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Basic Information

Name: Dyraxdiin (Die-Racks-Dee-In)

Race: Pure Great Gray Wyrm

  • Sonic breath attack
  • Six wings - four limbs - a tail
  • Strong against - Psychic attacks, Sonic attacks
  • Weak against - Holy and Unholy attacks

Sex: Male

Age: 71,254

Class: Mage

Marital Status: Widower

Family: All Presumed Deceased

  • Father - Irrosyx (Ear-Row-Six)
  • Mother - Ani'Ra (Aw-Nee-Rah)
  • Brother - Maldryxiin (Mall-Drix-ee-In)
    • Sister-In-Law - Brynhilde (Brin-Hill-Duh)
  • Sister - Isharuviin (Ish-Are-oo-Vee-In}
  • Wife - Ovicelas (Oh-Vitch-Ell-Aws)

At a Glance

Eyes: Aegean blue in any form, unless stated otherwise

Hair: Walnut brown, long and typically tied back with a few stray strands that hang down, framing his square features

Skin: Sun-kissed in most humanoid forms

Scales: Slate gray

Horns: Vanilla, approaching flax in color - yellowing due to age

Apparel: Clothed like a typical Battle Mage

  • Ensorcelled Mithril Half Plate
    • This armor is low-profile and looks almost geometric in it's exaggerated, flat shapes and sharp edges. It's sheen is a grayed, off-white color, with an almost mirror-like quality. The front left of the breastplate has neat, engraved Saurian writing. It lists the names of every Arbiter that wore the armor before Dyraxdiin - the list is short, given Dyraxdiin is only a few generations younger than the established Order of Arbiters. The full set includes: a small breastplate, spaulders, vambraces, blackened leather and mithril chain tasset, and greaves. He wears blackened leathers beneath this set. He, and those that wore it before him, have imprinted some of their magic in the metal, making it mana-rich and highly susceptible to self-enchantment. Dyraxdiin harnesses this to various effects such as reshaping the metal when he transforms, or imbuing it with further resilience. Mostly it is used to make the mithril plate even lighter than it already is. While his Saurian strength is lent to humanoid forms to some degree, he finds it a nuisance to wear at all times - but does so as an old habit.
  • Gray Half Robes
    • His robes are a slate gray, close to the color of his scales. Worn over his armor, save for the spaulders, it is close in appearance to a hooded, sleeveless surcoat - long and flowing, of fine enchanted wool. It resists most rips, tears and dirt/stains.
  • Xalious Wood Staff
    • A long, thin, unadorned rod that he stained black. It was hewn from the Xalious Tree itself and shaped to Dyraxdiin's preference. He typically does not carry this on his person and chooses to conjure it from an undisclosed location when he feels that he needs a boost to his magical might.

Background Information

Common Knowledge (OK to know IC): Dyraxdiin is a gray dragon - while this may be obvious now, he spent the first few years after waking from slumber disguised as a human. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that he is ancient, but his exact age is kept from most people. It is also well-known by now that he was put into a cursed slumber by an unknown assailant back in the time of the Saurian Wars. He is a high-ranking member of the Mage's Guild and is frequently found there, studying, teaching and practicing the arcane. Any hopeful Mage's Guild apprentice is directed to him for entrance to the guild. His time before slumber was spent in service to the Saurian Empire as a figure termed an 'Arbiter'. What this is, is not widely known.

Not Common Knowledge (Not OK to know, unless told IC): Dyraxdiin served as an Arbiter for the Saurian Empire - an embodiment of law. He acted as judge, jury and executioner. He would settle disputes, herald new law and travel with dignitaries as a 'moral' guide. The presence of an Arbiter was required for most things, including war - so as to keep Dragon-kind in check. Dyraxdiin, along with a few other Arbiters, watched over the ritual creation of the Red Brood. After their creation, Dyraxdiin's brother and sister were captured by the Dwarves and presumably killed. Dyraxdiin, his wife Ovicelas, Brynhilde and several other dragons stormed the Dwarven kingdom following the presumed death of his siblings. The trio was separated in the ensuing chaos, which resulted in Dyraxdiin being subdued and put to sleep as a fate worse than death. Since then, he has reconnected with Brynhilde, who was similarly put to sleep, deep beneath the Xalious range. Dyraxdiin hopes against hope that Ovicelas managed to survive, but has ultimately been unable to ascertain her fate. As for his parents, Dyraxdiin assumes they were killed or died long ago. No trace of them has been found.