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Meri Lyastri D'Chath

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  • Birth Name: Meri Boyce
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: March 30th
  • Race: Lycanthrope (Human)
  • Bitten By: Alvina
  • Class(es): Psion, Warrior, Ranger, Rogue
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
  • Eye Color: Light Blue
  • Complexion: Tanned
  • Deites: No trust for the Gods.
  • Ascendi: No trust for the Gods.

  • Clan: Syndicate of Shadows
  • Adventurer's Guild: Leader
  • Ranger's Guild: Master of the Hunt
  • Business Owner: The Rebel Room (Cenril)
  • Profession(s): Artist, Hunter, Mercenary
  • Hobbies: Distilling, Brewing, Forestry
  • Relationship Status: Married to Magik
  • Daughter(s): Fleur
  • Son(s):
  • Parents: Alrik (deceased) & Sanna (deceased)
  • Sister(s): Khitti (adopted)
  • Brother(s): Mikkel (deceased) & Einar (deceased)
  • Niece(s): Quintessa (adopted)
  • Nephew(s): Dominic, Lucien

From Head to Toe

  • Straight blonde hair is often worn down and covers the dagger inked into the left side of her neck.
  • There is a nautical star tattooed on each shoulder blade, easily visible as Meri does not tend to wear tops that hide her tattoos.
  • Both arms have vibrantly covered full-sleeve tattoos. The left a mermaid preening herself on a rock in the open sea. The right a kraken destroying a ship.
  • The left hand has the word 'pain' tattooed onto knuckles, while the right has the word 'love'.
  • On the inside of her left wrist a swallow has been tattooed, carrying a banner by beak that reads 'Daine'. Said swallow is flying over a field of wildflowers.
  • From hips down, form-fitting black pants cover her legs and have been tucked into dusty and worn in black boots that are calf-height.

Tattoo Portfolio

Work From The Rebel Room

While the old portfolio from SoulsKin is still available and floating around the Rebel Room, a new business means a new portfolio. This portfolio is not kept in a nice neat little book but rather it will be a growing collage on the walls of her shop. At least that was her vision.

  • Iintahquohae : Back/Upper Arms: A kraken emerging from the depths. It spans from tailbone to the base of her neck, with tentacles spilling over her shoulders and winding down her arms to her elbows.
  • Kanna : Upper Left Thigh: A garter belt. The belt itself is a standard five-bar stave used in sheet music, with six measures of a song. On the front of her thigh where the music ends and begins is a pink ribbon with a treble-clef on the knot of the bow.
  • Tiber : Behind the Left Ear: A crescent moon with clouds, meant to be similar to one Lanara has in the same spot with but some subtle differences.
  • Lanara : Behind the Left Ear: A crescent moon with stars, meant to be similar to one Tiber has in the same spot but with some subtle differences.
  • Khitti : Right forearm, underside: A small landscape scene including three of Dominic’s favorite “Pocket Creatures.” One creature is a black lion cub with a shock of red fur. The second, a bright orange chicken. The third being a red, fox-like being with a bushy orange tail.
  • Lanara : Left ankle: In honor of Lanara’s homeland, an autumn rose with the stem spelling out Kelvar.
  • Lanara : Lower back: As a Valentine’s Day present for Eirik, Lanara requested a tattoo of a wolf’s paw that is surrounded by hearts.
  • Celaeno : Both Wrists: A runic design. The line work for the runes is in black but the space in between the runes has been filled in with warm colors to give the design more personality and flare.
  • Dezerae : Shoulder/Upper Arm: A tribute to Stranger, Dezerae's elderly tiger.
  • Brand : Back of Shoulder: A glass of whiskey sitting behind a peach, surrounding the bottom of the peach are a few peach blossoms tangled up in a banner that reads 'Together or not at all.' Handwriting sample: Khitti's (Only a few would know that though).
  • Artia : Neck Tattoo: Forget-me-nots, predominantly blue and white in color.
  • Khitti : Sleeve - Left Arm: A mermaid with purple hair and an orange tail on a rock with corals beneath it, the watery scene flows into the nautical star on her wrist.

Work From SoulsKin

While the work was completed at SoulsKin, Meri brought it with her after moving from Rynvale.

