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One of Hollow's smallest settlements, Xalious includes the village itself and the neighboring Halfling Burrows. The northern half of the village is nestled into the stony Xalious mountain range. Here you will find the Mage's Guild tower and library, The Dancing Destrier tavern, and town well. As the village slopes southward pastures turn green, open up into farmland, a large park, and the Halfling Burrows.

Due to its location, it is physically impossible for the village to grow more than half its current size. It is surrounded by rough terrain to the north, west, and east, and the kingdom of Enchantment butts up against the village's grassy border to the south and southeast.

Following the main road to the south connects Xalious to Craughmoyle; to the north, Craughmoyle again and Frostmaw; and to the south and east, Enchantment and Kelay-Sage. In the meadow, look up and wave at the avians in Schezerade!

History and Politics

The village of Xalious cropped up around the Mage's Guild Tower in response to the large institution's resource needs: housing for members, food and water, shops and places to kick up one's feet. From these humble beginnings as no more than a rest-stop for travelers, the village blossomed into a small but thriving community with an economy beyond the needs of the tower.

The informal settlement process meant that a government was never formalized. Thus the Mage's Guild is the de facto power in the village, despite the fact it does not promote the interests of all villagers. When asked "Who's in charge here?" most villagers would shrug, and perhaps at most guess, "The Guild?"

Despite this informal government, it's possible to name Xalious Village's allies, referred to in this table.

Culture and Society

The townspeople are divided into two groups, with some overlap: Mage's Guild members, and farmers and traders.

Small-town gossip runs amok. No scandal stays buried for long, and families are referred to in the collective: The Delicates, the Hablebottoms, and so forth. Visitors are greeted like tourists, which is to say kindly and politely but rarely invited into homes. Tavern entertainment is The Entertainment, a point best exemplified by the fact that despite its small size the village has not one but three taverns.


Residents more or less know each other with varying degrees of intimacy, thus players behind Xalious residents should familiarize themselves with the list of Xalious Residents.

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The local paper is the Prestidigitation Post, posted at The Dancing Destrier.

Economy and Shops

Xalious Village has two main economic engines: the Mage's Guild and the village's role as a trade port. Because of its location, the village connects cities east and west of the mountains, (as well as up and down to Frostmaw and Craughmoyle respectively). A majority of wares traded across the continent pass through Xalious. For this reason, the Merchant's Guild is also a friend to the village.

Agriculture provides a third, smaller industry, which employees the majority of non-mage's-guild residents, yet their combined efforts come in third when it comes to economic value.

Shop Name Goods Sold
The Dancing Destrier Food & Drinks
The Jester's Gambit Food & Drinks
The Foxburr Food & Drink & Misc Items
Fin's Fantastic Emporium Armor
Fin's Five-and-Dime Familiars Pets
Hablebottom's Pets Pets
Merchant's Corner Miscellaneous
Rose's Dirtworks Food
Took's Thrift of Tinkers Toys

Clans and Guilds HQs in Xalious Village

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