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Belfry Tower - Cenril

A towering oak door grants access to the magnificent first floor of what appears to be the cathedral tower. Soaring marble archways reside on the eastern and western side of the lavish ceiling, leading deeper into the cathedral. Priests cloaked in blissful ivory robes stand firmly, their hands tightly clasped on the iron staffs clenched upon their fragile looking hands, as they busy themselves back and fourth often in the throws of conversations of a philosophical matter. A smooth stone aisle leads towards a beautifully crafted alter decorated with many rare and gorgeous flowers and vases. A large tapestry entrenches across the wall behind the altar, showing handsome entities spreading their grace upon the skies. The southern archway is decorated in handsomely carved ivory designated it as an area where the priesthood are most welcome.

  • Jacklin is a Brawler and seems to be a Executioner. Jacklin is wearing White Layered Organza Gown on her body, Jeweled Diadem of Larket on her head, Petite Drop Pearl Earrings on her left ear, Petite Drop Pearl Earrings on her right ear, Polished Strand of Pearls on her neck, nothing on her legs, and nothing on her feet. On one of her right fingers, you see Signet-of-Larket. Jacklin is unarmed. Jacklin is not using a shield. Jacklin has steely cobalt eyes, subtle cinnamon-tinted skin, and hopelessly muddled chestnut hair, and is single.

  • Parsithius is a Rynvalian human and seems to be a outcast knight. Parsithius is wearing Pressed Ecru Dress Shirt on his body, Charcoal Satin Neck Tie on his neck, Fitted Charcoal Suit Coat on his shoulders, Silver Finished Cuff Links on his left wrist, Silver Finished Cuff Links on his right wrist, Flat-Front Charcoal Slacks on his legs, and Plain Black Dress Shoes on his feet. Parsithius is unarmed. Parsithius is not using a shield. Parsithius has blue eyes, light skin, and blonde hair, and is single.


Rowen scampers happily over to Myrall. "Me and Nigel is bridesmaids again."

Myrall grins and winks at Rowen. "I can see that, Jacklin is very lucky to have you."

Jacklin enters the rather large tower on the arm of Sapheul, the swarthy guardian dressed in a shirt free of stains and slacks that appear to have been washed recently. As for Jacklin, a feathery white gown adorns her frame and the diadem of Larket sat crookedly atop her head. Slowly the two approached where Myrall stood, Jack digging her nails into the bare flesh of Sapheul all the while. Eyes shifting to the various Larket citizens lining the aisle and before she knew it, the queen had come to a halt before the priestess, “Hi,” she offered for lack of better words.

Rowen walks around, trying to look pretty.

Jacklin winks at Rowen.

Rowen is delighted by Myrall's praise. "Well we are experienced bridesmiads."

Parsithius swallows. And just like that, his aforementioned nervousness is quelled temporarily, as he opts to be holding his steeliness in features. After all, he doesn't want to screw this up. Shishi is motioned to, discreetly, before Jacklin enters, to take his place nearby the knight, as is Kelovath for his place beside Shishi as a groomsman. As the Queen makes her appearance however, the golden-haired man cannot help but keep his gaze affixed on her as each painstaking step is taking toward him. 'Hi', is her word, and his is a crooked smile sent at her.

Rowen returns Jacklin's wink, jumping with joy at the occaision.

Arien has been sitting for quite some time in the company of her wolf, eyes trained towards the door for royal entrance. Despite the rather late invitation, she thought it only a matter of respect to bear witness to a union she suspicioned was almost as long in coming, as had been her own with the mate sitting quietly at her side. Her own regal bow was dipped to the queen as she passed, a subtle smile dancing across the pale lips. Soon enough..it would likely be her turn.

Kelovath takes notice of the motion and follows it, placing himself beside the unfamiliar man. Amber eyes shifting from Parsithius to the Queen as the distance between the two shortens.

Shishi goes though his usual set of habits; testing the sharpness of his top right fang with his tongue, and meticulously adjusting the tie at his neck as he approached the Knight and took his place beside Parsithius, muttering to his friend through a faint smile that came from seeing the Knight without his armored shell, "You look good Knight..." Once in his spot and done with his nervous adjustments to his dark hair the vampire tilts his head to the side to whisper to the Knight once more as Jacklin approaches, "And doesn't she look beautiful?"

Myrall, first offers Jacklin an encouraging smile as she joins the groom at the front of the altar, then taking a small step forward, she bows respectfully to the couple. “Greetings one and all. WE have all gathered here to witness the joining of Jacklin and Parsithius in matrimony, according to our laws and customs. This is a momentous and joyous occasion, and one that we are all proud to be a part of, but it is also a solemn and binding ceremony, and because of the very nature of the vows these two people are about to exchange I must first ask this of them.” She looks to the groom and says “Sir, do you come here this day of your own free will and volition, with the intention of taking this woman as your bride?”

