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Jaxson Ravencroft

  • Titles: Lord Ravencroft, Chosen of the Storm*
  • Position: Head of House Ravencroft, Owner of the Alystrian Cigar Lounge and Emporium
  • Race: Human {Altered***}
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 34 {D.O.B Dec 31}
  • Height: 6’2
  • Eyes: A radiant shade of blue that darkens to a stormy grey
  • Hair: Typically a dirty blonde at the height of the warmer months, darkening to a brown in the colder.
  • Skin: Tanned due to living in a coastal city and having travelled abroad for so many years.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Political Status: Citizen of Cenril
  • Guild Status: Currently none.


OOC Notes:

Things marked by *** are subject to ic heavy standards, to include the knowledge thereof. Most do not know (To include Jax himself) things that will come to be exposed, discovered or revealed in some manner through rp.