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The most prolific and famous mountain range in all of Lithrydel, the Xalious Mountains carve a mighty path through the lands, serving as the staggering border for various regions. On the eastern side lies Kelay Town, Larket, and the Sage Forest. On the western side, Venturil, Chartsend, and the unmapped western wilds reside. Dragons of varied species are known to inhabit the range as well, for the cliffsides are plentiful in caves, the valleys rich in water and prey, and the mountains themselves behemoth enough to provide ample protection. And it is not dragons alone that rely on this natural protection, for beneath the range is the kingdom of the dwarves, Craughmoyle, while nestled atop the peaks is the frozen territory of Frostmaw. At the foot of the mountains is thea small Xalious Village, home of the hobbit burrows and the Mage's Guild, who are considered guardians of the range, in the name of their God of Magic, Xalious. All told, the Xalious Mountain Range is inhabited by a large variety of people and creatures, with mountain passes cut into the rockface for ease of trade and travel to all.

Maps of Xalious Mountain Range

Settlements in the Xalious Mountain Range


This is a more, in depth view of the Dwarven city and what's inside it. It includes both the upper and lower layers of the city.


A massive boreal forest and arctic tundra, situated high in the Xalious Mountain Range. This is where the snowbound city of Frostmaw can be found, surrounded by sheer, icy cliffs well suited to shattering invading armies, and backed against a mighty mountain. Frostmaw is a fortress that crowns the Xalious mountains, its perimeter monumental wall of masterfully built stone and ice wide enough for troops to patrol atop. Beyond the wall is the city itself, with houses and businesses arranged in an elaborate fashion, seeming haphazard at first sight, only to reveal that winding paths and enormous homes are military defenses designed to break up and bottleneck enemy forces. Dominating the northern section of the city and partially built into the mountainside is Frostmaw Fort, a giant among already huge buildings. At present, much of the city is under repair after suffering heavy damage in the civil war. However, it is clear that the repairs include improvements as a skeletal structure of a large stable is now visible; along with scaffolds surrounding the damaged clinic, city wall, marketplace and mines.

For countless generations, the Frost Giants have called this harsh, frigid environment their home. They consider themselves masters of war, fierce fighters born and raised in an unforgiving land, devoted worshippers of the God of War, Aramoth, they bow to none but the stronger--their leader.

Realms of Chaos


Schezerade, the youngest of the avian cities, and one of the only ones still soaring high while populated with people. It boasts an academy, temples, gladiatorial arena, bank, gardens, tavern, hot springs, and even a bazaar filled with exotic clothing, animals, plants, and items. The city is opulent, its inhabitants proudly displaying their craftsmanship to visitors from cobblestone to the eaves of building, all rich and well-built. Like a guardian, Schezerade hovers not far from the Xalious Village, and can be reached via magical teleporter from the nearby meadow.

Xalious Village

One of Hollow's smallest settlements, Xalious includes the village itself and the neighboring hobbit burrows. The northern half of the village is nestled into the stony Xalious mountain range. Here you will find the Mage's Guild tower and library, The Dancing Destrier tavern, and town well. As the village slopes southward pastures turn green, open up into farmland, a large park, and the Hobbit burrows.

Clans with HQ's in Xalious Mountains

Clan Name Headquarter's Name
None Listed ---

Training Areas in Xalious Mountains

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Mage's Training Center Mage

Skill Areas in Xalious Mountains

Economic Area Economic Activity
Cave -Xalious Mountains Mining
Mines -Craughmoyle Mining

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