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Not all information listed here is common knowledge.
Please do not use less-than-obvious facts or details In-Character unless it has been discovered through role play.

General Information

Known as: Leo
Name: Leoxander J. Achilles (Surname is false.)
Age: Mid-30's
Race: Human-born Lycanthrope
Class: Pirate, Rogue

Physical Appearance

You see Leoxander.

He appears to be just over six feet tall, somewhere over two-hundred lbs (+90 KG).
He has blonde (uncombed) hair and (sky) blue eyes. (See reference 'Tapetum Lucidum' for occurrences in the darkness.) His complexion is typically browned by the sun (shoulders, upper back and nose spotted in freckles) but the majority of his upper torso from neck to waistline is tattooed.
Both ears are pierced with two steel hoops in left ear, one iron stud in right.
He is wearing whatever he damn well pleases. His weapons vary from day to day.

[ Common Attire: ]

Lucky shirt (white 'wifebeater' style undershirt, stained with old blood, dirt, rips and holes)
Thick tread combat boots (A gift from Donovan.)
Loose-fitted leather pants (cinched with a belt or two.)
Black-hooded jacket (no longer marked with the graffiti skull n’ crossbones on the back)
Black dress shirt (made by Kreekitaka, worn only when formal is necessary)
Black bandit mask/assassin's face cover (drawn down around his neck when not in use)
Leather wrist cuffs (also a weapon, with short blades hidden within)
Fingerless leather gloves (what sort of rogue would he be without them?)
Blackguard Emblem (worn on his left hand over bandages or in place of)
Leather belt - steel, skull-faced buckle (hollowed out; usually containing poisons or illegal substance)
A mysterious, shadow-laced pendant (hanging but hidden on a silver chain)
Onyx crow head ring (worn on the middle finger of his left hand)
Golden hair pin (Gifted by Loravelle and weaponized with poison)

[ Scars: ]

Burn upon left palm: a mark of Hellfire. Usually covered by a bandage or black leather wrapping.
Lycanthrope bite mark on right forearm. Scarring the scorpion tattoo poised to strike.
Claw marks on the left side of his jaw, typically covered by facial hair.
A star-shaped puncture wound healed over, dangerously close to his heart.
Marked on his left shoulder. Fortunately, the letter opener was only silver plated.
Black scarring at the center of his abdomen and alongside his spine. Mathollak's handywork.
A discolored spread of a dark burn across his shoulder blade, marring one side of a vital tattoo.
An aptly named 'Achilles Heel' injury from an impressive, fanged former apprentice.
A jagged line from left shoulder blade to right lower back. Telltale signs of electrocution.
(More to come...)

[ Tattoos: ]

Tribal style 'web' - left side of his neck. (No spider included.)
'Rites of Passage' - spanning the entire upper back. (Required for certain waterways.)
Skull & Crossbones - right shoulder/biceps.
Tribal armband - right upper arm.
Striking Scorpion - right forearm. (Damaged by lycanthrope bite.)
Card Symbols ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ - top knuckles of left hand.
L U C K - top knuckles of right hand.
Tangled Crimson Snake in Thorns - left shoulder/biceps.
Nautical five-point Star - left forearm.
Eldritch Thorn - left inner wrist.
Fiery Rabbit Silhouette - right inner wrist.
Death 'calavera' Skull - chest, left pectoral.
Tribal Dragon (profile) - right lower abdomen.
Wolf and Crow - left rib area.
A small green dot along side thumb knuckle - left hand.

[ Weapons: ]

Twin Dark-Steel blades. (secured in a harness against ribs or waist.)
Throwing knives. (concealed in boot or holster.)
Black-Steel Butterfly Knife. (Usually handy in a pocket or in Loravelle's care)
Obsidian Compound Bow. (Forged by Leone)
Steel broadhead 4-blade arrows. (crow feather fletching)
Black-Iron Engraved Cutlass. (named Dead Man's Last Tale.)
Retractable-Wristblades. (hidden)
Brand of Hellfire. (concealed on the palm of his left hand)
venom-laced impact gloves. (made by Kreekitaka)
Gold floral hairpin. (A gift given some time ago, beautiful but toxic)
Vials of untraceable poisons. (disorientation, truth serum, paralysis)
Twin Maned Wolves. (in training)

[ Skills and Attributes: ]

Dexterity and Speed.
Hand-to-Hand combat.
Knife Throwing and close-range melee.
Archery: particularly sniping.
Stealth, Lockpick, Pickpocket.
Brewing and Distilling.
Leather Working/Crafting.
Art: Tattooing and Piercing.
Music: Drumming/Percussion.