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She's got a story. A long one. The entirety of which she may never tell.

♠ the Present:

♠ the Past:

daughter; born a farm girl; human
sister; five younger siblings; four brothers and one sister, born after she'd left home
mother; one son, deceased; immortalized in ink
wife; still wears the Cap'n's ring
friend; carries the Row in her heart
informant; fragments of self
violinist; gifted a hand carved ivory violin
ace of spades; the stories whisper of respected fear
humanity; if the soul survives, how much can it endure?

♠ the Ink:

♠ the Portfolio:

Cal-[vin]; compass rose surrounded by decayed flesh with map beneath it; left side of chest
Alaine; playful silhouette of a fox; inside of left wrist.
Jecket; mermaid reaching up to a boat, sailor in boat reaching down; back.
Deaglan; white owl with golden eyes; back of shoulders.
Hanan; swept hilt rapier; back of neck.
Anson; twisted willow tree; Hope; inside of left arm.
Hudson; painted cribs for the twins; one floral/vine pattern, one under-the-sea motif.
Meri; swallow carrying a banner with the name 'Daine', over a field of wildflowers; inside of left wrist.
Haeli; trio of forget-me-nots in watercolor sprinkled with Stardust [gold]; right side of neck.
Samson; temporary tattoo, cartoon goldfish, Killer, complete with bubbles; right bicep

♠ Finding Home

she stands in silence in the doorway of her home // her heart just moans like broken bones

The farmhouse was a far and desperate cry from the glorious home it had once been. Built by a father and loved by a mother; the house had raised the children as much as the parents had. But the parents were poor and were given an offer they could not refuse. To settle their debts, they would give their eldest child and only daughter, Korina, to the barkeep within the city. It was negotiated and signed: a done deal. The child had seen twelve summers, the births of four brothers and the death of one. She’d watched the plants grow in harvest and wither in frost. She bore the pale skin and black hair of her mother’s heritage, looked nothing like a farmer’s daughter ought to. She was quiet, curious and watchful; eager to learn and more eager to please. The road into the city was a three days’ walk. She never looked back.

down the lane she walked, she whispered her goodbye // that’s how the girl from nowhere learned to fly

Undobe was a port city and a tourist hotspot, famous for strong drink and guilty pleasures. Law was governed by a noble ruling class and loosely rebelled against by the citizens who lived, worked and played in the shadows. The tavern’s resident entertainer, Meiko, was an elven woman who knew too much of the world and knew better how to bend any situation into her favor. She loathed Korina as a girl too young to be considered her replacement, but taught her well all the same. Meiko made clear that while they were not yet rivals within their trade, they would never be friends. From Meiko, Korina learned the all too subtle differences between being an entertainer and being a whore. She picked up an ear for the strings of the violin and tamed them well. She learned the elegance of speech and learned to control emotion at all costs. At thirteen years old, the world was dangerous, new and exciting, but she was untouchable.

She worked for more than a year in the tavern, paid off the debts of her parents and surpassed her teacher. She had no want to return home to a farm she held no love for. While she missed her family on occasion, she could scarcely recall the names of her younger siblings. Sometimes, as she’d hurry past the local temple, she prayed that they too remembered so little of her.

Her debut mark was the youngest duke of the noble families. She never asked his name. Not important. Her job was to seduce him into sharing what information he knew. And she succeeded. Nights later, the duke slipped into her room and stole from her the only thing she’d ever owned. She had been sold, yet again. Betrayed, this time, by the woman she’d come to hold some respect for.

“I warned you that we were not friends, little Kori.” Meiko cooed.
Lita learned that day that pain would be a great teacher. “Whatever he paid you, it was not nearly enough.”

for too many long years, she was captive in her soul // she may have been breathing, but her life was not her own

The city was in an uproar. The people revolted against the nobles and in their numbers they had overthrown the ruling class of governments. Fires raged against the horizon as buildings, seemingly at random, were set ablaze in protest. The manor houses of the rich and the powerful were broken into, ransacked until they were hollow testaments of a war’s fury. The nobles scattered like insects in the light, scratching for any bit of safety they could muster.

