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Quintessa Dragana the Intricate Webweaver

🕸️ Ambitious | Shrewd | Diligent | Lustful | Deceitful | Wroth 🕸️


Name: Quintessa Dragana aka Quintessa of Black Pond
Title(s): Countess of the Dark Forest, Lady of House Dragana, Arcane Stewardess, Provectus Malus Acerbitor, Lieutenant, The Raven
Nickname(s): Tessa, Tess, Tessie, Quin
Age: 18
Birth Date: April 20th
Gender: Demigender female
Race: Paternally human, maternally hag (Changeling) 
Height / Weight: 5'10" (178 cm) / 142 lbs (64.5 kg)
Body Type: Ecto-endomorph
Hair Color: Raven Black
Hair Type: 2A
Eye Color: Pale Sapphire/Golden Hazel (Heterochromia)
Class: Hex Blade
Specialty: Melee Combat (Swords and Axes), Elemental Magic, Necromancy with a focus in poison making, Advanced Runology, Linguistics 
Occupation: Acerbitor (Poison & Potion Instructor), Countess of the Dark Forest 
Guild(s): Mage's Guild, Necromancer's Guild, Warrior's Guild, Rogue's Guild 
Clan: Syndicate of Shadows (Raven Rank)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Origin: Black Pond 
Relationship Status: Dating Karasu

Basic Information

Name: Quintessa of the Black Pond, Quintessa of the Dark Forest, or sometimes Quintessa Dragana

Race: Changeling

Age: 20 years old

Physical Description: Standing at 5’10’’ and weighing a mere 140lbs, Quintessa is a lanky willow of a woman, one who usually stands proud even when she does not deserve this inflated confidence. Even when Quintessa smiles, the rows of sharp teeth hidden just behind her lips fill the meeker people she encounters with dread. Her dark raven hair, chopped short to keep from getting tangled up and in the way, is styled in the ‘hime cut’ or ‘princess cut’ to perfectly frame her face. Her face in question is rather average, sporting a long, slightly upturned nose and mismatched eyes of blue and hazel, with a small birthmark visible just under her right eye. Her cheekbones are high, her jaw thin, and her long black eyelashes flutter like a dark moth’s wings. With a little bit of makeup Quintessa can transform herself into a proper beauty, but even when she does she goes through great length not to hide the scar on her face cutting into her cheek just below her left eye, one of many ‘momento mori’ the strange woman collects for her own amusement.

Personality: “A person’s worth is no greater than the worth of their ambitions.” Within those heterochromatic eyes of blue and hazel burns a flame so hot that nothing can extinguish it, a passion so powerful it compels her to do terrible things. Quintessa possesses a dangerous combination of drive and diligence, giving her the will to achieve her goals but also making her blind to those she steps on to accomplish them. She’s willing to lie, steal, or cheat to get what she needs, and she is skilled enough at fabricating a cover to get away with it. On top of this Quintessa is short tempered and impulsive, often saying or doing things in the heat of the moment that she comes to regret later. She does feel guilt for her actions, however, and she’s intelligent enough to recognize when her brazen behavior manifests into self sabotage. This often leads her to be at odds with her own aspirations, questioning when she’ll be satisfied with what she has or what exactly she’s really after in the long run. Despite all these shortcomings Quintessa is still fiercely loyal to those she cares about, willing to lay down her own life if necessary to protect them, and above all else she is absolutely dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the arcane.

Profession: Quintessa wears many hats but perhaps the one she takes the most pride in is her duty as a Countess of Vailkrin. Though she serves a vacant crown she is singularly devoted to the stability of her homeland and sometimes this means keeping that crown vacant so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Secondary to this she is highly invested in her work with the Necromancer’s Guild, so much in fact that she has found herself elevated to the much coveted teaching position as Acerbitor where she is able to showcase her skills as a poison maker and potion brewer. If these accolades weren’t enough her ambitious nature drives her to pursue other professions too, leading her to serve as an instructor for the Mage’s Guild Spellblade Corp. and an officer of the Warrior’s Guild. On top of this Quintessa has also gained quite the reputation as a duelist, placing no less than third place in both Titans of Winter tournaments she participated in.

