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Located on the island of Rynvale, north of the Fog Forest, Gamorg was once a far more civilized settlement before the ogres claimed it as it's own. While there is much speculation on what once stood in the place of the Ogre city and to the identity of those who inhabited it first, most believe it belonged to the high elves of Rynvale though the truth is very likely forever lost to history but remnants of the old civilization remain littered across the landscape as a constant reminder of what once was and as a tribute to the power of the mighty race.

Foul in smell and sight, Gamorg consists primarily of mud and decaying nature with dead trees lining most of the broken stone pathways along with a disgusting polluted green river that trails through the majority of the city. One would be lucky to ever visit Gamorg on a sunny day as the atmosphere is almost always clouded in a dark grey smog that blocks out natural sunlight.

The occupants of the city are primarily Ogres though some other green skin races of such as orcs, goblins and trolls call Gamorg home as well, be it by choice or forced slavery. The residents will often tolerate "Ootsidah's" so long as they have booze in their bellies and luck in recent raids though those unfortunate enough to catch them on a bad day may find themselves at the bottom of the great Bone Pit in sacrifice to "He Who Hungers", the Ogre god whose true and unspoken name is Gerthaog.

The economy in Gamorg is like any other city in Hollow and runs off of cold hard coin though most of it is sourced via the controversial slave trade and slave operated mines to the west.

Political Information about Gamorg

Gamorg is operated by a tribal monarchy under the rule of a single ogre chieftain who commands the entire population including orcs, ogres, trolls and goblins. Unlike most tribal monarchies the citizens of Gamorg do not follow a bloodline for their leadership instead opting for the strongest of their kind to rule. In order for a new chieftain to be named a contestant must challenge and slay the current chieftain in a death duel, for the current chieftain to decline a challenge is considered a great dishonor and considered an act of cowardice. In the event of a chieftain dying by natural causes a tournament of mortal combat is held within the city to pick the strongest warrior to rule.

Map of Gamorg

Key Locations of Gamorg

Fort Gamorg

A mighty fortress with towers standing at least forty feet tall on either side manned by intimidating Ogre Guards and a heavy gate composed of steel iron bars that break the monotony of the dull stone grey walls. No outsider has ever seen the inside of the great fort so it's interior remains shrouded in mystery and judging by the attitude of the raiders guarding it, it's unlikely anyone ever will.

Bone Pit

A gigantic chasm lined with thousands of bones that is fifty foot across and colored black as the night, the bone pit is a sacrificial ground used to offer tributes to the great Ogre god Gerthaog though all of his disciples refer to him strictly as "He Who Hungers", the pit reeks of death and decay as sickening gurgling noises can be heard burping up from the void.

Mud Baths

Located in a clearing through the old muddied path that follows Gamorg's main road is a great oval pool of bubbling brown mud that the locals use as a spa of sorts. The odor from the pool is revolting to most outsiders leaving a repulsive, thick and stagnant stench akin to that of rotting vegetables lingering in the air permanently.

Fruit Tree

This beautifully lush and vibrantly alive fruit tree stands near the center of Gamorg and sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the land of mud, dung and bile. The green leaved tree sits on a patch of perfectly green grass and bears a unique apple shaped fruit that is the color of blueberries and has a texture of strawberries. The tree was left standing by it's inhabitants due to the intoxicating properties of the fruit allowing the consumer to enter a drunk like state after only one bite!

Sparring Area

A tall, crude spiked barricade surrounds a large ring of sand that is caked in thick blood stains which add a bit of color to the otherwise dull looking spot. Serving as one of the main attractions in Gamorg, large crowds will always gather to see the fights that take place here be it between locals or outsiders.

Ogre Fort

Serving as the main defensive structure of Gamorg, the Ogre fort was clearly not always of Ogre design as the walls are made of a dull gray stone very similar to that found in Rynvale backing up the theory that the high elves once called this place home though the material here is much, much older.


Located within the Ogre Fort is likely the filthiest prison in all of Hollow. Hundreds of prisoners remain incarcerated in tiny, cramped dangling wooden (and occasionally wrought iron) cages. Small holes made by primitive weapons in the walls offer just enough natural light to keep visitors from walking into the damp crumbling walls though unfortunately it isn't enough to illuminate just how far back this little piece of hell on earth ventures as cries of hunger and pleas of better housing conditions echo farther back than the battle axe armed Ogre's are willing to let outsiders go.

Goblin Slave Mine

If one were to enter the slave mine up in Gamorg they'd find literally hundreds of goblin's shackled together in iron bonds hacking away all hours of the day against the precarious stone walls with rusted and beat up old pick axes. If the smell wasn't enough to turn an outsider away the cries of pain and occasional corpse still chained up with a pick in hand might be.

Broken Monolith

Despite the rough conditions of Gamorg certain areas have large pieces of black stone that somehow retain their breath taking shine. The stone is consider to likely be very refined obsidian and was possibly once a grand structure though now resident ogre's are often found lounging around the round plinth of a giant jagged piece of the stone and use it to sharpen their weapons. Also located here is a beautifully crafted statue of a four-armed ogre berserker named Og who was once a loyal companion to Gorkall of Gamorg, an ogre warchief hopeful who met an unfortunate end when he was turned to stone by a dragon named Trishtar.

Warchief Hut

The largest hut in all of Gamorg is reserved for the cities Warchief. Covered in a variety of odds and ends from successful raids the Warchief's hut could easily be mistaken for the home of a hoarder. The structure itself contains a plethora of ante chambers that lead to different areas of the home though most would be unwise to go lurking about such a place without the approval of it's owner.

Settlements in Gamorg

Settlement Name Main Race
Gamorg Ogres
Damp Dwelling Orcs
Troll Hut Trolls
Slave Mines Goblins

Merchants and Shops

Shop Name Goods Sold]
Ogre Fort Mining Supplies
Magrag's Shop Armor and Weapons
Dak's Tavern Food and Drink
Mauvin Thud's Weapon Market Weapons
Ka’Bonk’s Smithy Armor and Materials
Guh’Thunk’s Weapons Weapons
Snarbelfarf’s Apothecary Restoratives
The Mad Goblin Witch Healer

Player Owned Shops in Gamorg


Clans with HQ's in Gamorg


Training Areas in Gamorg

Area name Classes used
Ogre Fort All Classes (Learn Mine)

Economic Areas in Gamorg

Area Name Activity
Goblin Slave Mine Mining
Deeper Slave Mine Mining

Groups of Gamorg

Currently none.

Other places of note in Gamorg

Name Function Directions
Ogre Fort Sell Mining Finds From Gamorg City of Ogres; 4w, 3n.