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Cerinii yawned softly, as she set her shovel down. She glanced around, nodding in approval. "Right. This is the spot, far enough und close enough." She brought her fleshy digits to her lips, making a sharp whistle. What appeared to be a sudden daylight eclipse. The loud flutter of wings accompanied it, almost making it appear to be some harrowing apocolypse. The Avian troops landed, shovels in hand, large satchels of bricks in the other hand. They set down the bricks, giving a salute to the Senator. She grinned, "Right boys, I need this bit dug up." She pointed at the earth, finger motioning up and down along some invisible line, "I've already dug ein little, so it'll be fairly easy to do. Just follow the lines, eh?" She chuckled gently, as they nodded and a group wandered over to the earth to dig. She paused, "Right, I need ein circle shape dug up, for the well. I need bricks inlaid, too. So, make the hole, put the bricks in. Make sure there's space for the water. Don't put the bricks in und leave so little space." The other group of troops gave a nod and an obedient, "Yes, Miss Raan," before scurrying off to dig the well.

Cerinii had stayed the night, most of the troops asleep by now. She worked by dull candlelight, shovelling quietly in the dark. She hummed ever so quietly, maybe not even humming anymore, more so of a low thrumming in her throat just to keep her in some form of company. She embedded the shoel in the ground, metallic foot pushing down on it to dig a little deeper. She pulled it back, throwing it over her shoulder with ease. It'd be cleared, when the troops woke up. Some troops, however, were already awake. Mulling around and quietly laying bricks. She stopped, swinging the shovel onto her shoulder and moved over to the circular trench. She whispered, "How's progress?" The troop offered a thumb's up in response, eliciting a frown from Cerinii. Strange, that the troop didn't speak.

Cerinii had stopped to rest at some point, seeing as she needed to fix the valves in the morning. She, however, was now up and about - bustling around and surveying the area to make sure all was going to plan. It was going to plan, which was good for her, it meant she didn't really need to shout at anyone. By not shouting at anyone nobody felt bad or grump and wouldn't work! Win-win situation, if you ask me. She crouched onto one knee, metallic hand twisting at a valve gently. She emitted a quiet 'hm' of evaluation. It was squeaking a little too much to her displeasure, a little tough to move. But she was determined to have it run smoothly. Besides, she was certain Jacklin had a strong hand and would have no issue in turning the valve with the appropriate key. She rose upwards, approaching a small wooden table she had loaned from the Inn after much convincing. She lifted the small tin oil can, pointing the spout to the valve and giving it a little squirt of oil on each side. She set the tin can down, giving it another turn. No squeaking. Huzzah!

Cerinii watched as the bricklaying process was going well, it was almost there (give or take). She supervised the building for a few moments before wandering around. There was that silent troop, looking around and just generally not working. Cerinii frowned, before approaching him. "Why are you not working, eh?" He looked up to her, scrawling quickly with a stick of charcoal on his hand: 'I don't know what I should be doing'. She emitted a little 'hmph', "You should be fitting the well, or at least guarding the area." He nodded, scurrying towards the well and aided in the brick-laying. She watched for a few moments, deciding to herself that she'd have to have words with this troop after the job was done. Maybe she could speak to him during the next job. She returned to the table that was borrowed from the Inn, sitting atop a battered stool. Scrawling on some bits of parchment about what other work she could do.

Cerinii yawns softly, laying some more bricks atop the almost ready well. The pipes were still embedded in the ground, not yet covered by the mud again. She sighed softly, stopping in her activity to check all the raised valves. They barely jutted out the ground, just as she planned. She grinned, "I bet Jacklin will love this." She chuckled softly, eyeing the well. Rubbing the back of her neck for a little bit as she eyed it.

Alaine crept up on her teacher, eyeing the familiar woman with a grin as silent steps cautiously carried her closer and closer to the site of the well's construction; curiosity often got the best of her, so with her passing by and smelling the familiar scent of the avian woman along with the sounds of sturdy bricks colliding, the elf gave into the burning intrusiveness. "It looks good; nice and strong." Voice resinated from behind the builder busy in her work, standing directly behind her in observation.

Cerinii jerked ever so slightly, wings flaring just a little and feathers bristling much like the tail of a cat would when frightening. She turned on her heel, offering a wide grin. "Good day, Alaine." She chuckled softly, "Indeed, I'm almost finished the well. You should help me, you are mein student after all!" She grinned, "Go on, get laying those bricks."

