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Schools of Magic

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Magic is much more complicated for most people than simply being a mage or a mundane. Magic is studied in different ways by different types of magic users. The magic using main classes of Hollow are:

However other classes do use small amounts of magic, usually of a very specialized nature.

Magic can be split into four groups, The Arcane, The Divine, The Natural and The Chaotic.

The Arcane

The arcane group is the most common variety of magic and it is the magic that is studied. Mages who are arcane will eventually become very learned wizards. This variety is not separated from the other varieties by its source but by the method which is learned and employed. Arcane magic must be learned by the caster and remembered, spells are usually cast via words of power and motions of the hand that bring the powers of magic to the mage and are than directed to their use. Wizards, Necromancers, Illusionists etc are therefore considered arcane magic users. People who use this magic without learning it are not uncommon these people are usually called sorcerers and their magic often is very strong and very unstable.

Schools of Arcane Magic

The Divine

This kind of magic is distinguished by its source. All divine magic comes from a higher plane than the caster and its use is allowed by a divine creature such as a God either good or evil. Divine magic is the hardest magic to wield but using the power of the Gods can be very beneficial to the user. Death Knights, Paladins and Priests mainly use divine magic as it is granted to them by the Gods of Light and Dark.

Schools of Divine Magic

  • Light
  • Dark

The Natural

Natural magic saturated all things and almost all magic is in part considered natural. Natural magic on its own however is the power of nature and the natural world. It can be learned or granted to the user. This type of magic is mainly used by druids and to lesser extent rangers. However due to its very natural existence is also the power employed by the races of the forest such as the elves and pixies.

The Chaotic

The chaotic magic is the opposite of the Natural variety. The most learned elves call it 'the power that should not be'. At some point near the beginning of existence there was a schism that created dozens of realities and a void between them. Beyond the emptiness of the void is the great chaos. Chaos is a place where all realities, time, space, matter and indeed all things exist at once, it is madness incarnate and has a destructive power all its own. Chaos magic corrupts and destroys all that is natural; Even the user over time becomes twisted and weird. This type of magic is usually employed by those aligned with the powers of chaos such as chaos sorcerers and warlocks.

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