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Name: Tezzavallia

Race: Blue Dragon
Class: Mage
Sub-Class: Alchemist
Hair: Pearl white with blue roots
Hair Type: 1B
Skin: Alabaster
Eyes: Glacial Blue
Height: 5'5"
Body Type: Pear shaped


Her hair falls down half past her shoulders, the tips taking a slight upwards curl, a subtle but noticeable wave can be seen. towards the roots of her hair the pearl white would give way to a cobalt blue shade. Her head is adorned with a twin set of horns, the primary set is ram style horns that curl out from the sides of her head growing forward and up steadily, the second set grows as an offshoot of the main set, curling back along her hair line, she typically keeps those hidden as they are very sensitive to touch. she has a soft round face decorated with a smattering of periwinkle blue freckles across her alabaster cheeks. her heart shaped lips normally are a soft pink color but when she truly feels happy they will shift in color to a deep royal blue shade. Glacial blue eyes are wide and set perfectly upon her round face. her neck is thin, leading down to her lithe shoulders, her body is a subtle pear shape with her hips being wide set for a woman her size. The shoulders being home to set of wings, one of the only things she can control the size of in this form, able to shift them in size between the size of chicken wings or having a wingspan of 12'. The joints and support sections of the wings are a cobalt blue while the leathery membrane is a lighter periwinkle. Her fingernails are a soft periwinkle blue much like her freckles, the color denoting the actual color of her scales, should she take dragon form. A tail protrudes from the small of her back, the coloring at the base being alabaster but as it extends would subtly shift in shades of blue until you reach the tip where it is a deep cobalt color.


She was taken from her nest, in a raiding attack lead by a pair of red dragons. while the dragons kept the elders busy a team of human raiders stole an assortment of freshly hatched drakes and a some unhatched eggs. Tezzavallia was one of the hatchlings. Taken to a market before she knew anything of anything she was sold off as an exotic pet, to the home of a lesser human noble. Years would pass in a small enclosure alone, tossed scraps of food and tormented to perform for her owners. one day a high ranking wizard would be touring the lesser nobles compound and Tezzavallia would catch his eye. Making an offer to buy the young dragon, the lesser noble could not refuse the offer of his status better so he was forced to sell the dragon to the wizard. Tezzavallia would spend the next several years as a subject of study for the wizard, plucking off her scales and clipping at her wings for research purposes. Again years would roll by before the wizard one day came and wished to study dragon shifting abilities. Tezzavallia was made to look at a young girl and then through the prompting of pain simulators she slowly managed a form close to the human woman, though she still donned her horns tail and wings. The wizard seemed to be partial to the draconian shape as he stopped his torture. To lock her in this form he crafted a special rune gem, rendering the young dragon unconscious with a stasis spell he implanted the rune stone in the hollow of her throat, should she try and retake her dragon form the gem would deliver blinding pain directly to her nervous system, also if the stone was attempted to be removed by a novice in the art it wold choke the life from the dragon. The petty wizard figured if he couldn't have his prize test subject no one could.

The passage of the years went unmarked for the slave dragon, she had lost count of the tests and tortures she had been subjected to, in secret she had tried to shift back to her natural form but the pain in her chest had been to great she had given up, she was a broken thing in her mind, no longer a prideful dragon but a piece of property. The wizard would send his pet out to gather supplies he needed, and faithfully she would always return on time with the list of desired goods, she had been trained well. On occasion as the wizard slept the dragon would sneak into his study and thumb through the magical tomes he had, she couldn't read very well but she managed with some of the more simpler tomes. One she was intrigued by was a book on alchemy, she had even over the course of days snuck little scraps of ingredients from his lab to her little cell, there with the help of a pilfered vial and a chamber pot she managed to make a basic acid. she kept the little vial of acid with her at all times, fretting on if it would be found out, how may he hurt her then, more than once the thought to drink it crossed her tormented mind just to be done with it all. But fate had other plans, while returning from the market one days she was accosted by a human ruffian, the vile drunk man made no secret about dragging her down a side ally but no one would stop him, no one cared what fun he would have with just a slave. She struggled against him and in the fit of hands and ripping clothes the vial of acid would slip out and break in the face of her wold be attacker. screaming he fell back, the acid eating flesh, muscle and bone. Soon the screaming giving way to a sickly gurgling as the steaming puddle of red hat once was the mans head pools around his shoulders. Horrified the dragon stayed where she was until the city guard took her into custody.

Hearing what she had done the wizard wanted nothing to do with the troublesome creature, selling her to the city slave guild for a little more than what he had bought her for all those years ago. She was stripped of her slave designation and renamed Lot 12 before being dragged out onto a stage to be resold to a new master. her head hung low as she was leered at, yelled at, and teased. until it was her turn at the block, forced to her knees, her hands bound by heavy irons the bidding started. tears streamed down her face as the bids where shouted out over the crowd but then sudden a strong clear voice called out over all the rest, a bid easily triple the current highest. the auctioneer not wanting to pass up the gold quickly slammed the gavel. She had been sold to a new man, she wanted to curl up into a ball she wanted to drink her acid and die there in the block but alas she wasn't able to. still bound by chains she was leg to the docks, the man who had bought her was a sailor, at least she will get to see the ocean, a small comfort in a shattered world. she was put on the boat and lead to a cabin there her chains where attached to the bulkhead and she was left alone. shortly after she was delivered like a fresh field animal her new owner sauntered in. she bit her lip and looked at the ground. he moves to stand before her, his scent was a little different, a little off. She looked at his boots, they where fairly good quality so he was at least well off that way, then a sudden shock of utter confusion, was that a tail. her hands dropped suddenly as the sound of chains clattering on the ground. the confusion deepened, he had taken off her shackles, she was about to speak when suddenly with a soft hum and a clicking sound, the collar that marked her as a slave, the collar she had been wearing as long as she had known loosened and dropped away. Eyes dated all around before locking on the man before her, the words he spoke next would reduce the woman to tears, and if he had not caught her, a sobbing heap on the floor. "You are now free.."