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This page outlines the current rulers of each region within Hollow, as recognised by the Administration of Hollow. Anyone listed here is viewed as the IC ruler/leader of the region and is subject to the Rules of Leadership. It is considered public knowledge that these characters are in control of their respective region, although due to conflicts which may erupt through the course of RPs or arcs, not all leaders will recognise the sovereignty of another leader. Only those who are listed on this page are recognised and official leaders of said region.

In order to allow new players to receive a fair introduction to Hollow and avoid any potential conflict over this populated area, the Administration of Hollow has deemed Kelay-Sage to be eternally neutral. The land is to be considered a safe haven to all races and is under the protection of the gods, who will only interfere if the lands of Kelay-Sage are directly threatened.

To see which of these rulers are allied to who visit Political Alliances. If you would like to learn more about the types of government within Hollow, please check out the Governments page.

If you are interested in occupying one of these vacancies, you can apply via Customs. For more information, and the correct form, check out the Rules of Leadership.

Region Ruler Government Type Deputy Leader
Kelay-Sage N/A N/A N/A
Cenril Hudson (puppet master of the NPC mayor) "Democratic" Republic *slooooow wink* Valrae (ooc deputy leader, like Hudson)
Enchantment NPC Regent - Vacant Absolute Monarchy None
Larket King Macon Absolute Monarchy None
Xalious Mountains NPC Council of Mages Magocracy None
Upper & Lower Craughmoyle NPC Regent - Vacant Absolute Monarchy None
Gualon Governor Tristram Tribal Monarchy Jacobo
Port Rynvale NPC Governor - Vacant Monarchy None
Gamorg NPC Chieftain - Vacant Tribal Monarchy None
Kregus NPC King/Queen - Vacant General Anarchy (Civil War) None
Vailkrin NPC Regent - Vacant & NPC Regent - Vacant Tribal Duarchy None
Trist'oth First Daughter of House D'Artes Gevurah Tribal Monarchy None
Venturil NPC Regent - Vacant Absolute Monarchy None
Frostmaw Queen Hildegarde Tribal Monarchy Steward Lionel
Alithrya Queen Reginae Absolute Monarchy None
Vhys NPC Regent - Vacant Duchy None
Ferminville NPC Grand Pack Master - Vacant Vassal of Vhys None
Taylebeck NPC Town Elder - Vacant Merchant Republic None
Chartsend NPC Regent - Vacant Patronage None
Schezerade Vacant Republic None