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Name: Daath of House D'Artes
Age: 480 
Born in: Trist'Oth
Race: Drow Noble 
Class: Thanatos Dominus 
Eyes: Deep Scarlet 
Hair: Long Straight White 
Skin: smooth ebon 
Height: 5'4" 
Weight: 129 lbs  
Marital Status: Married to Gevurah
Alignment: Neutral Evil 
Political Status: High Ranking Mage Guild and Necro Guild member, as well as tied to House D'Artes
Clan Status: N/A at this time 
Guild Status: Magister in the Mage's Guild, Former Thanatos Dominus  in the Necromancer's Guild


Noble.. Proud...Dangerous. These are but a few words that describe the House Mage of D'Jiv'undus. Long locks of snow white hair frame a face that is devilishly charming, while eyes of a deep scarlet hue peer out, judging and always watching. The mage is a capable foe, having survived two centuries in the underdark. Having gathered a keen knowledge of Necromancy and some advanced arcane magic, the drow seeks other goals. He is always garbed in a robe tailored from the rare silk milked from spiders native to the underdark. Runes are etched about the fabric, holding unknown power. The Xalious-Wood Staff he carries with him is now topped with a crystal left behind by the Forsaken Elf Knelltic. The magical implement seems to be withering away, due to the increase of necrotic energy being used..


Daath possesses a number of unique items/features including:

  • Arsenal of Necromantic Spells

- Daath has mastered several spells that will prove most dangerous for any whom wish him harm, these dark incantations and wards were learned from the Forsaken Book of the Dead, when the dark elf had the ancient and mythical tome in his possession.

- A long wooden staff which has been magically harvested from the Xalious tree itself with particular care to ensure its powerful arcane forces are retained within the wood. The metamagical features of this rare object ensure a clean and uninterrupted flow of force as the mage channels them through the implement. Such relic also enables entrance to the Mage's Guild Headquarters. The relic is usually not seen on his person, but appears within his grasp upon command.

  • D'Jiv'undus House Insignia

- A magical insignia which bears the name and crest of his Drow family, gifted to him upon reaching adulthood. The insignia holds many enchantments bestowed upon the drow by his noble birth.