Parsithius can't even coherently respond to Shishi's words, so he merely nods to his friend. Then, at Myrall's question, he responds with a gruff, "Aye."

Rowen gazes in awe and wonder as the ceremony begins, a single tear runs down the rat's face.

Rhocielle sits in a formal manner beside the High Elven female he accompanied. Rune inscribed muzzle bows respectfully as queen and guardian walked past. Even now he could remember Sapheul's chiding advice so many months ago. So much had changed. Grey eyes briefly draw to the side to Arien. There was still much change to occur. As Myrall begins the ceremony, his focus returns to the front of the room.

Myrall nods then switches her attention to Jackin. “And you, your majesty? Do you come here this night of you own free will.” She smiles at the thought of anybody making this woman do anything she did not wish, but continues on. “and volition, with the intention of taking this man as your husband?”

Cyllarus crashes the wedding to pick up hot bridesmaids.

Arien sits quietly, pale fingers sneaking out to find and interlace with the furred digits of the wolf as her attention remained on the ceremony ahead.

Jacklin eyes Myrall for a moment, half-grin crossing her lips, before regarding the Knight carefully. He really did look nice today, “I sure did.”

Rhocielle gently returns the squeeze accompanying interlacing fingers, a faint smirk creasing his black lips as he listens to the brief exchange between Rowen and Arien.

Myrall again nods. “Thank you. I have already mentioned the solemn and binding nature of the vows you will soon make, but marriage is so much more than a few words uttered in front of a priest. It is a promise to share your life, your hopes, and your dreams, with another. It is the acknowledgement that that person completes you in body and soul, and that because of them even in your darkest moments you are not alone, because you are loved and another, that one special soul is there for you to draw strength and comfort from. And it is for this very reason that I would now like to give you both to tell your beloved what is in your heart at this time, so that in the days that come they might always look back to this remember that they are loved.” Once again the priestess turns first to Parsithius. “Sir, is there aught you wish to say to your bride so that she might know of your love for her?”

Shishi takes some time to scan the crowd, smiling, in some cases tauntingly so, at a few familiar faces and a familiar meal.

Jacklin snickers soundly, covering the laughter with a quick clearing of her throat, “Do tell.”

Arien glanced in Rho's direction, there were few who understood the cost at which love could come, so well as the apparent mismatched pair. Their darkest moment was yet to come, and would likely be endured together, six centuries from now. She swallowed, curling her fingers even more tightly into those digits.

Parsithius clears his throat softly, and aside, before taking a deep breath; he had forgotten every last word he had prepared to say to her. It is moments that he stands there, silent, before casting his azure eyes about the room -they are waiting for him. At last, he begins, "Jacklin. I had prepared something that had compared your beauty to stars, or some such thing like that. I can't remember a word of it," he says, after all, honesty is the best policy, right? "So what I say will have to come straight from the heart. There is nobody that compares to you in my eyes; nobody I respect, admire, and cherish more than you. I'd lay my life on the line for any of my troops, but for you, Jacklin, I'd slaughter them all." He chuckles slightly, and his knights didn't even seem to blink at the words, "I suppose all I can really say is that, I love you."

Myrall then turns to face Jacklin. “M’lady, is there aught you wish to say to your groom, so that he might know of your love for him?”

Parsithius snorts now, "Your turn."

Rhocielle remains stolid with grey eyes gazing upon bride and groom, public face of Arien's warder. And yet, his own sentiments are expressed to the elf by a comforting hold of her hand as he listens intently to both vows as they are delivered.

Rowen spins around happily in her pink bridesmaids dress.

Roelstra very quietly sneaks in beside her husband, lacing her fingers through his and giving a gentle squeeze.

Miya had entered some time ago, having gotten caught up in something elsewhere, she had to rush to get here and was still late. So quietly she entered, slipping silently into place, opting to stand in the back as to not obstruct any view from those already attending. Her eyes look over first the bride and groom, a smile offered though their attention was on one another, before she turned her gaze about to see whom all else was present. That smile of hers widens as she spots Vlad, Roe, and Thamior, her gaze shifting quickly back to the main event: the marriage ceremony.

Nasada enters into the tower in silence, standing close to the back of the room to observe the wedding.

Jacklin could feel the sweat dribbling down the back of her neck. Her shoulders twitched slightly, the movement causing her diadem to slip further from center. Now with the crown completely lopsided atop her head she took pause to greet those gathered, if only by way of glance. Arien and Rhocielle were studied curiously, Kelovath and Shishi falling next in line. Neema and Miya were delivered equal glances along with Thamior and Vladimire, the vampire receiving a wink. Roelstra being the final figure granted a glance before she turns her full attention again on the face of Parsithius. “Well,” she begins, “you kind of look like a star in that armor.” Jacklin? She was a poet indeed. Knowing she had to find something to compete with the words of the Knight she gave things another try, “I have a lot of flaws as I’m certain every person in this room can attest to. From allies to old friends, they’ve seen me at my best and my worst. And while it drives most men away from ever getting too close, you fought back. Again and again…all for me. Against my threats, badgering, and demeaning of your person. I called you every name I could think of and you still stood at my side. I don’t know much about these things, but I know that’s the only meaning of love I can find. So Parsithius, here’s your medal, I love you.”

