of the lands natural resources will find that they are more than welcome to take what they need. However, if a tree must be cut down or if one takes most of a particular crop, they must plant another in its place so that the resource isn't entirely depleted.

Although the land maintains a neutral stance and is welcoming to all, one should remember that it's never wise to make a powerful enemy of a place that outranks most others with their magical capabilities.

Famous Landmarks

Enchantment Landmarks

Area of Note Function
The Trembling Tree Historical arbor - One of the Three Holy Trees in Hollow.
The Mystical Stream A magical body of water that runs through Enchantment, but is not connected to any other water source in Hollow.
The Gateway to Enchantment A metamagical gateway reinforced with powers of the Xalious Tree; also the entrance from Sage forest.
Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary A massive rescue and rehabilitation center for domestic and exotic animals.
The Healing Tree The restoration of health, magic, and stamina can be found here.
Mining Outpost A underground mining cavern that is located in Darkiln.

History of Enchantment

In the past, there was fire and war cast upon the lands, an invasion of the Enchanted Kingdom by the Archmosian Empire, led by the ogre, Gruz, leaving destruction and devastation in their wake. The magical barrier of the Gateway had been destroyed by Vuryal's power, leaving Enchantment largely vulnerable to these attacks. Many fought to defend Enchantment, the most notable being the then reigning Queen Rumiko, Valkor, Gwenilyn, Keter, and Buterfly. Though the fight by Enchantment was strong enough to push back the foe, many fell in those few bloody days. It was after this battle that Rumiko stepped down and Thea took the throne. Queen Thea worked to ensure the lands remained safe and prosperous for her kind. She embarked on a quest to restore the gateway and in the process, it's defenses were enhanced with energies from both the Xalious Tree and the Druid's Eternal Tree, thanks to the divine arclandon blessed boline bestowed to her by the Ascendi Arclandon.

After Thea absconded the throne for unknown reasons, the kingdom become one of uncertainty. There wasn't anyone in charge of making important decisions, so the Magical Oversight Committee was created by a few upstanding individuals. The head of the committee, a fairy by the name of Lunalesca, saw to it that different divisions were erected so that the kingdom wouldn't fall into one of poverty without resources, and in time Enchantment began to flourish. It was no surprise that a few years later, Lunalesca had been elected to take the throne, as she was adored by everyone.

One night, Queen Lunalesca found herself hearing an urgent plea from a witch, Lanara Banks, and she felt compelled to protect the stranger. She provided housing and food while the woman awaited her trial, and during that time they became quite close. She knew that Lana wasn't capable of the crimes she was accused of, and so, she hired the best defense team that gold could buy. Many of Lana's friends showed up to vouch for her character and she was deemed innocent of most accounts. The only charge that remained against her was misuse of magic, but that was dismissed years later when the ban on astral projection was lifted. Lanara's community service to Enchantment didn't go unnoticed; she raised two bronze dragons to defend the kingdom, frequently helped out at the local florist and tavern, and she hosted various social events to bring in more coin and awareness to the area.

Lunalesca grew quite close to Lanara, as they both are lovers of nature, and she started to think of the witch as a daughter. She officiated Tiber and Lanara's wedding and frequented their home enough times to commit the layout to memory. At one point, Lunalesca became a target for being closely tied to the couple and she spent six weeks in a coma, after sustaining serious injuries. Tiber avenged the attack and Lana saved her life, all while keeping things tightly under wraps so that the people of Enchantment wouldn't worry. Lunalesca was touched by their actions and came to realize that it was time to find someone else to take the throne, as life is short and precious, and she spent the past decade in servitude.

Queen Lunalesca decided to step down from her role as her magical powers were waning and so she searched for another deserving woman to wear her crown. Serving the crown was initially meant to be on a temporary basis, but after ten years, she wouldn't hand the power over to just anyone. After a sleepless night, she realized that that her successor should be someone she trusts implicitly, and there was only one person that stood out from the rest. Unable to produce a female heir and knowing that Enchantment would forever pass to a female, Lunalesca appointed Lanara Lowell to the throne during a lavish coronation ceremony.

Queen Lanara and Royal Consort Tiber ruled for just shy of three months, until they both disappeared from the lands without a trace. No one knows where they went or if they even left willingly! Their crowns had been placed in the heavily guarded vault, their private home had been boarded up, and the wolf pack they led seems to have vanished. Discussions, debates, and rumors on the next political steps that the Kingdom of Enchantment will take currently run rampant. The fate of the Kingdom is currently uncertain.

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