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Kingdom of Enchantment

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A tiny civilization nestled in the tree tops and ground near the Southern most part of Sage Forest and separated from the forest proper by the defensive magics of the Enchanted Gateway. It is the city of pixies and various other creatures. Ruled by a Queen, this wonderous place seems to be at a constant peace, and enjoyment.


  • October 1st
      • After a lengthy construction, the Woodland Couturier is now open for business. Located close to the Kingdom's center, it offers a fine selection of wings, hooves, horns and fur.

Maps of Enchantment

Settlements in the Enchantment

Settlement Name Main Races
Kingdom of Enchantment Pixie, Gnome, Centaur

Shops in Kingdom of Enchantment

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
The Green Fairy Tavern and Recall Spot
Enchantment Market Fine Formal Gowns and Footwear
Enchantment Armory Armor
Enchantment Apothecary Spell components and ritual supplies
Herb Specialist Natural herbs
Flower Shop Flowers and Arrangements
The Jester's Gambit Tavern
Hablebottom's Pets Pets and supplies
Rose's Dirtworks Farmed Vegetables & Fruits
The Foxburr General Store/Armor
The Enchanted Weapon Shop Weapons

Clans with HQs in Enchantment

  • none

Training Areas in Enchantment

  • none

Economic Areas in Enchantment

  • none

Political Information About the Kingdom of Enchantment

Enchantment is an absolute Monarchy ruled by the Queen Thea and Archmage Rheven

Local Government Buildings

  • The Castle of Enchantment

Allies of Enchantment

Organization Leader
Larket Jacklin Erristyn - Queen of Larket
Archmosian Empire Timelord Vuryal - Emperor of Archmosia.
Frostmaw Satoshi Azakhaer - Snow Queen of Frostmaw
Venturil Archmage Rheven and Thea of Enchantment - King of Venturil
Gualon Tristram - Governor of Gualon
Xalious Mountains Archmage Rheven and Thea of Enchantment - Lord and Ruler of Venturil
Trist'oth Elder Mage Tiphareth - Patron of First House D'Artes

  • Personal Allies
Name Special Affiliation [if any]
Archmage Rheven Fiance
Vexar: The Harbinger of Death Cabinet Member and old friend
Turel Cabinet Member and old friend

Other places of note in the Kingdom of Enchantment

Area of Note Function
The Trembling Tree Historical arbor - One of the Three Holy Trees in Hollow
The Mystical Stream A magical body of water that runs through Enchantment, but is not connected to any other water source in Hollow
The Gateway to Enchantment Metamagical gateway reinforced with powers of the Xalious Tree; also the entrance from Sage forest
The Healing Tree Restores Health,Magic and Stamina

Personally Owned Homes/Shops within Kingdom of Enchantment

  • The Enchanted Gardens - Bella
  • Bella's Nest - Bella
  • Rose Garden Tavern - Seriena
  • Tetsumi's Hidden Domocile - Tetsumi

History Regarding Kingdom of Enchantment

Enchantment has a long and storied history which will be chronicled here at a later date.

  • Recent History
    • In the not-so-distant past, there was fire and war cast upon the lands, an invasion of the Enchanted Kingdom by the Archmosian Empire, led by the Ogre Gruz, leaving destruction and devastation in their wake. The magical barrier of the Gateway had been destroyed by Vuryal's power, leaving Enchantment largely vulnerable to these attacks . Many fought the battle to defend Enchantment, including the current reigning Queen, Valkor the giant and his wife the pixie Gwenilyn, and Patron Keter of the Underdark, whose wife Buterfly hailed from Enchantment. Though the fight by Enchantment was strong enough to push back the foe, many fell in those few bloody days. It was after this battle and a short reign of the pixie Rumiko that Thea took the throne. Since that time she has worked to insure the lands remained safe and prosperous for her kind. She embarqued on a quest to restore the Gateway and in the process, it's defenses were enchanced with energies from both the Xalious Tree and the Druid's Eternal Tree, thanks to the divine boline bestowed her by the Ascendi Arclandon.

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