Vladimire smiles and pats Roe's hand with his, nudging her with his hip in recognition of her appearance.

Roelstra smiles at Jacklin and at Pars before she looks up to her husband, nudging his hip in return before resting her head on his shoulder.

Rowen weeps outright, the little rat of overcome with emotion, on hearing her queens expression of her love for her knight.

Thamior allows a slight smile to part his lips noticing Vlad and Roe. His distraction is only momentary as reverent eyes are eager to remain on the subject of the ceremony.

Myrall now withdraws a small velvet pouch from her robe, and carefully tips the precious contents into her hand, then holds her palm out for the couple to see. “Soon I will charge you both with the saying of your vows, and ask you to exchange rings. These rings will evermore serve as the outward symbol of the contract you are now entering into. They will be the constant reminder of your love and commitment to each other, for like love they are eternal, perfect in their very nature, and of value beyond gold to you both. She carefully selects the beautiful Canary diamond wedding band and hands it to Praithius. “Sir, please place this ring on Jacklin’s finger and repeat these words: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you and our life together, and with it I give you myself, not just as the man who stands before you today, but as the man I will become as I grow within your love.”

Jacklin allows Rowen a special gaze, grinning to both rat and dead-shark-thing. Nigel looked very nice.

Roelstra allows herself to look at Thamior long enough to give her a friend a wink before looking back to the ceremony.

Myrall gave parsithius 1 Canary Diamond Wedding Ring

Neema is getting all teary eyed. Weddings make her emotional.

Parsithius finds this part much easier, easily sliding the ring onto Jacklin's finger while simultaneously repeating; "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you and our life together, and with it I give myself, not just as the man who stands before you today, but as the I will become as I grow within your love." His beard kind of itches, and he wriggles his nose a little involuntarily, but smiles toward his mate.

Parsithius gave 1 Canary Diamond Wedding Ring to Jacklin

Rowen grins back at Jacklin through her tears. She is so happy for the couple.

Arien blinks back tears of her own. They were a couple peculiarly their own, and she was delighted for them both.

Roelstra smiles as she remembers the wedding she and Vladimire had just a few days ago, still aglow with happiness. Her happiness also extends for Jack and Pars, quietly leaning up and kissing Vlad's cheek.

Myrall then takes the infinitely more masculine Black titanium wedding band and gives it to Jacklin. “M’lady, please place this ring upon your groom’s finger and repeat these words: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you and our life together, and with it I give you myself, not just as the woman who stands before you today, but as the woman I will become as I grow within your love.”

Myrall gave jacklin 1 Black Titanium Wedding Band

Jacklin gave Parsithius a small smile, mouthing the words ‘you won’ to him as he slid the ring on her finger. And now, it was her turn. As the priestess spoke, the human issued Myrall a quick nod before receiving the ring carefully into her own grasp. Unfortunately for Jacklin, hands tended to become quite sweaty during nervous situations. And the small black ring, which was formerly in her hand, not went rolling onto the floor behind Parsithius. Of all the moments for her adept handling to fail, this may have ranked amongst the worst. “Sorry.” She belted too loudly, a jerky movement to bend over causing her to head-butt Parsithius in the midsection. Another hasty apology flew up before Jacklin got to her hands and knees, crawling around the Knight and finally finding the relatively small wedding band. “I found it,” she called back to priest and partner with triumph. Smoothing the wedding gown as she rose to her feet, her eyes wandered out over the congregation as she quietly returned to her place. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you and our life together, and with it I give you myself, not just as the woman who stands before you today, but as the woman I will become as I grow within your love. And, sorry I dropped the ring,” firmly she placed it now on his finger. No more dropping.

Jacklin give Parsithius 1 Black Titanium Wedding Band

Arien 's lips twitched in pale face. Only Jack.

Roelstra quickly covers her mouth with her hand, coughing quietly in an attempt to stop herself from snickering.

Rowen tries to scamper over and help her queen finf the dropped ring, but it is not easy for a rat to scamper in a bridesnaid's dress, and Jacklin has found the ring before the rodent reaches her.

Parsithius doesn't laugh at all while she searches and such, the headbutt making the groom allow a 'oomf', before he, too, sort of looks for the ring. When she finds it, he grins in his mate's triumph, one hand allowing her to put the ring on his finger, his other rubbing his abs.

