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This is a more, in depth view of the Dwarven city and what's inside it. It includes both the upper and lower layers of the city.


  • August 4
    • The National Treasure the Green Rose was stolen from the Craughmoyle Treasury tonight. Any information that would lead to the recovery of the item would be greatly appreciated. For information regarding the treasure contact the city guard Thavene.

Maps of Craughmoyle

Settlements in Craughmoyle

Settlement Name Main Race
Craughmoyle Dwarf

Political Information About Craughmoyle

Dwarven King - (Pending)

Dwarven Queen - (Pending)

Council of Longbeards (The Heads of the 13 Clans)

The 13 Ruling Clans

Vorz Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Thirnar Vorz Age 527 years
Heir: Dagel Vorz Age 443 years
Players: Edrick Vorz  Thavene Vorz

The Vorz Clan boast a proud tradition of serving in the dwarven army. It is expected that when every male in the family reaches the age of apprenticeship that he is to enlist in the military and bring honor to his clan by serving the King. Law and Order are the values of this clan and all within are expected to follow the law.

Martel Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Balen Martel Age 397 Years
Heir: Lord Yurdel Martel Age 252 Years

The Martel Clan is one of the richest clans in the dwarven kingdom they use their wealth as a means to gain influence within the city by using a bread and circuses approach. They built the zoo and the music hall for craughmoyle as a display of their power. They hope to use this pull with the peasants whenever an opportunity arises for advancement.

Clawarms Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Thongar Clawarms Age 512 Years
Heir: Beval Clawarms Age 384 Years

The Clawarms Clan is an old clan that has some of the finest smiths in the kingdom. The Dwarven army uses the weapons and armor they make and this has earned them a place of respect within the halls of power for it is their keen eyes and hands that help defend the city.

Rockdigger Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Burut Rockdigger Age 543 Years
Heir: Lutgher Rockdigger Age 402 Years

The Rockdigger Clan is one of the more powerful clans within the Kingdom as they own the rights to several of the mines that keep the economy flowing. Without access to the mines this clan owns the Monarchy would collapse almost over night. Therefor when the Rockdigger clan has a problem with workers wanting to strike then you can bet the army won't be far away to enforce this clan's will.

Ironbeard Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Khondor Ironbeard Age 411 Years
Heir: Gherlan Ironbeard Age 278 Years

The Ironbeard Clan is a clan with a less rigid structure among the family. Each member of the family is free to choose their own path in life and take any occupation they desire. Due to the openess of this clan is has no strong points but also no weak points either. If there is any trouble with the law they have family within the guard. If they need access to goods they also have a couple of traders in the family.

HeavyHammer Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Delak HeavyHammer Age 579 Years
Heir: Rhagnur HeavyHammer Age 338 Years

The HeavyHammer Clan is a small Clan, but they have vast influence as they are the only clan of Runesmiths in the kingdom. The weapons and armor they make have no rival in the whole world. A Shield that can surround its holder with flames or a Hammer that shakes the very ground when it strikes, these are the things that this clan makes.

Hairfoot Clan

Head of Clan:Lord MacRaund Hairfoot Age 345 Years
Heir: MacCrunn Hairfoot Age 190 Years

The Hairfoot clan holds powerful influence over the Merchant Guild within the Kingdom. This Clan is the richest clan as it also owns the Bank of Craughmoyle. Anyone who wants to open a shop within Craughmoyle will no doubt have to negotiate with this clan.

Silvertooth Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Whurlond Silvertooth Age 301 Years
Heir: Beldrek Silvertooth Age 129 Years

The Silvertooth Clan is a family with very little honor. They use to have a high standing within the kingdom, but over the centuries their influence has wane and they have been reduced to mostly street thieves and beggars. The deeds of their ancestors grants them a seat on the Council of Longbeards but there are those who would like to see this clan removed from the council to make room for those more worthy to take their place.

Glowinghand Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Babak Glowinghand Age 524 Years
Heir: Noin GlowingHand Age 377 Years

The Glowinghand Clan is made up mostly of priest as this clan holds its devotion to Loda very seriously. It is considered a duty within the family to honor Loda in all things and that every day must be devoted to piety and devotion.

