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Only I will decide how I will use my powers.
sɐɹɐɥʇɐɯʞɐΛ ɹoıʌɐs puɐ pɹol ɹno oʇ ǝq ǝsıɐɹԀ


Name: Karasu Tsuji of the Swiftclaw Tribe
Title(s): Arcane Stewardess
Age: 19
Birth Date: August 13th ♌
Gender: Cisgender female
Race: Paternally human, maternally felyne
Height: 4'7" (140 cm) [halfling form] | 5'1" (153 cm) [human form] 
Weight: 98 lbs (44.5 kg) [without armor] | 130 lbs (58.9 kg) [with armor]
Hair Color: Dark Indigo
Eye Color: Hot Pink
Class: Spell Blade
Specialty: Swordplay, barrier-based spells, slight affinity for fire
Occupation: Informant
Guild: Mage's Guild (Arcane Stewardess)
Clan: Syndicate of Shadows (Whisper Rank)
Alignment: Chaotic
Origin: Xalious Village
Relationship Status: Dating Quintessa

Fun note: Text in this color is a trait shared with her half-sister!


🐱 Relations

Birthplace: Southern Xalious
Family: Kaaname Tsuji (Father), Futsuka Swiftclaw (Aunt), Kanna (half-sister)
Current Residence: An undisclosed location in the Kelay-Sage forest.
Lover: Quintessa
Friends: Magikrios | Odhranos | Zahrani | Dyraxdiin | Natianara | Raphaline (Songbird)
Definitely Not Friends: Lanlan (for animal cruelty)
Enemies: Rinn (for throwing a punch at her husband) | Einn (for trying to eat her)
Pets/Familiars: to be updated as soon as I find a way to RP this owlbear into existence

🐾 Appearance

Face Type: Diamond
Skin Tone: A pale, slightly golden color such as wheat or sand, with olive undertones
Complexion: Dark tan and brown freckles dot her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.
Eye Color: Rhodolite
Hair Color: Midnight Blue-Violet
Hairstyle: 3A type | Falls down to the small of her back | Her fringe curls over her left eye
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Slender, but muscular
Gait: Smooth and brisk, despite her short strides. Even if sightseeing, she walks with the gait of someone with a destination in mind.
Senses: As sharp as the average feline, only due to training.

🐱 Miscellaneous

Closet Hobby: Reading novels in place of arcane texts.
Comparison: Karasu is partly based on the Japanese Iriomote Cat, a critically endangered wildcat. In line with what is known about this animal, Karasu's favorite foods are pork, crab, and on rare occasions, fermin, which she does not consider to be a sentient species. She is also quite cranky when made to participate in midday activities, since she is naturally a night owl.
Vice: Pride | Greed | Gluttony | Lust | Envy | Sloth | Wrath
Virtue: Patience | Diligence | Chastity | Temperance | Charity | Kindness | Humility

🐾 Equipment (descriptions here until custom creation and wiki pages done)

Sagaribana -- A sword that appears to be an amalgamation of the heirloom silver-wrought katanas bestowed upon her by her father and the Mage's Guild. The former twin katanas had shattered on impact during a battle. The shards were collected and brought to an unknown blacksmith to be reforged. On command, the sword separates into seven individual blades. These blades can be held together by a tether of what appears to be dark magic, or thrown individually. The pieces appear to be able to be summoned back to her from up to 50 feet away.
Twin Dark Steel Daggers
Compass of Determination -- A golden compass with a single red gemstone in the center. When opened, an arrow made of light points its holder towards the object of one's desire, whether the user knows what it is or not. On the inside of the top is an engraving that reads "1 of 7", and the mark of the Mage's Guild.
Rune-Jaguar Invisibility Cloak -- The pelt of a rare jaguar with runes in place of spots. With the utterance of the right spell, the wearer becomes invisible to most eyes. Immune to Drow.
Feather-Heeled Pliable Boots -- Crafted with the feathers of a rare Rynvalian bird, these heels leave no footprints nor make any sound when the inlaid spell is activated.
Shapeshifter-Aid Amulet -- A gift from Magik upon entry to his "circle of trust", the amulet currently takes form of an unassuming garnet heart on a thin gold chain.