Rhocielle feels a canine ear flick in response to the spectacle caused from a dropped ring. Subtly, a clawed digit taps lightly against the elven hand he holds. What is not spoken aloud is surely thought mutually now between them.

Myrall looks rather panicked as she spots the ring rolling away, and bites her lips nervously while it is being retrieved, once it is recovered and Jacklin once more composed and in place, she smiles broadly as the ring slips on to Parsitius’ finger and Jacklin says her vows. Clasping her hands together in front of her she says happily. “You have now fulfilled the conditions for marriage set out by the laws of these lands, you have made your vows to each other and you have exchanged your wedding bands. I now call upon the gods to grant you a long and joyous life together.” She bows her head and says quietly but clearly. “By the gods of these lands, may the strength of the winds bless you, may the strength of the earth nurture, and may the strength of the seas ever carry you forward together.” Raising her head she also raises her voice and says loudly so that all may hear. “I now pronounce you to be husband and wife. Parsithius, you may kiss your bride.”

Rowen offers up her own prayer to Daedria, to bless the couple and bring them happiness.

Jacklin swipes the back of her hand across her mouth. Nobody liked kissing spittle lips.

Kelovath whispers his own prayer for the couple, eyes switching from Jacklin to Parsithius to Shishi and then back to Jacklin.

Arien couldn't help the almost silly grin that swept across her face. The knight had landed his fish..er, bride. She pondered if it would be inappropriate to whistle a catcall. Yes. A nod of congratulations would do, after they had done with the kissing bit.

Shishi raised a hand to his mouth to hide a fanged smile and stifle a short laugh when the Queen loses her handle on the ring. He had been starting to get a bit uncomfortable being so chaotically inclined while standing between the pair of order enforcing Knights, but Jacklin seems to have lightened his mood.

Parsithius wipes his mouth, as well, before stepping toward her. He nearly trips! But, he does right himself, hooking an arm around the waist of his mate and dipping toward her -pressing his lips against hers in a kiss, locking their figures together momentarily. It is no peck, but no lewd display either, and when all is finished, he pulls his head back, eyes locked upon cobalt ones.

Rowen is weeping so much she needs to wipe her eyes, she uses the hem of Nigel's dress.

Myrall almost shouts “Ladys and gentlemen I give you the bride and groom: Jacklin and Parsithius.”

Nasada 's lip curled into an approving grin from the very back of the room, far out of sight from the happy gathering.

Jacklin gave Parsithius a shake of the head as he stumbled. Even if the pair weren’t drunk, people would have reason to argue the fact. At the dip-and-kiss she returned, of course, and nodded to the Knight afterwards. A job well done it seemed to say. A thanks was given to Myrall and to the crowd she raised her ring finger proudly, “Thank you all for coming.”

Parsithius grins wide, and waves to the crowd.

Rowen senerades the happy couple on her Kazoo. She wonders if she should have brought, the donkey, she sucessfully played Kazoo whilst riding a donkey at Vuryal's arena...but that was back when she was human. Perhaps the Velociraptor Trey lenther would be more appropriate today.

Parsithius~look at Jacklin

Miya continues to smile, hands coming up to softly and quietly clap for the two and their new union. She remained where she stood however, not as far back and Nasada, but in the back of the area, her eyes sweeping around her once more to find those same three as before, landing on them for but a moment until she shifts her gaze towards the ground.

Roelstra grins at Parsithius, waving to him and Jacklin, " Congratulations, you two!" Thamior allows a corner of his mouth to ascend into a smile, his hands begin to clap slowly but forcefully.

Arien removes her fingers from their home within the wolf's for long enough to applaud gently, a quietly called 'Congratulations to you both.." perhaps loud enough to be heard over celebratory din.

Rowen pauses in playing the Kazoo, long enough to ask Jacklin "Have you any requests, my queen?"

Jacklin cast an eye to where Arien and Rhocielle sat, “You’re next,” came the shout above the clapping and calls.

Jacklin shakes her head at Rowen’s inquiry, “Just play us out, Catcher.” With that she grasps Parsithius’ hand, “We’re done, now let’s go.”

Arien blinks, rosen flush creeping up her cheeks. Had she been so obvious? The wolf was supposed to be in attendance as her Warder. she was hard pressed not to bury her face behind pale fingers in embarrasment.

Rowen cannot clap only having one hand, she contines to play the Kazoo.

Parsithius chuckles at Jacklin's words toward Arien, turning and clasping his hands on both Shishi's and Kelovath's shoulders. "Thanks, you two."

Parsithius thereafter, is sheperded out by Jacklin when she grasps his hand, heading out with the queen!

Kelovath nods and grins to the Knight. "Take good care of her, Parsithius."

Rowen tries to play something romantic for the couple. She stands a little straighter on being addressed as 'Catcher'. She is very proud of her position as Larket rat catcher.

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