Alignment: Placing a singular alignment is difficult to do for one such as Quintessa. She is a complicated creature of duality, constantly pulling against herself. At times she is placid and benevolent, able to show a random act of kindness or place duty above personal desire, and other times she is vicious, showing contempt and disrespect for the virtuous and noble, lying whenever convenient, and even harming innocents if it means it furthers her goals. Maintaining and ensuring her freedom and independence comes before anything else, easily overriding whatever flimsy moral code she is following at any given time. It is for this reason that Quintessa is placed in the Chaotic Neutral alignment, with the tendency to fluctuate between good and evil.

Religion: There was a point in time that Quintessa played at worshipping the gods. She’d attend an orgy dedicated to Delisha or a living sacrifice made to Vakmatharas but she never really felt anything for them. Even Daedria, whom Quintessa considered the most entertaining and reasonable of all the deities only gained aesthetic devotion from her. It is much more likely to find Quintessa haphazardly constructing altars made for more intangible subjects- or worse, things like eldritch entities that whisper dark secrets in her ear to curry favor.


IC Knowledge

Below is a list of things that someone could easily figure out about Quintessa given enough basic investigation with various NPC's

Known Equipment/Pets/Boons:

Common Rumors:

  • Quintessa is the child of a demon or dark deity (false- but her mother is a literal monster)
  • She murdered her own father in cold blood (true- but he had it coming)
  • Quintessa sold her soul for her unnatural powers (false)
  • She poisoned her best friend's lover and then stabbed her when confronted (mixed- she poisoned her lover but she was the one who was stabbed)
  • Quintessa has a identical twin named "Twintessa" (false- that was Lanlan in disguise)
  • Quintessa has commissioned drawings of all the Mage Guild members that hang in her room. Some have lipstick marks on them. Others have darts. (mixed- she has a wanted poster of Kasyr that hangs in her room, but she doesn't own pictures of anybody else)
  • She once committed arson in Cenril (true- technically, but that was a tactical strike, not arson)
  • Quintessa had something to do with Larewen's disappearance (false- Although she has taken advantage of her absence to do as she pleases with House Dragana)
  • She cheated to win in the Red Skull Arena (mixed- Her opponent Geverah cheated first, Quintessa simply returned the favor)
  • Quintessa prefers drinking Xailous Breakfast over Vailkrin Grey (true- embarrassingly enough)
  • She eats human eyeballs. (true- Quintessa loves them, in fact)
  • Quintessa smokes clove cigarettes. (mixed- She's desperately trying to quit)
  • Quintessa is harboring the Black Lotus Killer. (false- She's investigating the murders alongside the prime suspect)

Notable Scars:

Poems, Notes, and Diary Entries

Wretched Girl (early life)

14th of March,
I did it. He's gone, but somehow I thought it would be different. I've finally rid myself of my source of torment and all I can think about is how alone I am. Oh well, no use worrying about that now. There is a whole world to explore outside of the Dark Forest that I can't wait to see. Perhaps there is a place where I can figure out how to use the magic surging inside of me. Tomorrow I'll head to Kelay Way and poke about the Sage Forest a bit. Who knows? Maybe somebody there can be my teacher... 

-Excerpt from the "Diary of a Swamp Girl"

Who is this wretched girl?

With black hair greasy and eyes all mixed up

That must be Quintessa of Black Pond

With arms too gangly

With legs too thin

Why is she here?

Why does she meddle in our affairs?

Quintessa is everywhere

A bloodline as dark and twisted as the woods she came from

From east to west they tell of her misdeeds

It's better to leave her alone

Bad things happen to those who spend too much time around her

After all

Look what happened

To her father...

18th of August,
An amazing development- I've been recruited by the Mage's Guild! Magister Dyraxdiin personally oversaw my exam and was so impressed that he put word in for me to join the Necromancer's Guild as well. Larewen Dragana herself wants to be my teacher, can you believe that? I grew up in the shadows of her manor and now she's actually inviting me to stay with her while she teaches me necromancy. This is a dream come true!
Out of all the amazing people I've met since I left home, none catch my eye quite like my classmate and fellow apprentice, Karasu Tsuji. She got to grow up here, a real-life Xalious princess, among rare books and great casters, learning from the best since she could walk. Ooo, she's so lucky! She's gotta be my biggest rival so far, but she's also my best friend. None give my life drive and meaning quite like her, but one day I'll surpass her and be the greatet spell blade in the entire guild- Just wait and see!

-Excerpt from "Arh'Nuk's Chosen"

Strange Girl (the apprentice)

Who is this strange girl?

