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She's got a story. A long one. The entirety of which she may never tell.

♠ the Present:


• Jackal; flocking with familiar sorts
• business is booming at Soulskin // the pirate is featuring his artwork at the shop as well
• won a tournament! // crowned
• teaming up to revive an island
• investigating the nuances of blood pacts & rituals

artist; charcoal and ink; stains of varied colours
caretaker; a beachside villa; a gift, still loved
vampire; sired by Hanan, still learning to survive
connoisseur; partial to Simon's honeyed whiskey
wanderlust; always comes home... eventually...
bad habits;
• occasional smoker; Cal hand rolls black kreteks & Lita steals them.
• bites her lip when nervous, being coy, playful, lost in thought, etc.
• if she gives you a nickname it's probably an affection, not an insult.
• impulsive; it's usually easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

♠ the Portrayal:

~ appears to be human; pale skin, average height, early thirties ~

raven curls; either loose and untamed or braided over her shoulder
dark eyes; filled with secrets and alive with curiosity
cheshire grin; never what it seems to be and almost always disarming

• white lily and the name James tattooed across her right clavicle
• dual triquetra on the inside of her left wrist
• black spade on the inside of her right wrist
• infinity symbol featuring a lotus flower and feathers on the back of her neck
• sillhouette of a pouncing fox on the back of her left shoulder marred by old scars

attire; usually consists of a little black sundress that leaves her arms and shoulders bare; perpetually barefoot... recently gifted an anklet made with small bone charms, etched with symbols that seem to suggest a magical property... also dug an old coat from the back of her wardrobe, a dark olive number made of waterproof suede with pockets of various attributes, including being bigger on the inside (a gift from Ranok a lifetime ago).
new additions; a dagger from Svard, hidden in a sheath at her upper thigh. another from Trix, [iridescent mutated-chaos dagger] which is usually kept hidden and close at hand in the gorgeous leather bracer made by Leoxander, featuring a crow's wing extended from wrist to elbow, worn on her left forearm (also conceals a silver guild emblem recognizable to a select few)... may occasionally include a silver circlet, a thin band of filigree design worn beneath raven curls, culminating in an onyx gem at her forehead and a smaller tear shaped gem dangling below [Nightmare-Warding Iron Crown].

♠ the Nomenclature:

~ only two souls know her real name; one gone, one estranged ~

Lita; the name given to her by the Reshaen gypsies she lived and traveled with. means wildflower.
Ace of Spades; also, Ace. the persona adopted whilst working. horrible at card games.
Artist; owner of the tattoo/body mod shop in Rynvale: SoulsKin.
Jackal; seems to be creeping up to replace a previous alias as she realigns priorities.

♠ the Past:

daughter; born a farm girl; human
mother; one son, deceased; immortalized in ink
wife; sometimes still wears the Cap'n's ring [deceased, so far as anyone knows]
friend; carries the Row in her heart
informant; fragments of self
violinist; gifted a hand carved ivory violin
ace of spades; the stories whisper of respected fear
humanity; if the soul survives, how much can it endure?

♠ the Portfolio:

Cal-[vin]; compass rose surrounded by decayed flesh with map beneath it; left side of chest
Alaine; playful silhouette of a fox; inside of left wrist.
Jecket; mermaid reaching up to a boat, sailor in boat reaching down; back.
Deaglan; white owl with golden eyes; back of shoulders.
Hanan; swept hilt rapier; back of neck.
Anson; twisted willow tree; Hope; inside of left arm.
Hudson; painted cribs for the twins; one floral/vine pattern, one under-the-sea motif.
Meri; swallow carrying a banner with the name 'Daine', over a field of wildflowers; inside of left wrist.
Haeli; trio of forget-me-nots in watercolor sprinkled with Stardust [gold]; right side of neck.
Samson; temporary tattoo, cartoon goldfish, Killer, complete with bubbles; right bicep
Svard; runic sigil; back of left shoulder & the great bear; left pectoral
Loravelle; plum blossoms (the start of a floral sleeve); upper left arm
Leoxander; a wolf and a crow; left ribs & flame-themed butterfly face paint which was a hit at the Cenril Charity Bazaar
Mahri; a bare tree with the word family knotted in the roots and a secret in the branches; left forearm
Xiembantointh; a knight's helmet with rose embellishments, a tribute to his late wife; over his heart
Nortengaal; an artistic rendition of a panda, with not fire but fire; inside of forearm.
Lhyrin; skull with rubies in the eye sockets and two branches crossed beneath; Mark of Vakmatharas; back of neck.

  • makes simple temporary tattoos for most public events. can make batches of custom orders at a client's preference.
    • featured a form of body art called body marbling at the Rynvale Beach Bash

♠ Finding Home

She came to Lithrydel for the Runner. Working as an informant for him, she grew into the title Ace and soon became his partner. She found a home in Rynvale, somehow became a part of the place. A part of the Row, amongst the shadows she’d walked all those years ago. They’d accepted her and she was glad to be found. The cast of characters was a short list with too much meaning:

Finn; the beginning, the runner, the partner.
Alaine; the Fox, the best friend, the sister.
Terra; the mockingbird, the freedom-keeper.
Cal; the stronghold, the shadow, the smoker.
Will; the inspiration, the impossibility, the dream.
Leo; the artist of ink and flesh, the sometimes employer.
Hanan; the cap’n with the fancy coat, pretty ship and demon cat.

♠ the Writer [ooc]:

Been around a good while. I wrote as Thalia and Tari prior to Lita. Rp friendly. Always willing to help new players and jump into stories. Work, an animal rescue and life keep me away for stretches of time but I always find my way back. Can reach out via Hmail or Discord (jcXprincess#6212) if you want to say hi, get a story going or talk about ferrets.
♡ Lita has been inspired by more than a decade of amazing writers, characters and storylines. Her story is rich with passion, love and heartbreak alike and I am forever grateful for those who have helped to shape who she is. ♡

• Hanan gets special cred for these:
"A wild Terra appears! 1337amon, I choose you! Use leer!"
"Hanan found Lita in one of those claw machines. She was stuck."

• Will, for being the Gambit to my Rogue.

• Deaglan. <3

• Meri, for helping me keep Lita's dreams alive.

• Hudson/Samson is a bad influence.

• Leo, Lora, Mahri ~ for being Lita's sense of family.

• Special thanks to Finn, Alaine and the Row, without whom this character would not have been created.

• To any and all who have helped to shape Li's story over the last decade and then some. ~<3