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This page is an OFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

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Combat Style: Magic
Combat Rating: Mystical
Magic Style: Illusion,Enchantments
Magic Rating: Low
Preferred Races: Gnome
Preferred Alignment: Any
Allowed Races: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapon(s): Staffs, Staves
Skills: Firebolt, Chilling Touch , Illusionary Flame
Skill Weapon: Magical
Skill Centers: Mage Training Centre


Illusionist may seem a very specific term but it does in fact have a number of variations. However, regardless of this it is limited to what the caster is capable of envisioning in their mind and as such many illusionists will spend much time reading to broaden their minds, naturally people with over-active imaginations tend to have the advantage here.

An amateur illusionist will often generate plain images with no real power behind them, using them merely as distractions to disguise physical attacks. However,the default or common illusionist is the type that uses their illusions to make seemingly real attacks that mimic normal mage powers in battle.

Another common one is the creation of imaginary creatures. This uses rather a lot of power and requires quite a solid mind-model to accomplish however and is usually a sign of a highly skilled illusionist.

There are still other variations ranging from the mundane to the exotic but to attempt to list them all would be futile.

Regardless of what form the attack takes though it only requires the victim to believe the illusion to be real and it will take full effect as if it were real, drawing its power from the victim's body as the mind injures itself. For example; an illusory fireball, if believed to be real, would cause burns to the body just like normal because the mind within has caused the affected limb to behave as if it were; a real case of mind over matter.

Illusionists as part of their art have to learn to hold complicated images and ideas in their mind intact in order to succeed. As such they often become rather good at making elaborate plans and schemes, making a skilled illusionist a powerful, valuable and reliable ally but a lethal foe.

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