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Updated: July 11, 2023.


About the Healer’s Guild

Introducing the Healer's Guild: a revered institution in the mystical realm, embodying hope, restoration, and the delicate balance of life. Gifted healers gather within its sacred walls, sharing wisdom and honing their abilities to mend body, spirit, and soul. They weave enchantments, cure ailments, and bring solace to the afflicted, serving as beacons of light in times of darkness.

The Healer's Guild goes beyond physical healing, delving into emotional and spiritual well-being. With empathy and intuition, they guide the tormented towards self-discovery and inner peace. Trusted by many throughout Lithrydel, the guild stands as a beacon of hope, offering aid to all who seek it. In a world where magical and non-magical users intertwine, the Healer's Guild breathes life into the community.

Guild leader: Penelope
Deputy Leader:

This guild also holds strong ties with the Adventurer's Guild and the Warrior's Guild.

Guild Membership

Membership into the guild is fairly easy and the only request is to reach out to either the guild leader or guild deputy. An entrance RP from the guild leader or guild deputy is required. Every class, race, gender, and alignment is welcome to join the Healer's Guild. Every new recruited member will fall into the ranking status as a Neophyte.

Guild Items

  • Phoenix-Fire Insignia: Entry level item, a guild key to the "Shrine of Grand Magic".
  • Everfull Herb Pouch: A magical herbal pouch that is given after reaching the Journeyman Healer rank within the guild.
  • Lamen of Healing Mastery: A magical pendant given to the leader of the guild.

Medical Branches

Wondering what type of healer would fit your character? These branches are a good idea to start with to get a general idea of the skills that your character might have. Characters might only have a certain amount of knowledge in a particular branch, as healing is universal, and those in the medical field learn new skills all the time. This section is also for new members/current members to navigate and scout out other players to RP with and grow with in certain medical fields.

  • Clinical: This branch will follow multiple categories: a mid-wife, pediatrics healer, adult healer, or general clinician.

Example Members: Penelope, Emilia

  • Restoration: This branch will follow multiple categories, such as, druidic healing, spiritual healing, or even bardic healing.

Example Members: Kailani, Emilia, Joan

  • Botany: This branch covers herbal medicines/healing. It could cover the following: elixirs, learning about poisonous plants, creating medicine, and more.

Example Members: Emilia, Kailani, Thamalys, Penelope

  • Medic: This branch is for trauma healing which includes a healer who is on the front-lines of the battlefield or has to do an emergency patch-up/surgery on the spot. These members normally are useful to external guilds, such as, the Warrior's Guild or Adventurer's Guild.

Example Members: Penelope, Emilia, Thamalys

  • Veterinarian: Does your character love animals? Do they own a farm? This branch is specifically for animal healing and caretakers.

Example Members: Emilia

  • Therapy: This branch is for different types of therapies such as physical therapy or mental therapy.

Example Members: Emilia

Rank Advancement

These ranks and RPs will be evaluated by the guild leader. In order to progress, the RPs have to have some sort of knowledge gain/experience within them. RPs submitted with "future plans" with guild members will not count, unless there is healing knowledge gained in the process. Meet and greets also will not count unless there is a healing task involved. Here are some example ideas that can help: research of a healing remedy, a healing adventure, practicing with another guild member, healing the wounded from a duel/battle, and more. If unsure, the leader is always open to questions for clarification! Do not be shy!


New to the guild and members who are learning to harness and direct abilities. In order to advance to the next rank, these new healers need to submit at least 3 healing RPs with at least a Journeyman Healer or above.


Novice Healer:

A novice healer is someone who has just begun their training in the healing arts. They are typically at the very beginning of their healing journey and are in the initial stages of learning and familiarizing themselves with the fundamental concepts, techniques, and principles of healing. Novice healers often receive guidance and instruction from more experienced healers or mentors.

