Arc:The Prophet of Vakmatharas

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After months of trying and failing to lift the rapid-aging curse that afflicts Larket's children including Prince Guillem, King Macon makes a desperate deal with the God of Death Vakmatharas via his servant Bradyn, the Thanatos Dominus of the Necromancer's Guild. Vakmatharas agrees to save the children of Larket, but only if the parents of the afflicted children accept Vakmatharas in their hearts. King Macon must convince his good-hearted people of letting a little darkness into their hearts.

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Chapter 1

  1. If They Believe
  2. Choosing My Religion
  3. The Cost of Faith
  4. Tea and Theology
  5. Dissonance Among The Bards
  6. Sister Solarus
  7. From Commander to Crusader
  8. Cyris is Banned
  9. Meeting in Old Memories
  10. The Child Prophet: A Play
  11. A Wolf Retires
  12. Hope and Frustration
  13. From Witch Hunt to Job Hunt