Western Lands

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The lands beyond the Xalious Mountain Range are only fairly recently explored and colonized. Ranging from the blasted wastelands of the north to the fertile grasslands of the south, the Western Lands cover a wide variety of terrain. The city of Venturil is the main settlement in the area, although there is the outlying location of Chart's End. There are two major hazards of this realm: hazardous terrain in the north, with bogs, swamps and sinkholes; and dangerous monsters everywhere.

Geographic Areas of the Western Lands


The wildlands. Upon first arrival here, it seems the perfect place. Tall, golden grass, waving gently in the comfortable breeze, the sun shining warmly down, large blossoming flowers wafting sweet scents from tall trees. A lost paradise, just waiting for your arrival. But hidden in the undergrowth are creatures not seen anywhere else, huge lizard-like beasts, just waiting for you to misstep and fall into their trap.

Misshapen Lands