Alaine shrugged and simply began retrieving the stones from the matted earth, laying them on top of one another in a neat stack and continuing the circular pattern that had been previously laid down by her teacher. "As you wish, though I'm not doing this so much as your student as your friend, since I fail to see how this is teacher me metal-work. Metal and stones are quite different, y'know." A grin seemed to be permanently planted on fine lips as sterling hues glanced up to the avian as a test of reaction, work resuming shortly after.

Cerinii grinned widely, leaning down and crawling on the dirt to check the pipes up close. "Ah, don't think that. Everything I give you to do, has an educational purpose! Laying these bricks, takes precision. If I want to give you ein task as ein friend, I shall specify." She paused, looking over to Alaine, "Besides. It tests your obedience, does it not?"

Alaine kept silent for a few moments, eyes kept still to keep contact with the avian's as grin slowly spread to reveal glistening teeth, stone held idly at her chest as voice took on a playful, slightly mischievous tone, "Oh, lovely. Not only am I a student, but now an obedient dog. Glad to know where I rank." This statement was of course meant to be regarded as blithe, and nothing but. She was well aware of the honor she was receiving by being able to call this gifted crafter her teacher, but it simply wasn't in her character to constantly hold that same attitude of utter gratitude; some jocund fun was necessary.

Cerinii laughed heartily, metallic fingertips reaching out and checking them. "Wonderful." She paused, "Bah, not ein dog.. More ein cat, you get to wander away at the end of the day." She winked to Alaine in a playful manner, clearly jesting with the elf student.

Alaine shrugged, still working on the well with certain vigor, patching the holes here and there as she spoke a reply in that same sprightly tone; her face was buried in the well in concentration in its construction, but the grin on her lips was noticeable in her voice alone, visual not necessary as proof. "You know, I wouldn't leave at night if it weren't for my owner. You push me away at night, surely too busy to put up with me all day long. I am like a dog sent outside to sleep in the yard once you're done with me."

Cerinii chuckled, straightening her back. "Heh, never." She wandered closer to the well, "Ein few more bricks, und it should be done. The rods are ready to go." She grinned lightly, "Would you like to put them in? Seeing as it is some metal work.."

Alaine simply nodded, making a true effort to follow any instructions that were given to her -- a good student. Once the bricks were finished being lain, the rods were her point of attention. The process went by quickly, but the quality of her work was not undermined and undoubtedly would refuse to go unnoticed. The well was flawless, especially the metal work. Meticulousness followed her efforts and, though she would be modest with her aspirations, she hoped to at least please her teacher. Once all was finished, she stood from the ground and brushed off her knees, rubbed her hands together, and stretched her back a bit before looking to Cerinii with a smile. "Well, all finished."

Cerinii watched with interest, clearly assessing the skills of Alaine. She grinned, nodding, "Well done." She approached, giving it a firm shake with her titanium hand. Barely a rattle. She smiled, "Sehr gut, Alaine." She paused, looking to her, "Alright, set up the bucket und rope." She gestured to the objects.

Alaine grinned and nodded before pulling her goggles down over her eyes and setting to work. Rope was tied around the bucket's handle with a sturdy knot, unfaltering in weight-carrying. The other end of the rope was looped through the solid rod of metal on the turning mechanism of the well, tying it in a taught, expert knot. With the bucket resting on the well's edge, only the cranking machinery was to be adjusted, and that was quickly made work of. The crank was anchored down with a firm push, goggles letting off shine from the sun's glint as she worked to get everything finished. With an accomplished smile, she turned the smooth metal handle to wind the rope up, then slowly lowered the bucket down to the bottom of the well, testing its capability and grinning in triumph to her teacher when the bucket rose back up to the well's surface. "Anything else?"

Cerinii smiled softly, "Alright, I'll take over for now." She stood in close, pushing the ,mechanishm to pull the bucket back up. She paused, "Alright, time to bring the water." She took the key from under her robes, which was attached on a thin line of rope. Obviously to her neck. She leaned down, setting the key to the valve and twisting. The water gurgled, being drawn forth and filling the well with a splash. She grinned widely, "Clean, filtered water for Larket!"

The knights of the Republic had of course, filled the ground and covered the pipes once more. The well stands tall and strong, water filling at the bottom at a steady and slow pace, not too greedy as not to drain the river. The water filtered to purify it and reduce disease and death within the city walls due to contaminated water. The main valve poked out the side of the well, with a key-hole intact. Clearly, the master key would go to Jacklin in the event the water was poisoned and had to be shut off from the well. If the valves were closed, the filters would shut and cease cleaning and allowing water to pass into the well.

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