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Lycanthropy Curse

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The Curse

"The Curse of Lycanthropy is a terrible thing, able to be passed to nearly anyone through a single bite. It is truly a blessing that a person bitten does not always fall victim to the Curse. It is not known why this is, although some sages propose that it may be that some bloodlines and families are more resistant than others. But those that do suffer from it are doomed to a life of savagery and bloodlust, to eventually kill or be killed by those who knew and loved them in life." -- Hargreave, Sage, Library of Cenril
"The so-called Curse is actually a blessing! It gives you power and frees you from the prey to become one of the hunters. You are able to do as you wish, with no worries as to what the Prey think. And you are made resistant to disease and wounds, and your lifespan is greatly increased." -- Gyranthis, Lycan pack leader



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This is a complete list of what races are immune and susceptible to the lycan curse, approved by admins.

Immune Races

  • Avian
  • Centaur - A centaur's unique body shape appears to be more than the Curse can handle.
  • Dragon - The Dragons who have been willing to talk to me on the subject were adamant that no dragon has ever been affected by the Curse. As a warning, do not push them on the subject, they get offended very quickly.
    • Draconian - They appear to have inherited their Dragon parent's immunity to the Curse.
  • Dryad - As magical beings tied to their trees, they are not vulnerable to animal curses.
  • Feline - A fundamental conflict between the Feline and Lycan nature seems to prevent Felines from being Cursed. Some sages have speculated that Felines actually are somehow related to Lycans and already possess their own version of the Curse, although it can not be transmitted to others.
  • Fermin - Magically created creatures, there are no known cases of Fermin Lycans. But they are also too newly created to be certain of.
  • Naga - Another race that seems to strange for the Curse to cope with.
  • Pixie - Pixie metabolism moves too fast, and they are too magical, they appear to throw the Curse off before it can permanently latch onto them.
  • Preklek - These beings are too alien, too strange, to be affected by the Curse.
  • Troll - A Troll's regenerative powers appear to destroy the Curse without being affected.
  • Undead - the dead are immune.
  • Vampire - Vampires are immune.
  • Giant - The monstrous nature of giants and their superhuman metabolism makes it impossible for the curse to take hold.
  • Ogre - Ogres are immune for similar reasons to giants.
  • Minotaur - The monstrous and bestial nature of Minotaurs leaves them unaffected by the curse.

Vulnerable Races