Spell Blade

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Combat Style: Melee with Magic
Combat Rating: Strong
Magic Style: Enchantments, Elemental
Magic Rating: Moderate
Preferred Races:Dragon, Half Elf, Drow
Preferred Alignment: Any
Preferred Weapon(s): Any melee
Skills: Firebolt, Stunning Blow, Enchant Weapon
Skill Weapon: Melee
Skill Centers: Mage's Training Centre, Warrior's Training Ground


Spell Blades are a combination of mages and warriors, using magic to enchant weapons used in combat. All spell blades can easily enchant a blade to erupt into flame at will or emit a small aura of holy or unholy magic. Though a spell blade will not be as skilled with a blade as a warrior nor as skilled with magic as a mage, the combination of the two skills makes a spell blade a formidable opponent. The most skilled and knowledgeable of spell blades can seamlessly blend spell and steel to devastating effect, seeming almost like artists or acrobats with their uncanny quickness and ingenious use of accompanying elements.

The art of a spell blade is not as old as the that of its parented arts, having been created gradually as the two disciplines began to merge. No one is truly sure where or how the first spell blades first came about as a serious profession of combat, but the mix of magic and steel have clear origins in races that have a knack for both -- drow, vampires, elves, dragons, and humans are all known to practice both arts. Naturally, most spell blades are of those races, although exceptions have been known to exist.

Fighting Style

A spellblade usually does not know the more powerful spells of a mage, but instead adapts smaller spells with a lower casting time in a supporting manner.

For instance, a spellblade can not only make his sword erupt in a wreath of flame, but also use a simple fireball to the head of his opponent to blind or burn, leaving him open for a swift, killing stroke with his chosen weapon.

Though many spellblades are noted for their strength, their speed and intelligence comes first and foremost. Many of the spellblade's common races, such as vampires or drow, easily learn and perfect small spells ideal for close range combat. A drow facing a shielded opponent, for example, might cast a quick freezing spell upon the shield and proceed to shatter it with his weapon.

Most Spell Blades prefer to use smaller blade weapons, sometime even wielding one in each hand, so they can move around the attacks they can’t block. The Spell blade is also the neutral ground between specialized classes, with a little training one can become a magic focused class or a combat focused class.

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