[To be updated with the creation of the <name pending> Arc]

W͘͠ḩ͞a̢͜҉t҉͟ ͟͝͏ǵ̕͘ò̵̷͢ơ͡d̴͘͜͞ ̨͝c̡͞͞҉̀a̵̧͘̕͝n̕ ̷̸͜c͢o҉͏͝͠m̢̢͡e̶҉ ̨͝t̸̡͘ǫ̷ ͝͏t̢̧͜͞͞ḩ̡͝e̶̴ ̕͏t̷͝r̷̢̡̀̀į̷̛b̴͝é͠ ̵̧͡f̸́͘͟͝r̡̨̛͢o̵̧͠m̴̸͝ ̷̴̀͢ą͟ ͞͡ć̡͘͜͠ų̨̨͝͡ŗ̶̛͠s͏̡́͜ȩ͘d͢͏̴҉̀ ̨͟l̶̡̡͝i̶͠͏t̶̡̡̛͝t̡͢l̵̨̕͘e̸͡ ͜͞h́͜a̧͘͟͡l̴͜f̶̨͘͝-̸͠b̷͢r͏͜e̸͜͠e̸d͟͞?͜͏͢͟

Memories of the Southern Xalious feline tribe are far and few between, but the words of the leader to a kitten with deformed both human ears and smaller-than-average cat ears and her mother have stuck like leeches that refuse to be pulled off. Multiple pairs of slitted eyes from the trees would regard her and Karasu knew exactly what she was: a mistake amongst her kind. Her human father assured her otherwise as he brushed her unruly curls to hide the deformities, and to hide the birthmark that plagued her. Her own hazel eyes would stare around at his office in the Mage's Tower as he graded papers, as students would come inside and admire his walking, talking, half-kitten decoration before asking him questions. Other humans, when out of sight of the teachers, would grab her hair and yank it out of the way to get a glimpse of her "freak show" human ears. Among humans her age, she was little more than a spectacle. Unfortunate incidents among the increasing population of students at the Mage's Tower were swept under the proverbial rug. Promises would always be made to the appropriate authorities involved that Karasu was just a child and was still learning her powers and would be restrained. This had always been part of the Provost Esoterica's plan.

The First

Unable to find a Master among the lower ranks, childlike Karasu threw a tantrum and caught the attention of a Magister Templi who accepted her as his apprentice. Not too long after her admission and assisting with another entrance exam, Karasu and a fellow apprentice came upon an dragon poaching crew, or what was left of it, and a dying red dragon attempting to use the last of her strength to protect the last of her brood. The dragon, who passed away unnamed, bequeathed her child to the Mage's Guild to protect him. Karasu and Quintessa kept the child's name of Berrentam and raised the orphaned hatchling, named Berrentam, as their own for the better part of half a year.

In that time, many things happened: Karasu assisted her Magister Templi, who even brought her into combat against a growing lizard problem, she enlisted into a tournament she was promptly knocked out of, found solidarity among felynes willing to welcome a halfling like herself, and even fell head over heels for an unusual lycan. The halfling, so awkward around other mages who seemed to want little to do with her reputation, had found a semblance of happiness. As Dyraxdiin silently left his post for an undetermined period, a returning spell blade in the guild volunteered to take on Karasu as his apprentice. Things begun to unravel, to the Kensei's dismay.

An excursion gone wrong reminded Karasu that half of her heritage belonged to people that certain races did not consider worthy of conversation or even the dignity of making a last prayer before death. An impending threat of an invasion tugged at her illusion of peace, and she was soon called to the front lines of battle. Deep in the caves of [Trist'Oth], a small coup against the residing mutants was carried out that cost Karasu her beloved heirloom swords. Overcome with despair and the fear of death, she allowed a malevolent energy to come forth and slaughter all enemies, at the cost of a portion of her humanity.]

Days pass and things seem to appear to have the opportunity to go back to normal, when she is called into the sparring area of the Guild for a practice battle. Not quite as mentally recovered as she thought, a gruesome accident triggers a nervous breakdown in the halfling. With the incident hidden from those with more authority in the Guild, the ensuing Commencement Ceremony seemingly goes off without any problems. The next morning, Karasu's room is empty, much to the despair of those close to her. Even the Provost is unable to track her whereabouts, and he advises Quintessa to take Berrentam and hope she comes home.

Out of Character

Name: Ven 
Birth Date: September 1st ♍ 
MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Enneagram: The Loyalist, wings of The Investigator
Discord: Available upon request-- display name changes often