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Recent Events

  • October 17
    • A trade deal has been finalized between Venturil and Larket. In addition, due to recent reports of crime in the outlying areas of the West, a detachment of Venturil's forces have occupied the Dead Forest.


Venturil is for the most part a wasteland of shattered buildings and long since rotted fields. It can only be reached via the Western Gate which is to the west of the Dwarven lands and the Xalious Mountains. A sparse and dead forest to the north west of this region is blight on the land and hides the Fengoth Falls. However to the south a hard working group is working away restoring the ruined town into a working city, and to lift the blight on the surrounding area. This area also houses The Throne of Dante who was a powerful vampire; also the chambers of Light, Balance and Darkness are buried deep within this land housing long since forgotten secrets.

Settlements in Venturil

Settlement Name Main Race
Venturil Human

Shops in Venturil

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Chamber of Balance Magical Weapons & Armor
Chamber of Darkness Magical Weapons & Armor
Chamber of Light Magical Weapons & Armor
Venturil Herbs Restore Items
Main Street (Tobar) Clothing & Weapons
The Fallen Star Inn Food & Drink

Player Owned Shops


Clans with HQ's in Venturil


Training Areas in Venturil


Economic Areas in Venturil


Political Information About Venturil

The area was abandoned until the province was granted to King Rheven by the Chronomancer Vuryal, of the Archmosian Empire. After the dissolution of the Archmosian Empire, it was abandoned for a short time before being reclaimed by King Rheven, who ruled it for some time afterward, before abdicating the throne. The crown was then taken up by King Eboric, who moved quickly to seize power.

Venturil also has four satellite townships called byrgs. Each township is ruled by an ealdorman who serves the King. King Eboric has been missing for some time, and rule has fallen to the ealdorman of the byrgs.

Byrg Name Ealdorman
Berendebyrg Nikolic Provenay (NPC) --Killed by Eboric--
Denubyrg Juraj Devic (NPC)
--killed by Macon--
Diernebyrg Theodor Brahe (NPC)
Aedrebyrg Calum Glas (NPC)

Other places of note in Venturil

Area of Note Function
The Lost Throne Important Landmark
Temple of Venturil Sanctuary
Venturil Clinic Restores Health & Stamina

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