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The Tid-Bits

  • Name: Dezerae. Point blank.
  • Feline (Revived).
  • In her mid 20's.
  • Shy beyond belief. Accustomed to stranger danger.
  • Has revisited Hollow.
  • Can no longer use magic.
  • Feels stranded.
What does she look like?

Be sure not to miss the feline, since she's rather short for her age. Still, she stands at a proud five foot two, amounting up to 125 in weight. First, if meeting for the first time, you'd see those eyes since they'd be directed to you with the same intensity. Crimson, the color of fresh blood, with a faint tint of brown. An odd color. A few shades off would be her hair, a lighter red, more scarlet than anything. It cascades over a shoulder, usually in a braid, or hangs behind her in a lazily made ponytail. Errant strands that refuse to remain stationed are frequent and a constant annoyance for this small woman. At first glance, you'd not be able to tell that this little lady had a figure, because of the oversized clothing she wears. Robes that match her hair, boots that are suited for a man, trousers that can only be held up with a belt, and a loose dress shirt that is usually hidden. Best attire for wandering the forest and running around. At the sea, however, is a completely different story. When frolicking on the beach, the woman is bikini-clad, showing as much skin as is appropriate. An adept swimmer, the lack of heavy clothing helps her glide through the tide. A cat that likes water? Weird. Like other feline humanoids, the woman has naturally sharpened nails and a scarlet tail that matches her hair perfectly (tail is usually hidden by her robes). But, what she lacks are the ears, left with dully pointed structures, like a failed elf, and the ability to transform into her feline state. Such inhibitions do not bother the woman; she couldn't care less.


  • Detailed Scorpion - Back of the right shoulder
  • Grayed Out Flame - Outside of left ankle
  • A black and white illustration of eldest pet, Stranger - Left upper bicep