  • Khitti : Right Wrist: Mirroring the left wrist, to an extent, a nautical star is also tattooed on the inside of Khitti's right wrist but the colors and the element differ from the left. The points of this star are red and black, contrasting the water star. This star is also engulfed in flames, colored in vibrant reds and oranges, which stretch up the wrist a few inches, forming a tail. It almost looks like a fireball shooting down Khitti's wrist.
  • Khitti : Left Wrist: A nautical star on the inside of Khitti's left wrist. The points of the star itself are split in color, alternating between dark blue and black. Water surrounds and encompasses this star, colored in lovely blues and light shades of green, almost as if were caught up in an ocean wave. More to come on this piece?
  • Iblis : Left Side: This tattoo runs from shoulder to ankle on Iblis' right side. It is a very complex runework design that seems to involve tentacles? How strange. This does not look like a concept Meri would have drawn herself. Pulled from a book maybe?
  • Lita : Back of Neck: An infinity symbol, on the bottom right of the design was a flurry of feathers and beads and a few stars, fairly whimsical. On the top left of the design was the outline of a lotus flower.
  • Valen : Lower Back: Sunflowers and a butterfly. Center sunflower is the largest and is dead center of the lower back, to both sides of the main flower are several smaller sunflowers following the shape of your classic tramp stamp. There is even a butterfly on the center sunflower, with kaleidoscope wings colored in red, blues and purples. How cute.
  • Oline : Upper Back: Running horizontally from shoulder blade to shoulder blade is a set of three runes. In order they were: A large shape like a K, but with a tail in the middle of the back line and dot situated in the arch of the tail. The next was a squiggly shape not unlike a ~ merged with a >. The third was the same as the symbol they'd done on her ankle. The last one was an angular S-shaped symbol with a Y superimposed over it.
  • Oline : Left and Right Arms: Starting from the shoulders and extending down the length of Oline's arms, a set of six runes have been tattooed.
  • Oline : Upper Chest: In a gentle curve along Oline's chest a set of four runes has been tattooed.
  • Pilar : Right Upper Arm: From elbow up, the Xalious tree in a dimming sunset has been tattooed. In the center of this tree is a heart that glows a vivid blue.
  • Oline : Left Ankle: In a modest size, Oline has elected to have an arch with one circle above the arch and then three circles below it tattooed upon her ankle.
  • Brennia : Left Side Torso: A lock, done in colors of oceanic blue, black and highlights of white. The lock is not a plain one but embellished with many flourishes to make the design more feminine looking for it's seductive wearer.
  • Eirik : Upper Torso: Two ravens tattooed along the collarbone, one on each side of the chest. Said ravens are facing one another and are in flight -- one with wings fully expanded and the other with wings angled upwards as though if mid-beat.
  • Emilia : Right Ankle/Foot: A series of snowflakes sprinkling down on a cloudless star-filled night, the dark colors blending in with the discoloration of Emilia's skin on that leg. Numerous snowflakes run from mid-calf to the top of her foot in a variety of sizes, each one it's own unique pattern.
  • Artia : Right Hip: Twin feathers, their top halves breaking away small spray of feathers that grow increasingly smaller in size the further out the feathers go. This tattoo starts at the hip and works up into the lower ribcage.
  • Pilar : Back Piece: This particular tattoo seems to be a remembrance piece, dedicated to the loss of a very large family. Center there seems to be a burial large enough for two, and surrounding this grave is a number of other smaller graves. Children perhaps? Each grave is dedicated to a specific person, name included. Brightening this somber piece is a number of flowers that include forget-me-nots, lilies, and orchids.
  • Banto : Hand Piece: This design stands out when compared to much of Meri's work for it is abstract in nature and consists mostly of line work. As best as one can tell, it is a series of lines in a particular pattern that seems as though they might spiral up one's hand toward their forearm. Alas, this paper is but a flat surface and this particular concept is far more impressive in the flesh.
  • Dogma  : Chest Piece: A bloodstained sword on the avain’s chest, spanning about a foot and a half in size with lettering up the blade. The lettering is not in common, making it impossible for most to decipher the word.
  • Dogma : Right Arm: A full sleeve has been done on Dogma's right arm, starting from his hand where a humanoid skull has been tattooed into his flesh, meant to represent Vakmatharas. Above that, on the forearm, is a scene dedicated to Aramoth, depicting a man wielding shield and spear and wearing a flowing red cape, slaying his opponent on the battle field. Blood from the slain opponent drips down toward the skull. The work continues up the arm even further where a piece has been dedicated to Arkhen--an elf wearing armor that glows a brilliant white. Scripture fills in any open space between each of these pictures.
  • Emilia : Right Hip: A raven that seems to be in flight has been tattooed on Emilia's right hip/thigh. Rather than designing feathers on the on the bird's chest, a rose has been incorporated into the design. The heart of the rose is white and the petals are clearly defined but toward the perimeter of said rose, white fades to gray and then to black and the petals begin to blend in with black feathers of the raven.