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This area is the central section of Hollow. it is home to the famous Kelay Tavern, which is run by Mesthak the dwarf. All new players start in Kelay tavern.

Recent Events

  • March 7
    • One of the few pockets of Elves which remain in Sage after the Drow-Elf war has been savagely butchered. Corpses were left discarded where they stood, horror evident on every face, terror in the glassy remnants of their eyes. The bodies themselves seem to have been devoured beyond the normal blood-dry that happens when vampires feast, some were even torn entirely apart, like they were set upon by ravenous beasts. None know who is responsible, though rumours from both Vailkrin and Kelay speak of two terrifying monsters which travelled through the cities, slaying any foolish enough to get in their way. Which could well explain the many bodies left to die in the streets. The only one who got a good look was a poor traveller who had his spine shattered... he doesn't have long to live, but he could be the only one with any information on what caused so many to share such a horrific fate...

Maps of Kelay-Sage Area

Maps of the Enchanted Kingdom

Settlements in Kelay-Sage

Settlement Name Main Race
Town of Kelay Elf & Human
The Enchanted Kingdom Pixie, Dryad & Gnome
Sage Forest Elf & Dryad
Taylebeck Jersher

Geographical Areas of Kelay-Sage

Kelay Town

Kelay Banner

The most famous part of the land, and a dwarf town. Nestled between three large cities, Kelay is a rest spot for many who travel from Xalious, to Cenril and even to Larket. All walks of life can be found in this town, from the largest of Dragons, to the tinest of Gnomes. Sage forest lies to the North and South.

Sage Forest

A rather large forest with a village established in the middle, Kelay. Sage also has a tiny city within it, Enchantment, and a city under the water called Taylebeck. Springs and creeks and rivers and even pods inhabit this forest as well as a spot for fishing and an elven society that has recently been banished.

Kingdom of Enchantment

A tiny civilization nestled in the tree tops and ground near the Southern most part of Sage Forest and separated from the forest proper by the defensive magics of the Enchanted Gateway. It is the city of pixies and various other creatures. Ruled by a Queen, this wonderous place seems to be at a constant peace, and enjoyment.


The city of Jersher's the amphibian people. This is a totally different place from the rest of the cities within the world of Hollow. Brightly colored inhabitant live here, making a living from creatures and items that would be strange and weird to those who are not native to this watery city.

Shops in Kelay-Sage

Shop Name Goods Sold
Kelay Tavern Kelay - Food & Drinks
Kelay Trading Post Kelay - Armour, Weapons & Misc
Kelay Shop Kelay - Armour, Weapons & Misc
Odd Watering Hole Kelay - Fishing Supplies
Restaurant Kelay - Food & Drinks
Magic Herb Shop Sage Forest - Restore Items
Flower Shop Sage Forest - Flowers
Kelay Healer Sage Forest - Healing Services
Ancient Oak Tree Sage Forest - Wedding Supplies
Enchantment Market Enchantment - Women's Clothing
The Flower Shop Enchantment - Flowers
Enchantment Apothecary Enchantment - Restore Items & Misc
Kelay Town Square Kelay - Armour
Herb Specialist Enchantment - Restore Items
Enchantment Armory Enchantment - Armor

Player Owned Shops

Shop Name Goods Sold Goods Sold
Grassy Knoll Market Herbs/Potion, Preklek and Chaos Items Tavern:1s 3e 2s

Clans with HQ's in Kelay-Sage

Clan Name Headquarter's Name
The Temple Temple Sanctuary
The Fold The Fold Clan Compound, East Sage Forest

Training Areas in Kelay Sage

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Ranger Camp Ranger
Training Centre All Classes - Misc
Odd Watering Hole All - Learn Fish
Druid's Eternal Tree Druid

Economic Areas in Kelay Sage

Economic Area Economic Activity
Odd Watering Hole Fishing

Political Information About Kelay-Sage


Kelay is run by the people in a general mass congregation, no formal hierarchy exists.
  • Government Buildings:
Kelay Town Hall

Sage Forest

No political activity or organization
  • The tribes of Wood Elves and Druids that assist them run the Sage Forest
  • Archdruid of Sage - Liana

The Kingdom of Enchantment

The Kingdom of Enchantment is led by the Queen of Enchantment, currently the Pixie Thea
  • Government Buildings:
Enchanted Kingdom Castle



Other places of note in Kelay-Sage

Place of Note Function
Shinnan's Glade Wedding Venue
The Trembling Tree Kingdom of Enchantment - Sacred Tree
The Druid's Eternal Tree Kelay - Sacred Tree

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