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One of Hollow's less influential districts with a medium sized population and a medium area. The uncivilized humans and orcs call this area home. This area also includes the southern desert, east of Gualon. The area in the southwestern zones of the swamp region has been renamed New Gualon, the city housed within a great wall and the streets returned to splendour. Now a trade-focused city, the leaders and city guards promote and enforce racial integration, the real hub of the area now purged of barbarians who now inhabit the swamp.

Settlements in Gualon

Settlement Name Main Race
Gualon Orc, Ogre, Human
Nameless Desert Uninhabited

Political Information About Gualon

Gualon is ruled by a Tribal Federation, wherein a central figure rules over a confederation of tribes, each functioning with a degree of internal autonomy, although they are bound by the central leader's authority.

Current Leader:

The orcs choose a Champion from their own, and the Champion is responsible for seeing that the orcs are represented in the government body. The Champion is also responsible for meeting with the governing authority to discuss the needs of the orc population. When there is no Champion, the Orc Chieftain assumes the title.

Current Champion:

  • Riquor (NPC Chieftain, eldest son of the late Sirroc)

Past Champions:

Orc Tribes

Since Gualon is a Tribal Federation, the orcs tend to police themselves, dealing with internal politics without interference from the city government. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If a human is harmed, the orc is responsible to the city judicial system. Also, an orc may bypass the tribal court of his brethren and ask for a trial in Gualon's court for grievous offenses (such as murder in the name of self defense). There are five main tribes that compose Gualon's orc population.

  • Rothkquin - The War Tribe
    • Tribal Chief: Riquor (NPC)
    • Known Members:
  • Gualortan - Internal Security Tribe
    • Tribal Chief: Nothrobalug
    • Known Members: Gurokhal (NPC), Besguroth (NPC)
  • Crutzin - Commerce/Construction Tribe
    • Tribal Chief: (NPC)
    • Known Members:
  • Jugriin - Hunting Tribe
    • Tribal Chief: (NPC)
    • Known Members:
  • Droghan - Shaman Tribe
    • Tribal Chief: (NPC)
    • Known Members:

Local Government Buildings

Town Meeting Hall - Northeast of the central Plaza

Governor's Estate - West of the Plaza

Political Alliances

Shops in Gualon

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Gualon City Shop Clothes, Enchanted Armor, and Jewelry
Smithy's Shop Weapons
Gualon Outfitters Lightweight Armor
Hardeep's Corner Shop Household Goods
Formerly Empty Shop Minor Armor
Gualon Grogshop Food & Drink
Dirt Road Religious and Ceremonial Items
The Fungus Brewery Fungus Beer

Clans with Headquarters in Gualon

Clan Name Location
The Eyrie City outskirts, to the north of the city
The Eldritch Cabal City outskirts, between the city and the desert

Training Areas in Gualon

Gualon Arena

  • The Gualon arena is unique in that it limits any arcane use within its bounds. It functions as a training facility for hand to hand combat, since any arcane ability is physically prohibited. The arena is also unique in that it renders any magical illusion void upon entry, thus, if you are magically disguised, that illusion will not hold in the arena.
  • The arena is known for its gladiatorial bouts, feats of brute strength on display here such as has never been seen before. Victors have risen to prominence, slaves have fought their way to freedom, and the greatest of fighters have tasted defeat within its bounds.

Economic Areas in Gualon

Economic Area Purpose
Gualon Orphanage Orphanage and Trade School
Gualon Swamps Pitch and Mortar Supply and Exportation

Other places of note in Gualon

Area of Note Function
Gualon Clinic Heals patients for a fee
Gualon Temple A place for all races and religions to worship
Gualon Stables Housing horses, and other animals commonly used in war

Residents of Gualon

Permanent Residents

Resident Position (if any)
Tristram Leader
Terra Clinic Nurse
Nothrobalug City Guard Captain

Temporary Residents

Resident Position (if any)
Krice Guest
Deaglan Resident Vagabond

Part-time Residents

Resident Position (if any)
Serrure Ghostbuster
Leone Blacksmith
Emilia Farmer
Lilyanne -
Ryder -

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