Novice healers often observe and learn from others around them. They have basic knowledge of anatomy and the branches they are focusing on. These healers normally are supervised under other skilled healers around them. In order to progress to the next rank, 6 healing RPs with practice, discovery, or healing adventure must be submitted in total making 9 RPs for the member overall. They must have someone more experienced than them in RPs.


Apprentice Healer:

An apprentice healer is a healer-in-training who has progressed beyond the novice stage and is actively engaged in practical learning under the guidance of a more experienced healer(s). Apprenticeships provide opportunities for hands-on experience, skill development, and a deeper understanding of healing practices.

They actively participate in healing sessions, assist in treatments, and apply learned techniques under the supervision and mentorship of experienced healers/guild tutors. Normally these healers use practice, feedback, and observation to help refine their skills. To move forward to the next rank, these members must complete 9 healing RPs creating a total of 18 healing RPs for the member overall. In these RPs, members must submit RPs with a Journeyman Healer or above.


Journeyman Healer:

A Journeyman Healer is an intermediate level in the progression of a healer's skill and expertise. At this stage, the healer has gained significant experience and knowledge, and they have honed their abilities through practice and practical application. The term "journeyman" implies that the healer is no longer a beginner or apprentice but is still continuing their journey of growth and development. These healers are often independent, but have much room to grow. In order to progress to the next rank, 9 healing RPs must be submitted with another player in the game making a total of 27 healing RPs submitted for the member overall.

Kailani (Druid (Botany and Restorative experience)

Adept Healer:

An Adept Healer is an advanced level in the progression of a healer's skill and expertise. At this stage, the healer has achieved a high level of mastery and proficiency in their chosen healing branches. They are normally mentors to those new to the guild and have mastered their healing techniques. They are normally compassionate to those learning, and also know that they still have personal growth to continue their healing abilities. In order to progress to the next rank 13 healing RPs must be submitted with another player in the game making a total of 40 healing RPs submitted for the member overall.

Thamalys (Botany; Medic)
Joan (Restorative)

Master Healer:

A highly skilled healer with a bestowed title based on their years of study, practice, and dedication. These healers are compassionate and full of great knowledge. They are what help the guild survive and are very trusted within the walls of the guild halls and guild leaders.

Emilia (Clinical and Botany Mastery (Medic, Veterinarian, and Therapy experience))

Grand Mentor

A title given to the Guild Leader and Guild Deputy. These healers have mastered experience in their certain expertise and are trusted healers of the Healer's Guild community. They are a guide to all healers in the guild. These mentors understand the unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations of each mentee within the guild and have dedication to lifelong learning. Connecting mentees to the right experienced mentors is their crucial job. Their goal is community building and keeping peace within the guild halls. These healers stand as an esteemed figure, offering guidance, knowledge, and inspiration to those on the healing path.

Guild Leader: Penelope (Clinical Mastery (Medic and Botany experience))
Guild Deputy:

Guild Rules

As a guild, it is important to remember that there are basic rules to follow in order to maintain peace and respect with each other and within the Hollow community.

Healer's Guild Members will NOT:

  • Claim Guild ranks they have not been promoted to by the leadership.
  • Claim other titles beyond their skill or willingness to back up.
  • Claim or use abilities outside of their race or class without good reason.
  • Use OOC information to influence IC actions.
  • Take IC words and actions as representing the thoughts or feelings of the OOC player.
  • Cause or attempt to cause any OOC Drama involving other Guild Members.

Healer's Guild Members WILL:

  • Follow all game rules posted in the Rules of behaviour and General Policies.
  • Remain active in RP.
  • Return items if leaving the guild and notify one of the guild leaders.
  • Attempt to maintain a cordial OOC relationship with other Guild members.
  • Remember that this is a game, intended to be fun. Please keep it fun and safe for other players.

Honored Retired/Inactive Members

Always welcomed back with open-arms if they decide to join the ranks. These members, however, must reach out and RP with the guild leader to join the Healer's Guild again.