Bloodaxe Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Marar Bloodaxe Age 293 Years
Heir: Yurdut Bloodaxe Age 149 Years

The Bloodaxe Clan is known for its quick temper. Almost all of the members of this clan are always looking for a fight and as such they are watched carefully by the city guard. This clan is so blood thirsty that it will hire out its services to the highest bidder rather that be interclan skirmishes in the kingdom or fighting for a foreign power as long as the pay is good this clan will be there.

Flamefinger Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Geryaun Flamefinger Age 613 Years
Heir: Torbot Flamefinger Age 488 Years

As it is known in the world Dwarves have almost no magical ability and their bodies are very resistant to it. This clan has somehow managed to harness the power of magic though if you are to find dwarves with any magical power it would be in this clan. It is rumoured in dark corners that this clan made a deal with demons in order to obtain the magical powers they have, but none of this can be proven and thus as the only dwarven clan that has potent magics and the need to defend the kingdom, they have been given a seat on the Council of Longbeards, although they are distrusted by the other clans and secretly they have Duergar Dwarf Blood in their veins.

Inkhand Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Jurlun Inkhand Age 455 Years
Heir: [Ivengere Inkhand Age 348 Years

The Inkhand Clan is made up of several scholars and scribes. The clan is tasked with the collection and recording of the entire history of the dwarven race. They take this task very seriously as it is a clan wide ordeal. When there is a question about prescedent everyone looks to the Inkhand to use history as a ruling. Thus they have the power to remeber certain rulings over others as to lean justice towards their side.

Bearclaw Clan

Head of Clan: Lord Haulkris Bearclaw Age 448 Years
Heir: Gemlinth Bearclaw Age 329 Years

The Bearclaw clan is made up of proud warriors who take the art of martial arts very seriously. There are several monks among this family and they will teach those who wish to learn from them, but at a cost. The Bearclaw clan earned its seat on the Council by being the Kings personal guard.

Other Dwarven Clans

Silverfeet Clan

Head of Clan: Kotrolir Silverfeet 607 years of age presumed to be deceased. 
Heirs: Grakrim Silverfeet 308 years, Mastona Silverfeet, 408 years, Yursumir Silverfeet 412 years.

A family of whitesmiths, and leatherworkers, loosely related to the Silvertooth clan and Hairfoot clan with minor magical abilities rumored to have come from ancient relations to the Flamefinger. The Silverfeet have been cursed with low birth rates and high infant mortality. This with the mysterious accident destroying their main clan holdings, have left them with few numbers and even smaller influence. The clan head seat remains empty out of respect for the passed and due to being decentralized that none could claim it with out contention.

For questions about this clan, please content Prathohm

Shops in Craughmoyle

Shop Name Goods Sold
Dragon's Head Inn Food & Drink
The Green Rose Inn Food & Drink
Craughmoyle Equipments Clothing
Gherlan's Smithy Weapons
Iron Hide Armory Clothing
MacCrunn's Tobacco & Pipe Shop Miscellaneous Role Play Items
MacDuncan's Gem & Jewelry Shop Jewellry
MacOwen's Food & Supply Shop Food & Misc Items
Mining Guild Depot Pick Axe
Craughmoyle Herb Emporium Restorative items

Player Owned Shops


Economic Area Economic Activity
Mines Mining

Other places of note in Craughmoyle

All directions from Dragon's Head Inn - Craghmoyle's recall point.

Area of Note Function Directions
Bank Store money, Interest, Currency Exchange. Dragon's Head Inn- 2s, 1w, 3s, 1e, 1d, 6n, 3w, 1s, 4w, 1s, 1e.
Mines Mine for gems and minerals. Dragon's Head Inn- 2s, 1w, 3s, 1e, 1d, 6n, 3w, 4n, 1e.
Healer HP, SP, & MP restoration. Dragon's Head Inn- 2s, 1w, 3s, 1e, 1d, 6n, 3w, 1s, 2w, 1n.

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