I recognize her stare

Even with black hair clean

Even with nails and face painted

She's still Quintessa of Black Pond

Even with her new sword

Even with her new clothes

She's still just a wretch

She's still a hag's daughter

She's still an abomination

Who is Quintessa?

An apprentice of mages

A practitioner of dark magic

Someone who shouldn't be trusted

Someone twisted

Something unnatural

After all

Look how far she's come

In such

A short


22nd of October,
I expected the final battle to be bloody but I'm still piecing together what I witnessed. Reports from Master Kasyr collaborate with the reports on the ground; The Razurath killed themselves down to the last woman and child. On the battlefield it was no better as the flames of chaos grew in the melee. The Drows' bloodlust rivaled my own as we cut down foe after foe together, not yet realizing the trap we were walking into. With Aetherclaw's death came the trigger of magic and the most powerful sphere of annihilation I've ever seen manifested before our eyes. They were using necromancy! The horror and fear of the innocents sacrificed for this spell reverberated from the center like a nest of hornets, buzzing with agony. And then... Luffy. She was too slow to make it out in time and the sphere shredded her to pieces. I've never felt so heartbroken before... Master Kasyr is supposed to stop by House Dragana later... maybe together we can make sense of all of this...

-Excerpt from "A Hex Blade's War Journal"

Pretentious Girl (the baroness)

2nd of February,
Xicotl is a slippery bastard but he's left breadcrumbs for me everywhere. Athis, the Coalition of Chrome, the Belghaxian Reach, the Xin Akashi, and the Order of the Third Moon... How have so many civilizations come and gone without contemporary scholars learning about them? There are many secrets out there that are just waiting to be explored and I reckon that's how I'll attain true power. 
Too long have I held myself back from learning forbidden knowledge but this recent mission has opened my eyes to the truth- No knowledge should be forbidden. That's just bullocks that the old men at he Mage's College tell you when they think you have too much potential. Had we been learning about Xicotl all along we would be ready for him now but no more! If nobody else will do what it takes for the security of Lithrydel then I must take this burden upon my own shoulders. I will not stand by and watch what happened to the Razurath happen to me, not while I can still resist. Better to die with my boots on than lie down and die like a dog, and while my mind is still sharp I will use it as a weapon for the Warrior's Guild. They can count on that.

-Excerpt from "Quintessa Dragana's Notes on Xicotl"

Who is this pretentious girl?

Making claims to baronies and titles undeserving

That's Quintessa of Black Pond

Quintessa Dragana now

The Monster of the Dark Forest

The swordsman who wields curses

The dangerous creature that haunts the house

What makes her think she's fit to lead?

She's still a wretch of a baroness

She's still a neophyte of a spell-weaver

An upstart sell-sword playing at politics

Does she have what it takes?

Or will the vampire houses

Bleed her


21st of April,
At first I thought it was just paranoia but since my 18th name day it's been worse. The whispers that had all fallen silent have returned to a deafening volume. The daily itching on the back of my mind has become a glaring irritation that nothing will soothe. Even in my dreams she haunts me and I know deep down who the night hag who rides my back until morning is... My mother. 
She's been watching me all along, I just know it, and now she's come to lure me in with her call. But what can she want with me? Is she beckoning me home to fulfill my potential as an Unseelie or is this simply a siren's call? Will my mother snap her jaws around my neck the moment I poke my head through the rabbit hole? 
I don't know. Nothing makes sense anymore. Even my normal research has been slowed as the whispers distract me, pulling me from my duties. I've worked too hard for too long for some disembodied voice to ruin it now, but what if I'm passing up my destiny? I'm not sure how much longer I can resist the lure of the unknown, but I can't let everybody down. I have to finish my work here in Venturil first and then perhaps I can go off looking for 'Mummy'...

-Excerpt from the "Diary of a Teenaged Baroness"

Restless Girl (the countess)

Who is this restless girl?

Does she ever stop?

What drives a woman so young

Into the clutches of such sinister ambitions?

That’s Quintessa Dragana

Haven’t you heard?

She’s a rising star

A mistress of lore

An intricate web-weaver with a venomous bite

Can I trust a person with such a checkered reputation?

She’s a cut-throat

A shameless seductress

How can we know if we are being deceived?

You can trust in the Countess’s actions

You can bet that she’s smarter than you too

But most importantly

You can count on her wroth

Her bloodlust

Her unhesitating violence against those who slight her

So be careful

If Quintessa hears you spreading rumors