An older woman took her in when she had no place else to go. James was born in a stranger’s home and stolen from her. Only hours old, her son was whisked away into hiding alongside the noble families. Turned out the older woman she'd befriended was really the Duke's mother, who wanted only for her family's lineage to continue. Lita spent years trying to find him. More than a decade of her life spent in search of a son she’d never held. This mission brought her from the failing islands of Undobe to the port city of Rynvale, in pursuit of someone she knew only as the runner...

she’s a prisoner of the fear he’ll up and disappear // so afraid that she’ll be left alone

The runner could get his hands on things — things no one else could get to. Or so had been his reputation. The trail had gone cold for her, after all this time, and she held a vain hope that the runner might be able to change that. She’d been fighting for James for so long, she wasn’t sure she’d know how to stop. The search for James had consumed her life. The runner offered her a new light of perspective: a job.

see, she never knew why the river flowed so quickly by // how all those years could come and go

As an informant for the runner, she grew into the title Ace and soon became his partner. She found a home in Rynvale, somehow became a part of the place. She found a home with the Row, amongst the shadows she’d walked all those years ago. They’d accepted her and she was glad to be found. The cast of characters was a short list with too much meaning:

Finn; the beginning, the runner, the partner.
Alaine; the Fox, the best friend, the sister.
Terra; the mockingbird, the freedom-keeper.
Cal; the stronghold, the shadow, the smoker.
Faramond; the dancer, the player, the bad idea.
Will; the inspiration, the impossibility, the dream.
Sawyer; the sometimes friend when the pay is good.
Simon; the keeper [Barrel], he mixes a damn good drink.
Patch; the keeper [Kraken], he watches over the girls.
Leo; the artist of ink and flesh, the sometimes employer.
Hanan; the cap’n with the fancy coat and pretty ship and demon cat.

and she fits in there somewhere, too.

hold me close, you never know, if it’s the last time //

The story goes that she did find James. Four months away from Rynvale and all she would say of the trip was that she’d found him; but nothing more. And she’d found him alright, that much was true. But the years spent with his father had been too great a number. James’ mind had been poisoned by the Duke’s warped sense of morality. The meeting with her son had ended not in a midnight escape back to Rynvale, but in a fight that shocked her back into reality. A reality where, while she had given birth to a healthy boy and given him her father’s name, he was not her son.

Months later, she received word that James had died. There was no further explanation, and no name signed on the letter to say who had taken the time to send it. Included with the letter had been a sealed envelope, her name writ across the front. It had been found amongst James’ personal effects.

now she’s in the mountains, the valleys and the vales // sometimes there’s a shadow where she left that moonlight trail

James’ letter was an apology for the split lip he’d given her at their first, last, and only meeting. It was an invitation for her to go and see him, to get to know him further. The letter had taken her breath away. In time, she resigned James to being a dull ache in her heart that would remain forever with her. He was not her past and not her future. He simply was. Or had been. Letting the events of her past consume and destroy her would not change them. And so instead she threw herself into her work.

those who’ve seen her say she’s reachin’ to the sky // that’s how the girl from nowhere learned to fly

She made it back to Undobe once, some years later. Undobe was, after all this time, a ruined city of forlorn strangers. Most people had fled with the last throes of the uprising and those that had stayed had scraped together what little they could and found work at the port cities. The farther inward she went, the more the broken streets stood overgrown and empty. The people had given the city back to the earth and the earth would take it. She didn’t stay long. She made her way north along the coast, ferried to the smaller islands, the tourist districts, saw the sights for what she knew would be the last time. This was not her home. She imagined that somewhere in the distance, past her line of sight, there still sat the farmhouse she remembered. She imagined it as it always had been, flooded with people and memories too great for its walls to hold.

♠ the Writer [ooc]:

Been around a good while. I wrote as Thalia and Tari prior to Lita. Rp friendly. Always willing to help new players and jump into stories. Work, an animal rescue and life keep me away for stretches of time but I always find my way back. Can reach out via Hmail or Discord (jcXprincess#6212) if you want to say hi, get a story going or talk about ferrets.
♡ Lita has been inspired by more than a decade of amazing writers, characters and storylines. Her story is rich with passion, love and heartbreak alike and I am forever grateful for those who have helped to shape who she is. ♡

• shout-outs to the runner. to the fox and the ghost. to the cat. to the mockingbird. to the bard, the artist, the dealer. to the cap'n and the little fishy. <3 to the rowboat~ thanks. to the tattooing bastard and his mangy mutt- and Jack, too- you're missed.

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