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(Pronounced O-ranos)

Basic Information

Name: Odhranos Kerrigan (Previously of House Carraig An Rí)

Race: Human

Age: 31 years old. Though the early grey hair ages him.

Physical Description: At 6'2", Odhranos is a tall slender man, with a posture that belays propriety and formality, but a gentle and often smiling face that offsets this image. Regularly messy and fly-away, his once brown hair is now predominantly streaked through with strands ranging from dusky silver to pure white, lightening the overall tone of his hair, which he keeps tied into a short ponytail, or bun, depending on the activity at hand. Most curiously, the mage's eyes have undergone a change in the recent past. While the dull silvery grey remains in his left iris, it's counterpart has now taken on a curious gold sheen. A side-effect of his time spent in the Nameless Desert, some speculate. Equally curious is the ornate golden cage that he keeps at his side at all times, never letting it out of sight for more than a moment. Rumour has it that it had some fault in the mage's disappearance into the desert, but why he keeps it on him now, few can say.

Personality: "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."; Ever polite and optimistic, Odhranos' first approach in most instances is that of pleasantry and warmth. Gone is the cold, blunt utilitarian exile, wandering the backroads and forests of Lithrydel; Odhranos has softened since his appointment in the Mage's Guild. Like a kindly professor, the mage is quick to offer assistance and just as often an invite for a warm cup of tea and lively discussion. Always the academic at heart, Odhranos delights in all that the arcane and esotiric has to offer, revealing an almost childlike fascination when presented with something new and unknown.

Profession: As an Provost Esotirica of the Mage's Guild of Xalious, Odhranos' time is largely occupied with the education of the Guild's apprentices. Lecturing on the mechanics of magic and artefact analysis, Odhranos is most often found either in the lecture halls of the Mage Tower or in his office. When he is not occupied with classes, Odhranos engages in arcane research in a variety of fields, as well as assisting the higher and lower ranked members where he is required.

Alignment: "Take my word, I have no wish to harm you. But harm so much as a hair on those I hold important, and there isn't anywhere on this earth that can hide you from me". Though kindly and polite, Odhranos is Neutral Good by nature. He has a strong sense of morality, but when pushed far enough, a side of the Earth Mage emerges that can only be described as saurian in fury. An ancient rage, uncharacteristic of the calm terramancer; yet another mystery to have emerged with Odhranos from the desert.

Abilities: Odhranos specialises in the field of terramancy, the manipulation, creation and transmutation of the elements of the earth. Ranging from lithosensory capabilities, to the usage of detailed stone surrogates; if in the presence of stone, crystal, metals or earth, Odhranos is equipped with exceeding utility and combatitive force to be reckoned with. Augmenting this ability, Odhranos' golden cage provides him with a near inexhaustible supply of sand, which can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, as the mage sees fit.

Recent Events

  • Ventured into Larket Sewers with Emilia on a quest for the Adventurer's Guild, came back in a sorry state, but successful.

  • Answered Provost Esoterica Kovl's summons, was tasked with stealing a "valuable" book from her to prove his loyalty to the Guild.

  • Infiltrated the Silver's camp to retrieve the book, a scuffle broke out between the mage and the vampire, which resulted in a stalemate forced by the hidden Kovl. Both Pilar and Odh were accepted into the Guild.

  • Kidnapped by the dragon Raiez, held captive along with hundreds of mages in her cave. Escaped alongside Dominic, Khitti and Linn, but encountered a strange artefact in the dragon's hoard.

  • Was possessed by the strange entity within the artefact discovered in Raiez' hoard and was driven southeast towards the Nameless Desert. Disappeared for many months.

  • Returned from the Nameless Desert, severely incapacitated and in need of recuperation.

  • Graduated to the rank of Arcane Steward in the Mage's Guild.

  • Left on an extended sabbatical in order to finally recover from the damage inflicted during and after the Raiez Incident.

  • Returned from sabbatical, began working in the Mage's Guild as a part-time professor and researcher.

  • Assisted in the genocide of the Razurath under the order of the Guild Council and Trist'oth's Matron Gevurah.

  • Awarded the rank of Provost Esotirica for his part in the Razurath genocide, much to Odhranos' discomfort at having been involved.