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This is for your ooc knowledge only. Do not assume your character knows this. If you want to discover it ic, clear it with me first. Quintessa is only pretending to be a vampire by using necromancy to change her appearance and aura. She is not actually the rightful heir to House Dragana.Nobody except a very few, select people know that Quintessa is also the Vailkrin Slayer. Please let this knowledge reflect the way you RP with my character or arcs she is involved in. Thank you!


Name: Quintessa Dragana aka Quintessa of Black Pond
Age: 17
Birth Date: April 20th
Gender: Demigender female
Race: Paternally human, maternally hag (Changeling) 'Vampire' 
Height / Weight: [without spiked-heels] 5'8" (172 cm) / 120 lbs (54.4 kg)
Height / Weight: [wearing spiked-heels] 5'10" (178 cm) / 125 lbs (56.6 kg)
Body Type: Ecto-endomorph
Hair Color: Raven Black
Hair Type: 2A
Eye Color: Pale Blue/Golden Hazel (Heterochromia)
Class: Hex Blade
Specialty: Swordplay, Offensive Magic, Curses
Occupation: Baroness ('Rightful' Heir of House Dragana), Apprentice to Kasyr
Guild: Mage's Guild, Necromancer's Guild
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Origin: Black Pond 
Status: Active

Common Rumors:

  • Quintessa is the child of a demon or dark deity (false- but her mother is a literal monster)
  • She murdered her own father in cold blood (true- but he had it coming)
  • Quintessa sold her soul for her unnatural powers (false)
  • She poisoned her best friend's lover and then stabbed her when confronted (mixed- she poisoned her lover but she was the one who was stabbed)
  • Quintessa has a identical twin named "Twintessa" (false- that was Lanlan in disguise)
  • Quintessa has commissioned drawings of all the Mage Guild members that hang in her room. Some have lipstick marks on them. Others have darts. (mixed- she has a wanted poster of Kasyr that hangs in her room, but she doesn't own pictures of anybody else)
  • She once committed arson in Cenril (True- technically, but that was a tactical strike, not arson)
  • Quintessa had something to do with Larewen's disappearance (False- Although she has taken advantage of her absence to do as she pleases with House Dragana)